Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Havoc Caught Talking Smack About Prodigy On Tape?

There are so many twists and turns in this Mobb Deep saga that it’s hard to keep up with. After Havoc denied sending out the disparaging tweets about Prodigy, this morning Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club played audio of someone who sounds an awful lot like Havoc making similar comments.

In the clip, the voice on the audio also said the following:

“He gay, I had to smack him like a month and a half ago when we was doing South by Southwest.”

Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee then called up rapper Noreaga, who confirmed that the voice was indeed Havoc’s. Check out the audio here and decide for yourself if you think this is actually Havoc.

For those having trouble keeping up with the story, Havoc claimed that his phone was lost at a gas station and someone used his twitter handle to talk smack about Prodigy. But now with this audio being released, it raises ever more questions about their relationship. Does the audio sound like Havoc to you?

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    • immackulate

      aye man stfu – illseed never went nowhere – this site been around since forever – he still listed in the “STAFF” link at the bottom of page and has been since he “disappeared”  – you cant be that stupid to think “BABY” (sydney lace-up) bout to lose her job … do you really think THEY – AHH MODERATORS give 2 shyts about US (the collective not me and you together) posting hating azz comments … she already threw a POST UP page saying SHE AINT GOING NOWHERE. Let that BLACK WOMAN keep her job please… thank you sir!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        she can keep her job when she finally starts doing it.  And I’m not saying that she is going to lose her job.  I never said that.  I was implying that no one is going to care anymore because illseed is back on his own.  as to the still being listed on AHH, do you remember a few weeks back when sydney posted about illseed and how no one at AHH new anything about what had happened to him.  One last thing.  Is sydney a black woman?  how do you know?  i may have missed a post that says that explicitly… or she may have done stuff other places.  idk.  do you?  not trying to instigate anything, just wondering.  for all we know sydney could be white, or asain, or even a man, ?  Sydney can be both male or female.  the male is typically sidney ie sidney poitier, but who knows.  just saying.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        going off the bull shit rumors and da lack of hood quaility and underground rap rumors i’m gonna have to stand up and say that da bitch most likely is a pale face

      • EDOGZ818


        Yo’ that $hyt is gonna really hurt her feelings……if it’s “NOT” true!


        Take that $hyt back man! That was foul!

        >>>>Turnz away from monitor & :

        ” BaaaAAAwwwwwhahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaHHHHHHahaaaaa”

        :: WIPING SNOT BUBBLE ::

      • EDOGZ818

        True, but who even cares about Sydney’s race or sex? Wack is wack , with tits or black.

        On Ahh & Illseed:
        That is behind the scenes stuff & AHH is doing what it can to work things out.

        Personal vs Business?

        Business is easier , but I’m confident there is enough personal business history to work things out.

        $mart $ bets on Illseed’s return to Ahh & AHH’s return to #1 status.

        The new upgrade is Doo Doo Grits , Illseed wasn’t the only one who left after it.

        In Sirus from Warrior’s Voice : ) “Over 30,000 hardcore members , with another 10,000 , not organized ……but ready to comment!”

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        also, if you check out his twitter, he posted today that he had a talk with AHH, and they are having a meeting soon.  so who knows.

      • EDOGZ818

        Hopefully , start a twitter  # Bring back ILLSEED  

        I would if I knew how <<< Shrugz " E " Shoulders like ICH 

      • @Prescott_Racks

        bitch nigga tuck ya clit! so the fact shes a black woman exscuses her lackluster effort on reporting “viable” news. look i dont care if ur blue, there is no good reason to have a post on an i pad u can have sex wit! im sorry n u playin the race card is a cop out, sydney lace is bunz!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        “Now I don’t give a f*ck if you
        Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Goddammit
        That don’t mean sh*t to me
        F*ck your ethnicity, n*gga”
        ~ Kendrick Lamar

      • EDOGZ818

        I have heard rumors that Sydney Lace was hired to make us appreciate IllSeed. # I’mJustSayin’


        I’m trying to support AHH , Illseed , etc, but that ” Sex with I pad ” post was str8 eye torture! The blogging version of the movie ” Hostel “.

        Truth be told , I only visit the site to check to see if Illseed is back , cuz when he left , all the members did too…..even the MAGS.

        >>>Never thought I’d see the day where I missed a MAG , or the MAG’ing.

        Bring back ILLSEED!

      • @Prescott_Racks

        on some real shyt i new u would feel me on that since u hipped me to it when i found the shocking news that ri ri and chris brown where holdin hands (in my wendy williams voice…well so i guess in my voice) but shyt was wyld corny. i was gone for two last time i was “around” illseed was up so this new rumor format was umm lets jus say a culture shock and fam is bunz for ridin her ass like he wish he could on every post.

      • immackulate

        bytch niggah you flipping french fries – selling reggie bush nickel bags – and couldnt formulate a complete grammatically correct sentence if yo life was in DANGER – and got nerve to say somebody else LACKLUSTER – puzzy niggah you do know they was even dissing ILLSEED for his “lack of hiphop rumors” too – obviously, yo bytching and complaining aint chg shyt – if you aint like it THAN YO AZZ FREE TO LOGIN SOMEWHERE ELSE – you aint providing rumor mill info BUT like a bytch  you so caught up in the latest GOSSIP like a tru broad

        who really need to tuck they clit – the niggah thats bytching and moaning or the niggah thats telling you to STFU – do something about it OR deal wit it

      • @Prescott_Racks

        my bad im just replying i usually READ the rumors a few times a wk u seem to be a pro bono blogger for all hip hop seein ur on here givin free advice/opinion/ya own rumors/threats stop it fam u be showin wyld character and the shits real corny. ya talkin bout my gramatical errors and then you type and i quote…naw im jus gonna paste it [“obviously, yo bytching and complaining aint chg shyt – if you aint like it THAN YO AZZ FREE TO LOGIN SOMEWHERE ELSE”] sheeesh if “grammatical incorrections” where as bad as u made them seem u set back ebonics a decade so get off the stage because ur not cornell west and i nor anyone else u been lecturing in ur past time (which u have alot of but hey who am i to judge but perception is reality) need to be reminded “ur essay needs to be in persuasive fashion” kill dat shit clown. u assuming me “sellin nickel bags of reggie” lets me know the social circle u keep i dont even know grow men who sell bags. maybe push weight but we wouldnt speak on it or that nothin to be proud of. u a clown in every aspect so put on ur suit bozo ###funniestshit

      • EDOGZ818

        Actually , AHH mods, staff, etc, do care.

        Whatever happened behind the scenes ( #No Comment ) is being worked out , specifically because of the RUMORS section & comments.

        With that being said , Sydney’s only real dilemma is replacing ILLSEED.

        It ain’t gonna happen……not like that anyway.

        Still , she is a good writer & asset to any site , just not in the role of replacing iLLSEED. She would make a great assistant to iLLseed  though!

        She has shown flashes of potential , without a doubt.

        Behind the scenes AHH is like family , just like with the members.

        Hopefully AHH & iLLseed work thingz out ( Business & Personal )  & Sydney stays on & continues to develop.

    • blackie_chan

      why do u young, stupid fuckas like to use the word “relevant” and “irelevant” alot? your parents are irelevant

      • immackulate

        typo is one thing – but niggah learn how to spell the word first before you comment

  1. jamaicanbornanbreed

    ummmm…ummmmmm….i really dnt knw bout this one..like i said p been popping off alot once he got out and prometed da book…he shit on alot of queens niggaz…including nore(p said on the radio nore shot a nucca and got beat up)…..all dat dry snitching could of rubbed havoc da wrong way…where there is smoke…i’m usually there burning dutch masters filled with perp…there is enough rumors going back and fourth to tell something ain’t right

  2. brotha_man

    yall cray sometimes brothers fight there has to be a reason…..im sure they pouring E&J laughing at allhiphop turn nothing into sum’n. 

      • immackulate

        cotdamn rite he was/did – and they FAILED at trying to cover-up what had been uncovered

  3. Sloan

    Yo I never comment on this site, but I remember coming here for a bit and all i saw was people bashing Illseed, all day everyday. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. 

  4. rep87

    Didnt Tru Life punk both these dudes back in the day?  50 couldnt make any money off them and he drop them , This appears to be a cheap gimmick to get a buzz sad if we find out its a fake beef ? start producing you see your record sales have flat line ! 

    • immackulate

      you dont get a buzz off starting a beef and trying to cover it up the very next day …
      THINK ABOUT IT some of you niggahs just to DUMB for your own good

      • rep87

        I really could care less about your worthless comment It appears you catching feeling over this crap these two men put this shit out here for a reason ? Beefs do sell records Dumb azz sound like you bout 12yrs old . They will dropping cd”s after they hype this little fake beef

  5. RazaBladeKing

    Lets keep it 1000… Syd the Kid may not be settin the world on fire, but how quickly we forget, illseed was lukewarm AT BEST (daily Lil B/Kreayshawn updates?)… that is, until he started maggin as Teflon, then double-maggin as the fake BigEast, the fake Judah, etc.

    Lets talk turkey.  It was never really about the rumors, cuz they were usually @$$; the rumors were just the catalyst for convo.  It was always about the posters/comments section.  This site f***ed up when they switched to this new comments system, point _____.

    (turns up Makaveli “Against All Odds”, waits for ‘Banned from AllHipHop’ e-mail)

  6. William

    Honestly, These guys have not been RELEVANT in years! Their music went out in the early 2000’s, they have just been hanging on to what they did 10-15 years ago. So I compare them breaking up or “RUMORED” break up!! To that of Bone Thugs and Harmony’s break up. ITS 2012 NO ONE CARES!!

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