Shawty Lo

EXCLUSIVE: Shawty Lo Says Arrest Record Kept Him Off “Love & Hip Hop”

(AllHipHop News) Scratch Shawty Lo off the list of local rappers who may appear on VH1’s upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop,” which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shawty Lo was reportedly going to be featured on the show with his girlfriend Ecreia, along with all ten of the rap star’s off-spring.

But the rap star’s criminal past is preventing him from being featured on “Love & Hip Hop.”

“I was supposed to be on the reality show, because of my record VH1 won’t let me be on there,” Shawty Lo told in an exclusive interview. “I got 28 arrests, I been convicted 4 times.”

While rappers like T.I. and 50 Cent have been featured on VH1 despite their arrest records, Shawty Lo claimed that his past was a bit different from the aforementioned artists.

“The difference with me and the other rappers is I got a lot of violence on my record,” Shawty Lo told “People got shot, I didn’t just get caught with drugs, I was really doing crazy stuff in the streets. “It’s a blessing. Thanks to the number #1 judge up stairs.”

The official cast of “Love & Hip Hop” has yet to be revealed.

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  • WHAT exactly is the blessing from “the number one judge upstairs” Mr. Lo? Just asking.

    That’s as ludicrous as when boxers say: “First and formeost I’d like to thank God for this victory…” as if God would be so petty as to bless them into knocking another man’s lights out in front of his family, rendering him with accumulative brain damage.

    And not quite, but almost as ludicrous as when rappers cry out about the “Hip Hop Police”!!!! WHAT ARE THESE POLICE DOING EXACTLY???? Weezy had a GUN IN HIS CAR!!!! T.I. HAD AN ARSENAL!!!!!!!

    You guilty ass mutha’uckin rappers really baffle me!

    All I see is HIP HOP CRIMINALS! I suppose it’s all the will of the number one judge upstairs… Right Shawty? Tell that to Trayvon Martin

    • Ronlg1

      It sounded like he was trying to say that it was a blessing that he made it through all of that….but don’t quote me, cause I’m guessing.  Afterall, it is Shawtly Lo and who knows what the h#ll he is really talking about????

    • Celz

       You are a sucka

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        sucka for whut…son ain’t say shit wrong…personally i dnt believe in god but if there was an all powerful entity u think this infalliable being would concern himself with earthly desires..such as helping some ignorant fool who is proud of da fact dat he was dumb enough to get caught 28 times…or help someone win a sporting event…i think not and damn son got arrested 28 times he sucked at being a criminal but he equally sucks at rapping…however i dnt agree with the hip-hop police garbage…son lost me on dat one…you on ur own matthew with the way u ended the convo…besides the shout-out to trayvon r.i.p….everything else son is on the money

  • Guest

    “…With all 10 of the rap stars off spring” SMMFH! Dun dun it all.

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  • Noel Smart

    The blessing, Matthew Richards, is that he didn’t get killed in the streets. I salute Shawty L.O. for  keeping it 100, he admits he has a violent pass and that’s what is keeping him off of the show. He could just cry about it and claim VH1 is hating on him or worse he could be moaning and complaining about what another rapper is saying or doing or AHH VVV

    • bigfoot2011

       Maybe he’s making excuses why he’s not on the show.  What if the real reason is cuz he’s boring and not hot on the rap scene

  • how is his G-Unit career going?  oh wait now he has no career cuz his own boss is washed up

  • RichFromBX

    4 for 28…he sound like A-Rod in the playoffs…

  • realtalkrealtalk

    Fake ass reality show that fake ass ppl produce.

  • FightRacism

    I’m sure shawty had to be sick & quick with the tool! Cuz he knows many men would wash his micro ass in a one on one! Lol he ALWAYS talks about them damn 28 arrests bruh! Congratz my nigga! We’re so proud of you! -_-
    that Bowen Homes tat is tough though!

  • Southcidal

    Being from the project doesn’t automatically make you a “real nigga”. Shooting people doesn’t make you one either. This is confusing our kids. A real nigga would never say “people got shot”. LMAO!! Hilarious

  • rep87

    The show is going to be wack and fake like the other love & hiphop did Vh1 reward Snitchers and fear having guys like Shawty Lo with real crimmnal records on it

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    bullshit..heights of bullshit,,,jimmy got a  record so does 50 who got shot a bunch of times..dat ain’t violence enough for u….i hate these niggas dat go out there way to prove they bad cuz lyrically they dnt say shit…..i know when ppl think of things they fear  i’m damn sure it ain’t no shawty lo….son is lame..dat dey know 

    • bigfoot2011

       Jimmy went to catholic school and doesn’t even have a detention record.  That’s why he gets beat up in harlem ask Gangsta lou

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        never said duke was an o.g…i’ve seen the rucker tapes when son was doing his usain bolt imitation….and i also seen whut max b. and cocaine city do and say as well…what i do know is son those have a record…not on no gotti shit…more on some pedestrian shit but a record nonetheless…i’m from brooklyn not harlem…i have seen lou….but i dnt knw homey like dat….my point is if it was really about his record love and hip-hop would not have a show…since u up on ur info did u know dat chrissy has a jail record as well…and shorty was with jamall tinsley and tyson beckford before jimmy…jus putting you on…in case u ain’t knw

      • @Prescott_Racks

        yeah yeah alpo too,etc etc u made a good point bout her jail record, not sure where here dick record comes in @…guess u turned it into a pissin contest of who knows the most gossip

  • slumlord_vinny

    Its never cool to talk about your record, it will catch up to you. I can never forget my homie talking smack about his case, thinking he was going to beat his indictment after appearing in the wall street journal. dude went to court for sentencing and they hit him with 10. Google Daryl Smith Mortgage Fraud. Lastly, I leave on this, never compromise your Freedom if you are going to sacrifice the best years of your life (20’s to 30’s) and come home to nothing but your mom’s sofa. 

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