Mobb Deep’s Havoc Possibly Hacked; Goes In On Prodigy

(AllHipHop News$ fans of Mobb Deep were awakened to several tweets suggesting the group has broken up.

A series of insulting tweets appeared on Havoc’s Twitter page this morning, directed at group member Prodigy.

The tweets appear to be the work of a hacker according to reps for Mobb Deep, although it has not been confirmed if Havoc lost control of his account or not.

The angry insults on the page included claim that Prodigy had homosexual relationships while he was in jail, as well as delusions of marrying Rihanna.

Fans of the group reacted to the tweets, immediately, with most believing they are the work of an imposter.

The poster insisted it was actually Havoc, but it seems unlikely, since the group just hosted a performance at SXSW in March.

Mobb Deep is also working on a reunion album, following the release of their critically acclaimed EP Black Cocaine.

Mobb Deep’s manager did not comment on the tweets and as of press time, neither has their publicist.



  • Sounds like Havoc was drunk. He had a similar tirade against Fifty Cent, but everyone shrugged it off because he was drunk.

    Deez rappers ’bout to be drunk ass ol’ men in a minute.

    • Can’t be drunk. He’s tweeted again this morning.

  • illymac

    very interesting..
    cant wait to see how this plays out…
    especially if Havoc really sent them tweets out..

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  • illymac

    Prodigy stay taking L’s..

  • What if he really wasn’t hacked?

  • immackulate


  • LOL-N at Fake tweets!

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Sway from MTV texted Hav to ask if it was him and Havoc texted him back “Its very real”

    Looks like it might be over……..not like it hasnt been over since Murda Muzik anyway tho, P raps slower then a retard and Hav’s beats aint what they use to be either


    I’ll play Hell On Earth today in its entirety like a memorial service, lol

  • WOW!!!  I’m waiting to see how this unfolds.. large bag of popcorn in hand!

  • dominicancoke

    i love and grew up on the mobb going back to juvenile hell and i read p’s book. but if this shit is real? it will def boost their career’s like p vs havoc wow nice lil beef

    • I dotn even know if I’d want to see that….Havoc vs Pee!  I’d rather see them together personally!

      • dominicancoke

        i understand but if you read p’s book my infamous life he shit’s on hav and many other rappers and close friends he put it out there how hav was an alcoholic and this that and the 3rd i guess hav forgave em and p fuckdup again

  • you would think if it was a hack, homie woulda cleared it up by now…… smh

  • If it is real, we will see in due time. P will show up on worldstarhiphop, youtube, radio station, or some type of medium with more verifiable validity than twitter. Stay tuned.

  • damn…. hav confirmed this on sirius radio…… WTF???????

  • rep87

    This got to be some bullshit

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      2nd dat emotion….p been talking crazy since he left prision..son even went on da radio screamin how nore got beat up and shot niggas and this dat and da third….i always f*&^ed with the h.n.i.c  but dats dry-snitching..matter a fact dat is snitching

  • Dointer


    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      littles is whack…..bars and hooks was better….and duke with da raspy voice….he got a twin or something like dat

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