Hip-Hop Rumors: Who is the First Rapper to Purchase The New Bentley Truck?

2 Chainz rapped about it on Young Jeezy’s “Supafreak”, and it looks like the folks over at Bentley were listening! Bentley is finally ready to release the new Bentley truck!

Fabolous is one the lucky first few who got a chance to take a look at it. He posted the photo below on his Twitter account.

With all of the money Fabolous has been spending at the strip clubs lately, I would not be surprised if he actually copped the truck.

Check out the video below for the concept behind the new Bentley truck:

35 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Who is the First Rapper to Purchase The New Bentley Truck?”

  1. johnblacksad

    “With all of the money Fabolous has been spending at the strip clubs lately, I would not be surprised if he actually copped the truck.”
    Wonder what it takes to surprise you… 
    Sydney, really, you should work for the New-York Times… your editorial game can’t be fukked wit!

  2. Dior

    Great….Go run out and buy the new BENTLEY TRUCK….I just hate it when these fools drive these expensive cars and when you tell them how much it cost to park it in the parking lot, then they get upset…

  3. Black Exodus

    Great car…would love to take one for a test drive.

    Black Exodus “Problems” new song….youtube it

  4. jamaicanbornanbreed

    wow…lacey dis is a new low for even you…i have seen numerous of ppl on dis site call for ur fingers and in some other cases ur nose to be broken  and even though i think ur editorial skills need  an enoroumous amount of work i steadily disagreed however i’m starting to side with da others…u see lace with every nicki manaj or blue ivy and the carters article you write as an hip-hop rumor article ur slowly taking an shovel and throwin dirt on a body of hip-hop dat is very close to da afterlife but riggamortis has yet to set in…so if breaking ur fingers with an hammer alla casino style will somehow save hip-hop well i’m all for sacraficing ur fingers and maybe even dat nose…please your making us look ignorant…and ur making women look not so credible when it comes to analyzing hip-hop…it makes it look like ur too much caught in the web of money(who’s richer)or instead of da music or lyricall value(who’s better looking)or who’s dating or which deceased singer spirit drake is going to stalk…or diggy beeefing with da mupphet babbies or whut da fu@k ever u wrote….i have not seen not one real hood shit since you came…look white gurl..git ur wanna be gucci ass out of ur penthouse go to da hood put ur ear to da streets come wit sum real shit or lose dem dam fingers(and nose)

  5. Wakeell

    I don’t think the people that run this site even read the comments cause she should’ve been gone a while ago. Gave you a chance lace but this is just getting worst and worst. RIP to you career and allhiphop as a website for hip hop. This site use to be hip hop’s last stand now we about to just leave it standing where its at. SMH

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       if your sitting on a couple m’s u got enuff to invest and still get that bentley truck lol 😉 or should i say SUV lol 😉

  6. Pierre Elliott

    yo im the dummy for even comin here, but you know what? this is bullshit..
    The whole country is trying to recover from an ill recession, and you post this dumb ass shit.
    See this among other things, are PART of the PROBLEM….Get a life, and then hang yourself.

    Im offended, as a person who is a part of the hip-hop world. 
    Secondly as a black person, like as if we all want that dumb materialistic bullshit.

    gimmie articles on REAL hip-hop. Not bitch ass Fagulous or more COMMERCIAL
    establishment manufactured rhetoric from PEOPLE and COMPANIES that dont give a damn about our BLACK ASSES, that were NO WHERE TO BE SEEN in the EARLY to MID
    STAGES of Hip-Hop. So take that Bentley ( ran over black people in the past) car and shove
    it up their asses.


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