Hip-Hop Rumors: Diggy Simmons “Doesn’t Really Care” If J.Cole Responds to His Diss Track

A couple of days ago, we reported on Diggy Simmons releasing a diss track against J.Cole for subliminally mentioning that he had sexual relations with his big sister, Vanessa. Diggy continued to defend his sister’s honor yesterday during his interview with 99.1 KGGI in California. Check out what he told them in the video below:

“A little over a year ago, my sister told me he (J.Cole) was saying he did this, that, and the third with her ’cause they went to the same college, but they didn’t even really know each other so it wasn’t like that.

“It was just me sticking up for my family.”

As far as his dad Rev. Run, Diggy says,“He already heard the track. He’s like, ‘Family over everything. That’s your sister.’ He wasn’t mad about it at all.”

And if J.Cole should respond?

“I don’t really care,” Diggy adds. “That’s not my focus.”

Rev. Run justified Diggy’s retaliation via his Twitter yesterday and revealed that the diss was actually a leak.

“J Cole.. Puts out 2 records Dissing family & Diggy & nobody cared.. Some1 leaks a old Diggy record & there’s a problem,” Rev. Run tweeted…

…while Vanessa chimed in to tell her side of the story.

“Ok enuff with the fu*#ery on my TL now. Our brothers r protective ova us CUZ guys stay LYING. MORE IMPTLY that ish NEVER HAPPENED,” she said.

J. Cole has yet to respond.

30 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Diggy Simmons “Doesn’t Really Care” If J.Cole Responds to His Diss Track”

  1. dominicancoke

    nugga pleas i bet j cole whent up in your sister like nothing them bitch*s aint even cute stop playing your self you sold 20’000 copies you whent tripple wood

  2. Joseph Thomas

    before i even started reading this….i knew it was going to suck…then i read it….and i was right….

  3. illymac

    For some strange reason I hope J.Cole respond with a diss track..
    So what if Diggy aint lyrically on his level,
    if Diggy had a problem with what ever happened with Cole and his sister,
    he should have contacted cole and spoke about it..

    But since Diggy dropped a record for the world to hear,
    Cole should do the same..

  4. mrgibson

    I doubt anyone will ever find out the truth, but I don’t know why Diggy couldn’t have just made a phone call to the dude J.Cole.  Most dudes can’t keep their mouth closed anyways so I wouldn’t be surprised if Cole smashed and Vanessa is just trying to keep people from finding out that she was a notch on the belt.  

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       true but cole aint a bad dude why try to hide him from your smash list … i could see if it were gucci lil wayne or some recklace as multiple baby mother having dude ………. or like he said in purple rain she is just truely one of those girls whos really trying to act all innocent and angel like ……. if she is ….. she is def taking it toooooo far …. usually in college you come out with a laundry list of smash partners … come one dude who actually made something of himself ….. go ahead and claim that lol ijs lol ……

  5. stark1night

    vanessa cud get it.. im gon holler and fly her out of that cole world ya dig and put her in that condo in panama city cuz thats what swag is stark night baby

  6. Jill Rebecca

    what about that J COLE line in “Grew Up Fast” ….

    Unless you talkin blockbusters, you n***as is not Russell

    You more Diggy – me I’m more Biggie

    No diss to the young boy im just rappin get bored quickly

    Just to make up for that line invite him on tour with me

    Show him the game let him finagle these whores with me

    Run through they doors with me, hit the Ritz-Carlton for the night

    Leave him there with two dykes probably change a nigga life right

    What up Vanessa, I loved you that one semester

  7. LetsBeRealpeople

    What the hell is a Diggy? This boy is blowing up the facebook with some “like this” or your a hater ish-loaded with tags of Diggy Simmons in the comments. Now the child is on to beef with…what J.Cole? Paid damn advertisement. He is born bred music business, if Diggy want to do right, he’d take a pilgrimage to local emcee face-off and pay his dues. Beef with J.Cole?…next week he’ll attack Willow Smith. Please. Diggy? ABC could  knock his wang in the dirt, are you kidding me son?

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        yep, I made th mistake of working one of his concerts. Willow might even have more game than J.Cole. I can’t take him seriously. That’s just me though.

  8. xdc845

    lmao if he so mad go see dude about it, don’t be running to the recording booth crying about it, rich kid rappers I tell ya :kanye shrug:

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       fight fire with fire … as a rapper i say this was the best way for diggy to do it … altho we all know he or someone in his camp leaked that track lol … just too much of a coinicidence lol .

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       chances are NOPE go listen to the song LOL 😉 if its true j cole wins … if jcole is lieing on his &(*&* then this is a huge L lol 😉 he got diggy smacked lol 😉

  9. immackulate

    they MODERATED my 1st comment — angela lied about hitting BOW-WOW so why wouldnt ya’ll believe Vanessa lying about hitting J.Cole

  10. Guillaume Pilon

    he nver gonna answer  diggy is a nobody

    and cole never said your name…wow the simmons kids are begging for attention

  11. rep87

    School yard fighting hurry up and end this make believe crap! he said she said . Trying to sell records in a bad economy want work, hiphop heads done seen it and heard it all, This is 100% Fake Beef !

  12. jamaicanbornanbreed

    look with out getting into who’s right or wrong..WE ALL KNOW DAT DA SIMMONS SISTERS ARE SLORES…and we knw niggas lie all da time…and we knw brothers have the right to protect there sisters no matter how sluty they appear….conclusion:da shit is elementry…we will never truly knw…whut i do know is dat i would smash both slores…preferbly at da same time

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