Jury Selection Starts Monday For G-Dep Murder Trial

(AllHipHop News) Former Hip-Hop star G-Dep is facing 25 years to life in prison, as the initial phase of his murder trial is set to begin, on Monday.

Jury selection will begin tomorrow (April 9) for the rap star, who is accused of killing a man almost 20 years ago, in 1993.

G-Dep, 37, walked into a police station in 2010 and admitted to shooting John Henkel during a botched robbery in 1993.

What G-Dep did not know is that John Henkel had died from his wounds.

Since there is no statute of limitations on murder, G-Dep was charged with first-degree murder.

G-Dep said he made the confession to police as part of a 12-step recovery program, in an attempt to become drug-free, after years of using PCP.

G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, has pleaded not guilty to the charges despite his confession.

The rap star’s own defense team plans to question his statements about the shooting, due to years of PCP use.

G. Dep, who is married with three children, is best known for his hit 2001 singles “Special Delivery” and the remix to the song, both of which were released on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records’ imprint.

  • rep87

    This dude was on some serious mind altering drug PCP only GOD know the out come for this trial

  • This is a bad look all the way around.

  • brotha_man

    everything diddy touches goes to hell……Black Rob, Shyne, G-Dep, BIG, Young Joc

    • Joesie

      In Diddy’s defense he killed before he met Diddy

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  • R.I.P. 
    John Henkel.
    Tragic , all the way around.

  • illymac


  • wow, he is a bigger man than me. 

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      thats how i feel they should let him out

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    man that man went 2 the police n told on his self they couldnt of charged him 4 something he told n he was on pcp just 2 do summin like that is sayin u changed ur whole life around everybody deserves 2nd chance let him walk or give him a lil time dont slay him he didnt even know he died thats crazy

    • $18592567

      Nigga Iz U Serious??? Murder on top of a robbery= FELONY MURDER. That’s way worse than sitting in front of somebody’s house and shooting them once they get there. The best thing G-Dep can hope for is a great defense that can take advantage of the fact that the crime is old and hopefully evidence might be messed up or something like that. Other than that he might get smoked playing games in NYC.  DA Morgenthau LOVES making examples out of black people in sports & entertainment.

      He got away with a body and was able to go around the world… How much of a second chance can somebody get??? The police probably never would’ve caught him and he fucked around and told on himself? The victim’s family even said he should’ve kept his mouth shut.

      I been around G. Dep before and son was mad cool and humble. Very talented brother going through some wild crazy shit.


      • thuglifefukdapolice

        nyc is gonna try but point is he was changing his life around they have  no witness or  evidence he could say i was lyin my homeboi did it i just said that cause i aint wanna put his name out there but i hope in nyc yall niggas stockin up on guns bulliet  vest everything its about 2 be race war in da south u feel white people on that dumb shit but this aint back in the day i aint wit mlk jr im riding wit malcom x or huey newton u feel n jut cause it in nyc dont mean it wont happen cause wat 1 cracker do another 1 so  yall boys up there need 2 protect yallll self just in case i dont care if u in manhattan peace

    • dominicancoke

      what kind of ignorant shit is that to say??? smh are you on pcp? he killed a man to rob him a man who was minding his own business.just like im sure your father or mom’s mind they own business do you want somebody to come and rob them and killed them? i think not and if they turn them self’s in do you want them to get a lil bit of time or walked away free? hell no so shut the fruck up

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i dont care wat a nigga do as long as he dont rape my kids i dont  care who he kill cause niggas dont belonng in jail we need 2 be free out  ancestors was slave for 400 years i rather just kill g dep then put him in jail see thats the probem wit  u young cats talk 2 much  snitchin n its about 2 be a races war n i feel like malcom x  no more black on black its time 4 us stick together stock up on ammo guns vest cause these crackers aint nuttin 2 take light they might be weak but they like spider they bite n dont warn 

      • dominicancoke

        man im done with you lol. rape your kids? so if he killed your kids you be alright with it? niggas dont belong in jail? listen any peace of shit that takes some one elses life in a violent selfish malace intent having way gets hung in other countries here they are a bit nice they give you prison time.i give 2 rat’s asses about slavery it has nothing to do with people knowing right from wrong in the 21st century ain’t no white man doing nothing to you my black brother only black man most likely killing you or robbing you quit the race baiting b.s and be a man and Malcom x changed his racist views when he traveled to mecca  and you know what his former racist nation of islam friends did? they killed him stop the hate my dude we all one and unless is self defense no body has the right to take some ones life unless some one took something from you nobody you dont have the right to take something from that person this is beyond black and white this is right and wrong

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        if a nigga do something 2 my kids ima kill him u should already kno if a crackers do something 2 my love ones im kill him then hang him on a tree n burn him  u didnt hear in hoke county nc cracker killed wife n husband same time in front of kids  oklahoma 2 days ago crackers shot 5 ppl killed 3 n trayvon martin is u dumb simple stupid or slow we all not 1 its no justiice 4 us its just us

      • dominicancoke

        who cares? that sick white person is just that a sick demented white person he is not every white ..trayvon martin case is one of many isolated cases of racism but remember is blacks killing blacks 24 7 without remorse blacks filling prison cells and cemeteries blacks being expose on video jumping and harming people. ignorant blacks are more self destructive than any one else in this nation why dont you try to help the youth so they wont grow to be like this

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        they want us in jail or dead the sad part about it is niggas could escape if they wanted look at assata shakur 2pac aunt she escaped n went 2 cuba n still out 2 this day u feel me i aint no house nigga uncle tomm i am nat turner type nigga u feel me u have 2 educate ur self believe in god but stey strapped shoot 1st ask questions later

      • dominicancoke

        assata shakur? she killed a cop and fled  how is she free shes in a 3rd world communist island where i was born by the way.live life make love to women have kids and stop the hate the white man loves an angry nigga like you  
        cause sooner or later people with you’re attitude slip into their most wanted list and eventually prison system’s  be humble stand up for your self and accept humanity as a race u never know when you might need a help in hand and some one from another race gives you that hand………dont generalize