Tyler the Creator

Tyler The Creator “Lucky Charms”

[ahh_audio src=/4-2-12/TylerTheCreator-LuckyCharms.mp3]

  • WillVetterGoodin

    this is bullshit. wack and lame at the same time who would know that this dude would get the equation right! 

  • $18916246

    Tyler is misguided youth maybe confused talent…but talent just the same…I respect his ability to recite his twisted mindset. Hence he doesn’t do it for the fans. I think his delivery reflects how he sees the world we’re in. Which gives his movement an air of original reality. Sure,you have more composed new copycat acts out here but they don’t understand that originality is key to longevity in the music business it gives your music a new listeners ear. So Tyler presents us with a verbal poetic rubiks cubic….which makes for his attraction as his listening public attempts to understand his lyrical approach…..but like a rubiks cube, you can’t help but pick it up…but the truth is many never figure it out…so this dudes public appeal has the potential to be endless.

  • rep87

    Like Kool Moe Dee once said Lyrical Lame ! This Little  dude is one of the wackest around its sad garbage is being promoted over real talent out here i will stick to the underground hiphop

  • I like these dude’s music mostly.They are very original.This is cool