Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay Electronica’s Album Artwork Leak?

While we wait for Jay Electronica’s debut album on Roc Nation to drop, check out these never before seen photos from his CD booklet photo shoot. The photos are from 2009, so we don’t know if they will be included once his album is dropped, but you can definitely see where his head was at with these. Check them out below:

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  • shitty articles like this make me happy that illseed is back on twitter… hopefully he’ll come back here too

    • Illseed back on Twitter? Word?
      Side note ….this was actually a good article. Those images are ILL. Sydney just has the impossible task of replacing ILLSEED , it ain’t gonna work.

      The ” E ” bounty ISK placed on her fingers , is higher than the one the NBPP placed on Zimmerman’s head!

      • i guess with hard work and dedication we can accomplish something. #win?

      illseed ‏ @illseed Reply  Retweeted  Favorite · Open
      Hey, @allhiphopcom. Remember me?

  • Alright, honestly, how is this a “shitty” article? It’s a supposed rumor, it has to do with Hip-Hop, and I personally have not seen this before. In fact, I think it’s a good rumor post. People talk all this trash about Sydney Lace; while some of it can be warranted, I feel like at this point most people are just complaining without offering a solution. What the hell is considered a “good” rumor post? You guys aren’t even telling AHH what you want in this section.

    • Um, we want ILLSEED back in this section!

      • Still, it is a good post!

      • first good post sydney has made in a long time.  for everyten beyonce posts we get one of these.  #f*cksydneylace  #whereisillseed

    • immackulate

      man this is exactly what i’ve been saying since FORVER … too bad it took COOL WHYTE to type some sense

    • It’s shitty because just like every other article she posts, it’s misleading. Don’t talk about it being the album artwork just to say it’s from an old photo shoot. That kind of logic makes any photo at all from any photo shoot possible album artwork. “These photos are 3 years old, so we doubt they’ll make the cut, but for shits and giggles we’ll tell you they might.” Cool. Give me the old rumors back that weren’t just TMZ ripoffs or news reported as rumors.

  • rep87

    Are we suppose to be surprise about Roc Nation symbols and devil crap

  • johnblacksad

    Sydney, how do you know Jay Electronica? i’m impressed…

  • aye Sydney, can we get an article about how Illseed popped up on facebook yesterday talkin bout he’s coming back???  thats one helluva scoop… dont u agree??

  • Juan Spin Serrano


  • Black Exodus

    With all the symbols…hexagram, inverted triangle, ancient Hebrew script  ect….bother is definitely into mysticism. There are meanings behind every symbol…so do your research, will leave it at that. I wish the brother Jay Electronica much success on this venture. He’s a talented artist.

    Black Exodus “Problems” new song…youtube it…


  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Is your site buggin, or what I’m writing disturbing the New World Order…anyway, Photoshopping Stargate into your artwork, does not a Hip Hop legend make. Put a diaper on these images. Consuming canned hip hop will cause leakage. The hip hop royalty has no sense of style; this here be fake Gucci. Nothing sustainable in these images. Show us a man on a mic, then you show us power. We’d do better listening to Cold Play than wrapping our loving souls aorund this product. Roc Nation, waste of good resources.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       jay-e is one deep brohamski hes on another level with it !! much success to ya def will be checking it out when it drops

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        If Jay is a Sleeper in this, then I will hold my breath. For now, he ‘s like more of the same. I don’t mind being wrong for the right reason.

  • immackulate

    that last pic is FRAUDULENT – i seen the original picture and he’s not holding an “illuminated triangle” – he actually has on a black glove with nothing in his hands at all –