Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Rick Ross Have Another Seizure?

According to the rumor mill, Rick Ross reportedly suffered another seizure yesterday right before a show in Houston, Texas. Because of the “medical emergency,” Ross’ people had to cancel another show scheduled to take place in Guyana today.

But according to our source, there is more here that meets the eye. Sources are telling us that money issues are actually the real reason why Ross canceled his show today in Guyana. We hear the promoters never paid Ross, so they started the rumor that he had a seizure to save face and explain Ross’ absence from the show.

Ross and his people have yet to confirm or deny the reports, but if the seizure rumors are true, this would be his third seizure in less than six months.

  • immackulate

    uh oh SYDNEY coming wit’ it today huh?

    caught you slippin on that KID CUDI post-up but i aint gonna hold that against YOU, kick a woman while she’s down, hitta person til they tk they glasses off, etc… lol

    • MrTroyMercy

      Lmao !!!

  • immackulate

    hope it is a cover up cuz i dont wish death/demise/sickness on anyone – but that man need to stop playing with his health before he really fall the phuck out NOW with that said i never understood why people would mix serious shyt with they cover up and lies … i useta be worried about cursing myself since i was young – i know people that useta call in to school and say “MY GRANNY DIED” – knowing damn well karma is a bad broad that always come back around twice SO wtf wouldnt you just say “CANT MAKE IT” stead of these elaborate lies that come back to haunt you & YO GRANNY in the end

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  • so you do know how to write a rumor?

  • thisnigga

    LETS GO SYD!!!!!

  • Mugshot_McGruff


    • immackulate

      good 1

  • ross never had a seizure those were cocain shakes, lay off of da coke ross

  • digitallife

    Wishing that man well if it’s an illness he’s got kids

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  • MrTroyMercy

    First off if he faking Seizures for record sell then I hope homie pass. Away cause my son Harlem use to have Seizures and this ain’t nothing to play with…. the rap game is salty ……they mock ppl religion beliefs, health conditions and everyday status ..this right here ain’t funny to me anyhow… even though my family good now i still worry …stop using this as a excuse to sell records cause GOD wont let that happen… he just a diabetic who ain’t eating and lliving right..

  • MrTroyMercy

    Sdy Lace is better off letting Sdy the kid from Odd future write these DEAD Rumors .

  • Frank

    he just having panic attacks about getting on planes.  He know that Guyana flight is along one..

  • acemattace

    Will Sydney Lace ever write a decent rumor?

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    as much as i hate this fat fraudelent fuk..he is a human being…he mite be a sleezeball…but he is human and i hope this is a rumor because a man of his size with as much traveling and performing he does sure as hell aint healthy exspecially if he keeps having constants seizures….could be his soul his hurt because of all the faking…u can lie to others not urself….sideways emotions aside i hope son steps his health game up….if shit is true i hope son gets better and go back to acting like something he’s not

  • Black Exodus

    illseed dot com

  • Black Exodus

    Has his own blog….Hip Hop rumors…illseed dot com

  • Black Exodus

    Not a Sydney Lace Hater…you doing a good job…just the old heads miss illseed. Much respect to Allhiphop my first source for Hip Hop and the culture…Respect.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      just a query brother…ur name is and i qoute “black exodus” now u do knw dat the word exodus means an migration usually by a large body of people…soooooo does ur name stand for a huge mass of black folks on the move(kinda like the jews) and if so well were are we going…like i stated at the start just a question

      • Black Exodus

        Good question brother, I picked the moniker “Black Exodus”
        with the intent for dialogue. Migration is absolutely correct but before a
        physical migration of sorts, it will start with a mental awakening. If we are
        to believe the biblical version of the “Great Exodus”, we must understand that
        the original “Jews” were of African descent called Hebrews (Black) not the Ashkenazi
        Jews (European Jews). We have a great vast history but it is getting
        re-written or forgotten altogether.   Because of this, many black folks are trapped
        in a world of “nigg$$dom”.  We sub-coconsciously
        question our self worth and contributions to this society. Our women question
        their beauty and our men question their strength as leaders. We’re stuck on the
        petty, redundant and material without a clear vision of success. Before we make
        any changes on a grand scale we must change our mind set and attitudes that we
        have about ourselves and our brothers.   As corny as it sounds…we must love, respect, teach,
        reach, excel, unite, question, search, sacrifice and become spiritual…not in
        the sense of religion but awaken “YOUR” spiritual self. At this time…a true
        peace and real vision of what’s going on around you will began to take place.
        My music is my voice to talk to my brethren… bring revelation… question the
        social ills and plant seeds for solutions.  “Black Exodus” is the migration of Mental/Spiritual


      • Stealstandin


      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        church….my pops is a rastaman so he already hip me bout the first black jews in ethopia and he hip me on the moors and da take over of europe..but its good to see others are out there tha r enligthened…thxs for the response brother….c u if we pass through da eternal winds of time…1 love

    • True Indeed!

  • Jay EmilyJohnsonsbabyboy Rolli

    Wow that’s crazy dog!! Sleazeball? I hope he pass? Dog if you don’t like a persons music, that’s one thing but. If you never met this dude or even been around him for any length of time, you don’t really know what kind of person he is. Nearly every rapper/entertainer has used somebody’s name as their stage name. And just like everyone else, probably said and done things in the past that they regret. How about you guys stop looking to these people to be role models and just listen to their music and judge that by itself. It’s so easy to hide behind a keyboard and talk reckless about somebody you’ll probably never meet in person. So what does that say about you? If you’re so upset with this guy, do something about it dog. That’s what real people do homie!!!RT 

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      ok ok ok jay…i called son a sleazeball..not my best choice of words…i guess i was looking for the word chameleon….u knw whut dat is kapone…it’s a creature that changes it’s external apperance to increase it’s survival chanches….some lizards even walk slow and swing side to side to make the impression of an leaf swaying in the winds….dats just whut i think of son….except it’s not jus survival…it’s for fame and riches as well…so because of dat i think son is worthless….and i never said son should pass whatever dat means if u read whut i wrote i said i hope he’s ok at the end of the day…futhermore u say if i dnt like son i should go see him….fuk u expect…for me to shoot him in the beard…i dnt whish death on no man nor woman…not even my worst enemy…i dnt like duke persona but as a human i whish him a rich and succesful life…as a rapper i whish for him to be more of an original individual….maybe u should read the entire thing before u jump to conclusions and lump everybody in a certain group because we dont like ur favorite rapper…i still think son is a fraudelent fuk

  • rep87

    What a bullshit article make your mind up who put out rumors over their health and when its easy to say hell they not coming up with the money


    I wish the rapper/ persona of “rick ross” would die..

    But dont wish harm on him as a person, william roberts.

    U see as a rapper i hate his frauding, fake ass.
    And i’ll be honest.

    Its has everyrhing to do with him, lieing about who he was, & his past.

    Man all you hear from this nigga, is i sold this & that.
    But when confronted. He couldnt man up and be truthful with himself.

    And i know most rapper dont do all the shet they rap about.

    Most will use the excuse i rap
    What i know, or other people stories. But never has a rapper went to the extreme of cover his past and bold face lieing about it.????

    Listen to ready to die, or biggie raps.

    Do i think biggie really shot at a cop in gimmie the loot?
    Or did a heist for 100 bricks in a hotel room.???

    Hell no, but the differernce is one is telling a story.

    Ross on the other hand try to maintain this imaginary false alter ego.
    And not only that he was an CO,
    Which is the most hated proofession by criminals next to a cop
    & DA.

    Its easy to rap lies, but how many young people buy into the shet.???
    Thinking its cool. You never hear that niggah talk abiut the consequences,
    Of dealing. You think being an CO he would had plenty of raps,
    About being lock up?? Or how it go down behind them walls.
    But the only time he was there he was getting a check for it. Lol

    Now he got his son following in his footsteps.
    Frauding too, last time i check.

    A BOSS had workers putting niggas to work.

    Putting niggas in postion to feed they famalies.

    Taking niggaz on a tour bus with you, to double as muscle,
    Dont mean you a boss.

    All they doing is wasting their time. Buts as long as rapper like false
    And his son can fake it.

    The people will fall for it……….
    If you a fan of ross music your prolly a fraud yourself,
    Thats why him being fake doesnt bother you or matter.

    A niggah like me gets disgusted,
    Niggah sacrafice theirs freedom & life for the game.
    & its shouldnt be exploited by this fake nigga.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      word…i feel da same way bark

    • Co-Sign %100!

    • MrTroyMercy

      This is why you my damn homie EL ….. co mudaphucking sign!

    • Tony G.

      damn..real fuggin talk…u should post that shat on his twitter page or something…maybe he will wake the hell up

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

       Yeah me toooo, but yall can’t front he be picking some hot ass tracks for his tell all tails. but def feel he selling his soul to mis-inform the youth, while they catch those bullets trying to live that life style….

    • and this is why people all over the world think American’s are a bunch of dum fools:

      1. some of you voted for Bush not once but twice (Silly)
      2. some people cannot appreciate that Rick Ross makes music and dam good music at that, the fact that he is no hardcore gangster means nothing compared to the music that he is making. This is a man who has done songs with almost every legend and new comer in the game and yet some of you are still stuck on the CO BS. Man that’s stupid to say the least, he did what he had to for his family to eat and you fools want to only focus on the fact that he was a CO? This further goes  to reflect the type of black men raised in these projects, no sense of responsibility as most of you would rather “keep it real’ that take responsibility on the seeds you bring to this earth.

      • EL_BARK

        1. I not no got dam american. America was named after a white person.
        2. Your comment that we voted for bush twice, further lets me know,
        Your iq level, and dictates to me your elementary way of thinking,
        Is inferior to me.
        The fact that you have trust in any election system or process shows how gulliable you are.
        I got a beach front condo in the sahara desert, that i am selling for cheap.

        Newsflash. Bush stole the first election, and he strong arm the second one.

        Now to bring it down to your childish way of thinking.
        Americans can be dumb, but bottom line our military will beat the breaks off of any other country. Lol

        Also i dont vote so your 2 question doesnt apply to me.

        Now for you defending this fraud niggah. He got a job as an CO

        But when asked abiut it lied. ???????
        Instead if saying i had a family and needed a check.
        He lied and denied it

        So he can keep up this persona of being a kingpin.

        Now my momma always told me stay away from a liar.
        Because a liar cant be trusted. The fact that he couldnt be real with himself speaks volume of his principals and character as a person.

        Him being an CO doesnt make him fake.
        Him lieing about it several times does.

        Why you think he got shades on all the time???
        He cant stand to LOOK at himself in mirror.
        Thats the truth. Lol

        The only time i seen him without glasses on was when he was an CO. Lol
        And thats because he was being the real
        Him. Williams roberts. He even had a smiles on his face as he shook that warden hand.

        Now you see him, glasses on tuff guy mode.
        He cant smile now because he hates himself, and sold out for fame.

        At first it was his secret but know the world knows.

        His medicore sucess stims from the labels pushing his drug dealing message to the use,

        Bur niggaz no he fake that why his albums barely move units despite,
        Tons of radio exposure

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        it appears u are already sucking da bawse balls…..u his brother or close freind or something..y u so emotional…whut u need to do nolo is first whipe dat white shit off ur chin go listen to some real rap artists like action bronson,fred da god,vado,max beastily,j.connor,the chef,ghostface,buddens…etc..etc..and get an i.q duke dis is a rap site ain’t nobody here voted for no damn bush(twice)..shit sum of these niggaz didn’t even vote..go play in traffic nolo

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  • D_Ably

    Gods tellin you to stop lyin to yourself ricky, listen before its too late.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    cant wait till i see the headline william quits music 

  • SDS_Overfiend

    This Nigga is a Fat ass Phony plain and simple.

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Let me guess, the illuminati tryng to kill him?

  • ms228


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