Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Beyonce Set To Release Intimate Photos of Her and Jigga?

First off, Happy four-year wedding anniversary to Beyonce and Jay-Z! The two tied the knock in a secret ceremony on April 4, 2008. To commemorate their anniversary, we hear Beyonce has created a tumblr account where she plans to release intimate photos of her and Jay-Z during the last four years.

We hear she will be releasing wedding photos, vacation pics, and photos of Blue Ivy Carter. Right now, the Beyonce tumblr page has a password on it, but we hear it will be going live soon. It’s good to see the Carters sharing more of their life with their fans.

15 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Beyonce Set To Release Intimate Photos of Her and Jigga?”

  1. jamaicanbornanbreed

    tied the knock…ha ha ha ha….once again superstan sydney lace hiding in one of the carters trash cans…who gives a fu@k about this…the only pics i’m intrested in dat beyonce has better be pics of her way back before jay and dat baby…and i better not see no pics of shawn carter either…ms lace you care bout this not anyone intwined with true hip-hop culture……please illseed….get back here asap

    • Weedras

      illseed used to be reporting about pointless shit like this too… and insinuating dumb shit he… i mean he had his strong points but he did annoying shit like this too…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i was going into journalists(sports)in college….i was instructed to not write from a fan or an admirer point…but from a journalist point…in other words floating above all transparenly giving an overall observation free of my own personal beliefs…this chick is a fan of drake,manaj,and beyonce and jay-z….so dats all she writes about….almost like she reaches for there shit..most likely she thinks dat is hip-hop however it’s the complete opposite….dnt get me wrong not all journalists has a problem with internal output for a story fore i have had many workshops…but my most respected teacher who was my mentor hated that(in certain situations)….plus those artists mentioned…i hate them vehmently(except jay…sometimes)

  2. johnblacksad

    “we don’t engage in war… we elope”

    Pound for pound, one of the best to ever come around here… excluding nobody!

  3. MrTroyMercy

    that’s not even Beyonce in  the phucking picture or at least it better not be!!!!!! That bytch look like Madonna or Monroe ., but anyways the bounty to break all of Sydney lace fingers is still legit  and smack the the inspiration to cover hip hop out of this bytch or nikka is still on that … fyi, break her nose too , so she /he  can’t type no way and no how!!!

  4. MrTroyMercy

    this site is defeated because they because they gave a damn about a design more than the people who came to this punk azz site and read, post and submitted music … ALLHIPHOP my azz!

  5. D_Ably

    Why was it horrible to see MJ go from a black boy to a white man but everyones OK with beyonce wantin to be white? On most of her magazine covers shes gettin her ass ‘ligthen up’ shes a lame role model, zombie, airhead, follow the flock shit.

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