Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil’ Wayne Order His Skateboard Crew To Beat Up A Paparazzi?

A photographer in Miami has filed a claim with the Miami Beach Police accusing Lil’ Wayne of ordering his crew to allegedly hand him a beat down, as well as damage his bicycle and camera.

According to the report, a photographer spotted Lil’ Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside a church right beside a “no skateboarding sign” and decided to take a few photos and record video. Wayne spotted the photog and was not pleased with him taking the photos and ordered him to stop. When the photographer continued, Wayne allegedly ordered his boys to hand him a smackdown.

The photographer says that he was surrounded by eight men who threw him to the ground, spat on his face, destroyed his bicycle, and forced him to delete a few of the photos out of his camera.

The photographer did manage to escape with some photos and his footage in tact. Check out a clip of his footage, as well as the photos here

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  • therealest1

    Identity crisis shit! Lil Wayne is a Blood, now he’s a skater. Can he please make up his mind what he wants to be? He’s worse than a wrestler who changes gimmicks going through different promotions.

  • that shiit just makes me wonder.. all them dudes that was thugging with wayne a few years back.. did them niiggaz all put down the gunz and pick up skateboards?? that shiit is wack son.

  • rep87

    Lil Wayne couldnt fight his way out of  a wet paper bag he would have to have some dudes do his dirty work for him stick to skate boards and being the fake blood you are lil wayne

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dis is the era we are in…the self-proclaimed illest rapper alive…wears tighter jeans than strippers…has split-personaility…one day he’s a cold-blooded memeber of the b-gang next day he’s a black steve-o…grown ass nigga on a fu@#$ing skateboard….whuts wrong blood? gillie ain’t ghostwriting for you an ur squad….i stopped fu$%ing wit dude when he was kissing on  faggot baby…da rest of ya’ll gave him a pass because of lyrical ability…not me expecially since i knw he stole dem rhymes and swagger…..son is hard on dat white boy sh!t…i wonder who wayne’s gonna wannbe like next

    • DreamZ


      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        soon after he said wobble wobble drop it like it’s hot…then when he went to the carter volumes and baby knew he had no hood-crack he paid gillie to write his rhyme and son not just took da rhymes but gillie whole swag…u never wonder why this louisiana nigga got a up north flow and swagger…dats all north me i lived in brooklyn and i was a regular on dat turnpike

  • dayleedumped

    probably had a picture of wayne falling on his face looking like an idiot, cuz we all know hes doin that, just no evidence

  • nastinupe

    Funny how rappers only get tough to people that they don’t have beef with, but when they see someone that threatened to kill them on wax then they all of a sudden have amnesia or squash said beef.  Talk about weak.  8 guys against a photographer while you talk shit?