Rah Digga

Rah Digga “The Ni**a” [Fat Trel & Tyler The Creator Diss]

[ahh_audio src=/4-6-12/Rah_Digga_-_The_Nigga_In_Me.mp3]

  • yep a true MC going in on some lame rappers,  not a female MC she is just straight up an MC,,, and if yall didnt know she can spit,,,,

  • churchboy2

    Current score –
    Rah Digga/Real hiphop: 1
    These cats/phony rappers: 0

  • WillVetterGoodin

    yes, finally someone puttin that lame in his place!

  • drac215

    whoa! Grown folk talk, from a woman! RahDigga,peace and Godbless


    dats whats its about….. Rah is MURDA….

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    GO IN DIGGA DO IN ON DEM YOUNG FAGGOTS..let dem knw to keep there d!ck sucking mouths shut when a grown bitch is talking…GET EM DIGGA…GET EM

  • brotha_man

    this is why rappers like nikki and drake don’t want to see a true backpacker they will get ate. she went in on these dudes whoa.”and I was trying to support this young black man/its too bad you probably lost your only black fan” damn. lmfao.  

  • brotha_man

    take that skinny jean nation.lol

  • RAH DIGGA!! Man!!! Somebody told me that Nicki Minaj was the best(they said the best) female rapper ever.. I HAD to throw Rah DIgga in the mix.. She would eat half of these rappers alive! And Tyler the Creator is GARBAGE… SOMEONE should’ve BEEN went in on dude…

    • Tony G.

      i can name about 20 female emcees better than nikki without thinking too hard

  • SUCH a lady and WHAT???? AYEEEEEEE! =0)

  • dazzdp

    WHOA! she killed that shit! Once again, this proves how great 90s hip hop was and artists is.

  • Tony G.

    Game over..moving on…real hip hop shit

  • suge380

    LOL, Get em girl. She wore they azz out.