Beyonce and Jay-Z

Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Tweets About Blue Ivy and Beyonce Shares Intimate Photos With Her Fans

It looks like the Carters are still flying high off of their four-year wedding anniversary and have decided to share some intimate details of their personal lives with their fans. Today, proud papa Jay-Z posted a cute photo of baby Blue Ivy Carter’s shoe, along with the following caption, “Jet Blue, Blue’s first flight.”

Also, Beyonce’s official tumblr page has gone live! The “Love On Top” singer has released intimate photos from the last few years of her life, including photos of her and Jay-Z, bikini pics, and family flicks. Check out the array of photos Bey released below:

You can check out more photos and a cute pregnancy video on Beyonce’s tumbr.

  • immackulate

    i love you SYDNEY

  • johnblacksad

    I’m happy for Sydney… i know she sure enjoyed posting this

  • Numbuh Four

    Sydney, you’re the greatest editor in this sites history. Everything you post is so interesting and relevant within the hip-hop culture. From “Pop Stars” like Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown and all of those other amazing artists, all the way to all 11,000 of those “Real” Housewives and those Basketball/Hip Hop ladies (groupies, baby mamas). Kim Kardashian and her wonderful and incredibly talented family get shine here as well, amazing. If not for you, this section would be the biggest bore on the internet. You’re so true to the Hip Hop culture and I appreciate everything you do by keeping it’s artforms relevant in every single one of your posts. If you’re still reading this, I’m hoping you’ve realized by now how incredibly sarcastic I’m being, and how I think you’re a fetid c*nt completely detached from the hip hop community. You’ve turned this section into a septic tank for ghetto hair salon gossip. You could suck like 10 d*cks and kick rocks….

  • dont nothing grab a hiphop head’s attention quicker than the word ‘intimate’ in the headline.

    Ol’ Sydster knows exactly what she’s doing…….

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  • deemoney2k12

    Baby looks just like jayz nose, don’t it people lol what kind of photo is this why no face? In my Maury voice:) THE BABY IS NOT YOURS!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    you know half of these pic were taken by sydney(stalker)lacey

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Jay-Z Who you Fooling? You been with Bey since 2002……. And you did’nt get that pregnant within the first 2 years? My Baby Moms is fine as shit a headache of course but from me tearing that back out thirst for fine ass she got pregnant within that first year lmao!! i don’t play… But Jay Z does.

    • Thoughtsareus

      What are you talking about ? Nigga you high ? I bet your baby mama looks like ol’ girl Marlon Waynes(Not Damon but Marlon) hooked up with in Mo’ Money LOL lying ass niggas.

    • Tony G.

      thats the dumbest ish ive ever heard…stfu

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        ha ha ha ha…dis rumor is so garbage niggaz is just beefin with each other…who cares if she carried dat damn baby..and who cares how long it took to knock her up…who gives a fuk about the carters or blue eyes or whatever her name is…is it jus me or does beyonce not look as hot as she used too…i’m talking before she dropped too…2 years after being with jigga?

    • immackulate

      niggah you a dumb shyt –

    • johnblacksad

      Telescopic azz ninja reachin like a mofo… how did you come up with this argument?

      I bet your baby moms dont even like you.

    • chippc

       I’ve heard of dudes counting another nigga money, worry about who he fuckin, but i have never heard ot anybody keeping track of how potent a nigga sperm is. Thats some new stuff!! And stop being so proud to announce your out of wedlock kids. 

  • Juan Spin Serrano


    • Tony G.

      but u clicked on it

  • Juan Spin Serrano


  • $20956822

    Now you know she sent these pics out to prove she was really pregnant but we all know she wasn’t!!! Even in these pics she looks no where pregnant who you fooling beyonce not me?!?!? Someone else carried that baby for you keep it real…. Most famous woman show off there belly in photo shoots and what not so a big star like herself should of showed off her pregnant body like just about most famous woman in Hollywood do and we all know she’s about the money so why didn’t she do it because she was never carrying a baby. These pics are pointless to the people who want proof she carried that baby!! Fake ass bitch jigga should be ashamed of himself!!!

    • johnblacksad

       damn, you went in… Manute Bol azz n!gga… reachin like a mug!

    • immackulate

      aye you too emotional over some shyt that got nothing to do with your LIFE

    • illymac


      Sit ya emotional ass down somewhere..

    • chippc

       And you care, why???

  • Wakeell

    this is a dark day in Allhiphop history

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  • illymac

    Ol’ Sydney if your a woman,
    I think it would be awesome
    if U posted naked pics of yaself..

    i’m sure it would be better
    than these wack ass articals
    U’ve been posting…

  • Are they still relevant?