Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel “Shot Caller Freestyle”

[ahh_audio src=/4-4-12/BeanieSigel-ShotCallerFreestyle.mp3]

  • Keith Eades

    B Sigel can’t be F with! Keep em coming Big homie! i keep tell these guys when he focus Top 10 point, blank, period!


    Hard knock tour
    left mac in my closet.
    Grip it from bama ….

    Roc the mic tour
    Got book for a body
    Shout out to ram squad
    Whats up with tommy.

    Lol this nigga top 5 dead or alive.

  • Who spit like Beans tight azz flow! Welcome back

  • churchboy2

    Love the flow; pretty much untouchable as has been said below

    Not sure about the “still-bragging-about-crime” content though.

    Makes me wonder if Beans, at 38 years old, has grown and learned anything in life that is worth rapping about…