Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga

Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj “Irked” By Lady Gaga Comparisons

Nicki Minaj is officially tired of being compared to Lady Gaga. In a recent interview with ABC’s Nightline, Nicki said that she is “irked” by the comparisons, and that they have become “tiresome.”

Nicki was so annoyed when the journalist asked her about the comparisons, that she challenged the reporter to tell her why her and Gaga are alike. The reporter responded by stating the obvious – crazy get-ups and multi-colored wigs. But Nicki was not satisfied with that answer and told the journalist to “try again.” Nicki stated that she is an MC from Southside, Jamaica, Queens, which is totally different from Lady Gaga.

It’s interesting that Nicki still refers to herself as an MC and not a Pop star. Do you still consider Nicki an MC?

You can check out the full interview with Nicki Minaj and Nightline below:

  • SDS_Overfiend

    No she ain’t no Emcee…

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  • pop star. at least imo. And she is definitely the black Gaga, dresses alike and musically acts quite similar.

    check out my music @ youtube .com/younghavok

  • Kevin Joge

    No Nicki is not an “MC” she’s a pop star. 

  • She’s foolin’ herself if she can’t understand why the Lady Gaga comparisons exist.

  • illymac

    Yo at the end of the day,
    the only thing that matters
    is that she taking care of her
     and the people around her..

    I’m not a Nikki fan,
    but I definitely respect her hustle..

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      we all take care of our ppl…it’s not an honorable attribute…it’s more like an emotion…based of love dat has been given and taken over they years…animals take care of there own(most)..even the poor take care of there ppl the best way they can…i can see ur reaching for something nice to say bout her….if dats all u can find well dats sad and you basically make my point for me…u give her props for an emotion that even hyenas has….soooooooooo it dosent erase da fact dat she is a talentless slore

  • SAINT174

    This bi-polar bitch! Irked by the comparisons?!! Bitch please! Your lucky that they only mentioned Lady Gaga and not Lil Kim. Youre a cherry picker. Picking styles off other bitches and then have the nerve to be irked! 

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  • Tony G.

    even in an interview she’s irritating…guess u gotta always be in character

  • Marcus Campbell

    You know I don’t comment much, but only when I feel the need to.  Nas said it best ” I guess entertainment means blatantly LYING!!”  Everything that this woman has done in her career as part of Young Money emulates Lady Gaga.  From the outfits, performances and hair.  For her to sit there and say the opposite is a pure definition of a liar.  Nicki can be an MC, when the time calls for it.  However, when being an MC doesn’t sell as much as being a pop star, that’s when she flips the script.  I don’t even know a Lady Gaga track, but I don’t have to know any for something that totally obvious.  Has anyone seen the old movie, “Single White Female”? Well, this is a prime example of what the movie was about.  Except we should title this one, “Single Pop Female (When rap doesn’t pay)”

  • brotha_man

    if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck….

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dis slore is not an mc….she is a pop star…and she trys hard to be like lady gaga….if it’s not for da fact dat gaga has the hot dog and the bun and one is white and black there basically da same ..two artists with mediocore talent dat use homosexuality to sell records and get whack fans…u see dis little gurl singing her song word for word….u mean dis is da standard for black women….slores who fuk tom,dick,harry and sally…well good luck i knw dis my child wnt hear dis shit….u see how she looked when she first got in da game….dats a complete 360 from whut i’ve been seeing visually….asian chick nut up on da gaga question…a real journalist would of dug deeper…point black period dis slore is whack and fake as fuk

    • CaliTransplant

       First of all, Gaga is mad talented. If you think she isn’t then you don’t know music. 2nd, she doesn’t use homosexuality to sell music, she just loves her gay fans and cares that ignorant ass people like yourself use us (gay people) as targets to bully because of their own insecurities. And 3rd, learn to spell, homie…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        hey cum drinker u do understand that this forum can be written in text form (lmao) or dis instead of this…or even modifying a curse word so u can write it without have what u wrote halted by a moderator…so mr bleach azz(ass) i can spell just fine…dnt complain about bullying or sterotypes when u assume because i’m black i can’t spell….it’s ok though….whut i feel is wrong is when artists like gaga and manaj use you all as a crutch or a stepping tool to sell albums….but ur eyes is too filled with cum to see there only USING YOU..for sales….what else i think is disgusting is two male’s having sex..i dnt think it’s wrong just gross and harsh on the eyes…i think lesbian sex is cool though…as long as it don’t involve any man looking dykes in the mix… dnt be so sensative..i think gaga and manaj suks because of there garbage music and from an morale and ethics standpoint…understand faggot…so shut up…enjoy licking ur lolipop(in a dubious manner) and enoy thoes transplants………………………….
        i knw who i am(a proud jamaican)…can u say dat…or are u comfortable in ur skin..proably not ur most likely dying to be something you ain’t…proably working towards it as we speak……ppl who look in the mirror and lie to oneself can’t be trusted dats da problem….ppl dnt like u because ur fake…not cuz ur gay(MESSAGE)

  • I mean why havent we noticed that she takes bits and pieces from alot of artist… but when she yapped kim for different colored wigs which kim was the first female mc to do it by the way she turned everybody against kim,then she yapped waynes flow, now its lady gaga… im not a hater do ur thing just dont get mad when people state the obvious.. its not like u doing it wit sutlety

  • It’s hard for Nicki Minaj to state her individuality when there’s no context behind it.

  • $18916246

    Being most sincere in what I’m about to say, I want continued success for this woman, Niki. She is a work horse right now riding this fame and handling it well. I hope her crime flanking label bosses allow her to blossom on her own. Though my mind and heart tells me different. If Niki is not careful she will be another common victim of greedy, controlling, envious record execs who time and time again throughout the history of the music industry have prepared and placed an artist on display…in other words fattening them up for the kill….literally chewing them up and spitting them out. Here today in glam and gone the next. Though I have criticized her work, It’s truly because I believe her type of perpetuated stardom is the kind that is eventually exploited and ruined from the inside out. Niki, If in charge is what you really want, know how to read between the lines of your success and the difference between being the boss and being bossed around, The boss thing though attainable is fad driven as every HIP HOP entertainer is yelling it for the obvious appeal. The labels objective is to own you and your brand and your employed to comply or be prepared for serious consequences. Nicki your in a place where many successful artist before you have been. Not many make it past the fame. 1st two albums are always sweet. Then here come renegotiation’s and the noose has been pulled tighter budgets disappear, investors disappear, the sharks get their fill and your left a mangled carcas. You start wanting to actually see your money and I’m not talking show money, credit cards, this is all allocated label spending. I’m talking points and percentages, residuals,  You find out out that somehow you own nothing, the label bosses own you. You cry out for help to media outlets, here come the label slander, and the corporate withdrawals, Next if your not careful is drug dependency, tax whoa’s, criminal arrest, VH1, ….then crash and burn…plane accidents, car accidents, apparent robbery, apparent suicide, apparent drug overdose. Murder and the…..apparent cover ups. Niki don’t let this happen to you.  


  • mrgibson

    She’s doing what a lot of stars do when confronted with real ass questions that don’t fit the scripted one they get asked in interviews, which is blatantly lie and dodge the question.  She was trying to be an MC when she was doing her mixtape thing in the hood, and then Wayne found her and knew he could make a killing off of her.  She’s only an MC to make the real hip-hop crowd notice her for a second, then it’s back to her crossover/mainstream/pop hop/pop rap self.  There’s nothing original about her, which is sad because a big time true-to-self female emcee is what hip-hop has been missing Lauryn Hill went off the deep end. 

    She is definitely biting hard from other people, and she will probably continuously do so until the end of her career. 

  • If she is irked then stop dressing and acting like her.  Nowadays rap is too gimmicky and it’s about who can be the wierdest.  I guess that’s why I haven’t listened to a rapper other than Big KRIT in like three months.  Rap is a cartoon now! Just my opinion.

  • kingjoe08

    she’s not an mc!! period, she’s a puppet, as far as im concerned, she’s the “hip hop” gaga. her rhymes r wack, her dress style is wack, she’s a  demonic driven pop artist