Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lauryn Hill Turn Down A Nicki Minaj Feature?

Nicki Minaj has tons of star-studded features on her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, but she recently revealed that she was unable to secure Lauryn Hill for the track “Champion”, featuring Nas, Drake, and Young Jeezy. Check out what she said about it below:

“I wanted to get her on ‘Champion’,” she told Funkmaster Flex. “That would have been crazy, right? She was my fave.”

Although Nicki has never met Ms.Hill, she says that Lauryn is a “goddess.”

“I’d love to meet her. I’m pretty sure she’s heard me talk about her a billion times,” Nicki said.

Check out the “Champion” track below. Could you hear Lauryn Hill on this?

In related news, during the interivew, Nicki Minaj gave props to other female rappers, including Remy Ma.

“Remy at one time brought back this energy that was almost palpable,” she said of the incarcerated MC. “When the ‘Ante Up’ verse came out, if you ain’t know her, you knew her then.”

Foxy Brown was another one of her influences. “She was one of my faves. I had connected with her a lot just because she’s Trini and I’m Trini, and I always thought if I meet her, she would understand me. Foxy Brown was my friend in my head.”

Nicki also shouted out MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Left Eye, Missy Elliott, and Da Brat during the interview.

  • The person she was obviously most inspired by, she just happened to neglect to mention…..

    • Roberto Ciamora

      In all fairness I wouldnt big up somebody who disses me either

      She still garbage tho

      • deemoney2k12

        should i say it lil kim

    • mrgibson

       lol yup

    • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

      lol..When I saw the list I noticed she left out Lil Kim too..smfh

    • shieky24

      you right about that its like the lil sis VS the big sis she is LIL KIM.

  • brotha_man

    she is not even on Lauryn’s level. Nikki better research what happens when you put a EMCEE on your track that is 100 times better…(i.e. Jay z and eminem)

    • Sexy_Sabe

      em an jay are both amazing, i felt they were equal on tht track, everybody jus wanted to take a shot at jay. Thts the only thingthey could say, Em delivered his better but their lyrics were equal. Niggas better listen to jay verse again

  • mrgibson

    Nicki represents everything that Lauryn dislikes imo.  I don’t think she’ll ever be able to get a feature lol.  Happy to hear that ms Hill is coming back out though, hip-hop needs her. 

    • shieky24

      about time some body know what they talking about Nicki is everything she despises, complete waste of her time. 

  • Kenneth Buchanan

    The deliberate attempt to exclude is quite obvious.  Lauren Hill (or Lil Kim) has got no time for fake ones..

  • Glad LH still stands for real shyt hopefully it will stay that way

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  • I can’t hear Lauryn on this at all. That woulda been a waste of Lauryn. Get a better song and make it just Nicki and Lauryn. Nicki would have to up her game if she goes back to back with Lauryn.

  • stark1night

    wow who is lauryn hill what a dummie lol she would be a millionaire by now if she just took the feature..

    • GTFOH.

    • Shaz N

       i agree pause not

    • Noel Smart

      Mrs. Hill been a millionaire, she’s breaded and in case you didn’t know her husband owns his own coffee company so I’m sure she’s not worried about the money

    • Go back to your Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever the hell y’all young dumbass kids are doin these days, you’re clearly out your league on this subject…smmfh

  • rep87

    Good to hear she is paying respect to some of the Rap Queens that open the door for her and many to follow her

    •  She wasn’t payin respect, she did that shit on purpose to take another underhanded shot at Kim…

  • Thoughtsareus

    I think Lauryn would have done the track if it was Nicki and Nas and no Jeezy and NO DRAKE awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

    I hope Lauryn Hill never gets on a track with her, cuz she is not on Lauryn’s level, and never will be even close to getting there.  She shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Ms Hill….wtf…

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  • Pierre Elliott

    this chick needs to hang herself already. what a ditz bop.

  • Black Exodus

    No disrespect to Nikki, but Nikki is everything that Lauryn dislikes about the Business (just like mrgibson below me said). Nikki is queen gimmick and has no affiliation but to that of money. I just can’t see Nikki and Lauryn on any track especially this one. But respect to Nikki for trying to do a “Rap” song again. I would love to hear a new compilation of Ms. Hills new material in the very near future.

    Check out my new song “Problems” youtube….

  • Derrick Yelnats

    Lauryn is real …. Why would she do some ol jigga boo shit ? The difference between Kim and Nicki is, Kim Is real (meaning when she came in the game some women could identify with her story w/ her life) Nicki is animated character like a cartoon .  

    • Sexy_Sabe

      i agree 100%

  • Thank goodness – dont nobody wanna hear the queen lauryn on no track with this clown…

  • So no props to Kim huh? lol I guess.

    Check me out on hotnewhiphop .com/younghavok

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I remember when everyone basically, turned on Hill. She was talking about the dirt in the industry, and sure she broke out the bible during an award ceremony and what not, but She peaced out until she was ready to come back.. On this song: Uh, that’s a no. Not feeling it. If Minaj is trying to turn her image to be real, then she got a long damn road. It’ll sell, but it ain’t nothing epic.

    Be thankful to Local Hip Hop for keeping the crown shiny. Good luck mainstream.

  • Roger Lyle Quinn

    Drake sounds like Wiz on this song. Do you guys think he jacked Wiz flow? btw I like drake and hate Wiz…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       wouldnt doubt it drake stay biting off someone luckily he can create his own bars but he does alot of direct biting …..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         lol @ jeezy sort of sounding like future tho lol 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         after hearing nas verse i think this joint is a little SLOWWWWWWED down ?????

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Nas you played ya self…. Even though i skipped to your part.. but Kanye made a Champion that still shits on this version 5 years later.

  • =)

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    shoot lauryn turned down kanye so who knows why should turned down nicki however if i were nicki i would of approached her for a song with just herself and lauryn …. she could of turned it down because of the cast …………

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    all in all nice track tho def would like to see a video for this joint and props for putting nas on this !! might get a few dollars from me this round for that one lol 😉

  • Big_Grams

    please no young money / lauryn hill collabo

  • Good Look on the Old school shout outz!
    Better than beefing!
    You get more flies with honey , than vinegar.

  • bousquetcm

    She just talked about this on Z100  this morning. Said that she did reach out to Lauryn for “Champions”, but nothing came of it. 

    My Pick for Video of the Day: youtu[dot]be/pr-mpB6FyMU

  • immackulate

    i aint gonna shyt on Nicki like that … at first i hated her music and only wanted to phuck until i seen how many family members she takes care of and most of them were her sisters and bros – so i commend her for her hustle and her humility – i know she gotta play up a lot of these funny faces and weirdo voices for her fans BUT the chick really is  respectful/tactful AND a lot smarter than what she’s dumbing down to in interviews.  I know the character she’s playing is a total facade BUT she should be careful in the mix messages she’s throwing out to these young and impressionable females.

  • timwest1000

    Lil Kim is who she should be thanking ALL of the female rappers she mentioned would say so themselves. Funny how people jack your whole shit then diss you. Nicki is a liar straight up. She is arrogant and self centered. Her songs diss women on a regular. She on some nanny nanny boo boo all the time, for pr sake she gonna say she down wit errbody but we seen that with Gaga, and it came back on her ass. Why am I even commenting on this fake broad?

    • justreal5

      Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was funny..All the rappers she mentioned besides Missy and Foxy, who came out around the same time as kim, came out BEFORE Kim so wtf would she have to thank Kim? Kim hersefl shoud be thanking the beforementioned individuals! Laryn, Lyte, Brat and latifah are Legends…..

      • feeliama

        Thats a damn lie! go on youtube and pull up the video about lil kim and nickis look. It shows that every look Kim had, Nicki used, literally. Wig to feet. Dont lie. It is what it is. And noone cares, she got paid and now its over. Kim is still alegend and Nicki is a has been, face it!!!!!!

      • churchboy2

        I am no Nicki fan but there is no way that she is a has been.

        Make your point the best way that you can, but you’re reaching with when you put Nicki’s career in the past tense.

        Mad irony.

      • feeliama

        i dont go by media visual and numbers, when I say that I mean her gimmick is old, people have caught on to her–Shit people are catching on to the whole industry. She is a has been–DONE!

      • churchboy2

        Is “people have caught on to her” supposed to come across as intelligent?

        How does being popular make you a has-been?

        How is Lil’Kim (who hasn’t had a hit/popular/good record in years) not qualify as someone with a has-been/past-tense career?

        Again, I’m no Nicki Minaj fan but the woman in clearly of the moment and popular right now. Is there even another feamle “rapper” on the charts right now?

      • feeliama

        and change your corny ass name churchboy, LMAO shit is lame

      • churchboy2

        Says the guy named “feeliama” LOL!

        …is “I don’t like your name” the best defense that you could come up with?

  • justreal5

    If people looked at the business aspect of the music industry they’d what she’s doing. She’s not a dumb broad. Quite the opposite,,,Missy had the point, You be different, You get diffferent money…Different AKA An Abundance Of…on the business side, I think Kim could use a few pointers.. Not saying that she doesn’t have bread, But Nickis richer than Kim in a matter of a couple of years,,, Richer than most male rappers at that…LOL

  • justreal5

    She’s supposed to spit the best rhymes of her life and push a RAV4 cause nobodys buying? Nah kepp doing Pop, R&B, Club whatever sells mama..F*k That…

  • timwest1000

    justreal5 LMAO (imagining a dude with a pink wig and tights squirming in his chair waiting for someone to diss his hero so he can reply)
    me responding makes me feel gay. this is stupid. she’s done yo. if kim meant nothing why dedicate your whole last 10 min. of fame to her then? safaree is that you girl, talkin bout some justreal5 LMAO, Huuuny please (lips shot out) Lmao!!!!!

    • feeliama

      LOL funny!!!!

  • feeliama

    and BRAT is NO LEGEND!!!!!!!!!

  • feeliama

    Hey Justreal5, your whole shit is about money. Never forget money runs out, legacies are forever. Nickis legacies are manufactured, Kims are real. In the future the people will only know Nicki as a wannabe Lil Kim who made diss records to protect her fakeness.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    she is right about one hill is a goddess….and she wouldn’t get on a track with someone so fake,so wack lyrically…she wants to be exactally whut shes not and lauryn can smell dat fake shit a mile away… nicki dnt really want to be on a track with lauryn…first of all it would really show how lyrically predictable nicki a narccius like nicki would not like to be overshadowed….lauryn turning down this murky offer was the best thing dat ever happend to manaj…..da beat is hot though…and she can shout out remy all she wants…ma ain’t checking for her

  • Profylin

    two different lanes



  • BilderbergSuperstar

    Lauryn wouldn’t get on that track…She should have said Kim to keep it real..