Hip-Hop Rumors: Juvenile Demands A Paternity Test

Rapper Juvenile is currently going through a custody and a child support battle with the mother of his 13-year old son, and is demanding a paternity test. Juvenile tells TMZ that he believes that he is the biological father of his son and is only demanding a paternity test as a procedural step to “get custody” of the kid.

“My son acts and looks just like me. I am doing this for procedural reasons to get custody.”

Juve allegedly owes $160,000 in unpaid child support, but he is claiming that he never established paternity when his son was born and didn’t even sign the birth certificate at the time. So if the boy is not his, he may not have to pay the over due balance.

He is also claiming that the boy’s mother has had sexual relations with other people, so there’s a small chance that he may not be the father.

But Juvenile has said that he “highly doubts” the test will come back negative … and says, “I love my son to death … I hope the test proves that he is mine.”

  • scullyson

    Not only will he pay the over due amount aka arears but they will go all the way back to when the child was born and tack on some mo $$$ to be paid. Juve Late in the game with this one. Good luck tho. Been there done that…

  • Kind of a double edged sword. If the kid isn’t his, he’s in the free but the kid is left without a dad. It the kid is his, the kid gets to live knowing daddy didn’t want him. Nice. You’re rich, Juvi, just pay the shit.

    • Tony G.

      where in this article did u read something about Juvi not wanting him..did u not see he’s doing this for custody purposes….WTF article are u reading

  • therealest1

    Child support or am I the baby daddy shit.

  • immackulate

    this is a prime example of a DUMB AZZ NIGGAH – obviously you’ve been paying child support for almost 14 yrs – and now that you’ve fell behind a considerable amt 160k you wanna scream FOUL and ask for a paternity test for a child you’ve been voluntarily paying child support for – dumb azz niggah YOU LOST ONE.  dont you know that even if the child turned out to not be yours that she could still lock you into paying child support being that you’ve done it up until now.
    theres almost 1.6million fathers paying child support now for kids that were proved to belong to someone else.

  • immackulate

    niggah even said “MY SON LOOKS/ACTS LIKE ME” – this got to be the dumbest niggah i ever met in my life – cuz this aint the 1st time this niggah has gone thru some shyt like this

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    jay is right…shit make no sense…ur damned if u do damned if u dnt….plus son is 13 he’s old enough to knw whuts going on…..in da long run it’s gonna hurt da little boy…but if da mamy and da pappy dnt care….den u knw i dnt give a fuk

  • brotha_man

    this is one of those reverse psychology situations he is saying this in hopes that the kid is not his. but does not want to say the kid is not his for fear of public backlash.

  • brotha_man

    child support is one of the biggest scams in US history……ponzi scheme type ish.

  • he has more than most likely done for the kid.. just under the table

  • Slaughtr

    I see IQ’s have dropped sharply go back and read the article, and brace your criticism.