Proof (D-12)

Tribute Concert At St. Andrews Set For Slain Rapper Proof

(AllHipHop News) Historic Hip-Hop venue St. Andrews will play host to a tribute concert this Wednesday (April 11th) for D-12’s Proof.

The concert, which takes place on the six-year anniversary of Proof’s murder, will feature a rap battle, as well as performances by Obie Trice, Supa Emcee, K Deezy, Stretch Money and Killa Kaun.

Proceeds for the concert will benefit Proof’s family, as well as the Detroit record label he led called, Iron Fist Records.

“It’s very important that we keep his legacy alive because of what he meant to the city. We want to keep his music alive and his legacy strong to build it for his family and the future,” 1st Born told the Detroit News.

Detroit rapper Moe Dirdee has said that the event will showcase artists on Iron Fist Records.

“Each artist on the label has a different piece of Proof, something we’ve all gathered something from him,” Moe Dirdee said. “When we get together, you see it, you see those different pieces of him.”

Proof was signed to superstar rapper Eminem’s Shady Records, as a member of the platinum selling group, D-12.

Proof was shot and killed in an altercation with a bouncer at an after hours night club in April 11, 2006.

Proof was in the CCC Club on 8 Mile Road, when a heated verbal argument escalated into gun play.

Proof allegedly shot and killed a man named Keith Bender during the dispute and was in turn shot and killed by a bouncer named Mario Etheridge, inside of the venue.

Etheridge was never charged with Proof’s murder, although he was convicted of three weapons charges.

Proof is survived by his five children.

  • Big Crimes

    i remember this day clearly. i was across the river going to school in windsor and i read this first thing that morning. being a big fan of D12 (mainly Shady and Proof) at the time i was blown away. i still get chills when i listen to the last song off his album called Kurt Cobain… long live big Proof

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  • Romia Blue

    *I wrote this for my company magazine; unfortunately due to the circumstances that were surrounding his death, they never published it*

    Reflection: Proof of Life

    Ive met a lot of recording artists in my line of work but I never spent more than a couple of minutes with them. Surely not enough time with them to get to know them, to experience their personality or to see the creation of an artistic idea emerge.

    When I found out that Proof from D-12 was stopping by job for an autograph session, I wasnt overly excited. Ive gotten use to meeting people now, possibly doing an interview with them. I really hadnt thought anything else about it. When everybody met with him, I wasnt expecting such a down to earth personality. He hugged me so tight the charm on his chain was cutting into my chest. As he signed my autograph for me and my friend Charles, I asked him about the industry. And he told me to continue encouraging anybody who wanted to be apart of the business. He penned encouragement to my friend and told him to keep writing and dubbed me “The Long Hug”. I thought it was really cool, and hadnt expected to meet him again. I didnt know that I would not even two months later at the annual sales conference.

    Displaying upcoming acts, Proof and DJ Salaam closed the evening with a liver than live performance. At the end of the night, the participants continued in the festivities and as the night came to a close, the concept for the artistic drawings of the liner notes were taking place.

    I remember standing behind Proof as he sat at the table with a pen in his left hand, limp, pretending to be lifeless. The concept: Proof had committed suicide with a bullet to his head after writing a letter. When I finally saw the finished product with the release of his album SEARCHING FOR JERRY GARCIA in August, I thought it was neat. I was actually there when they created this. I was there when he explained the idea behind the title. The concept: Proof was living too fast and was predicted to die just like the artists depicted in his liner notes of Club 27: Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix; artists who died at 27 years old and were considered pioneers of their genre. Did DeShaun Holton really know he was going to be taken so early? Was he really searching for Jerry Garcia?

    The morning of April 11th was more than surreal for me and those who knew and worked with Proof here at AEC. And in the end, there really isnt anything that can be said except for what I saw of him. A cool person with a restless demeanor for being around people, having fun, outgoing. When Aaliyah passed, I had such a sense of hurt and regret for never seeing one of her live shows. And I couldnt explain where it came from. I never met her yet I couldnt shed a tear for Proof of whom I had spoken to on several occasions, hugged and joked with. The man who, for some reason, always was wearing orange even though he claimed it wasnt his favorite color. The man who took the time to write in an autograph to a young man in Alabama “Keep Writing” as if he knew him and later, added him as a friend on myspace, dropped him a note and sent me a note saying “And I aint forgot U or ya down the way boyfriend lol”.

    The day after the incident, I put Proofs SEARCHING in my car and let the album play out. The last track Kurt Kobain brought the sting to my eyes. Even though he was tying the meaning behind the album together with his life, its an eerie conclusion that he knew his life was coming to an end soon. Like the effortless fade out of the last note in Aaliyah’s I Care 4 U, the intent of Proofs words sounded like the premonition of his death. And the tears finally came.

    Its different when you knew them and talked with them. I thought my grief over Proof was over, until the morning of May 3rd had me in fear for the safety of another artist that I recently completed another interview with. In Cincinnati following a concert performed by T.I. and Yung Joc, shots rang out again, and before the sun hit the horizon another young life would be taken. When the news that Philant Johnson a.k.a. Big Phil was the victim my heart hit the floor again. I had spoken with Phil to set up an interview with T.I., hot on the release of his movie A.T.L. and the already certified gold (and now platinum status) of his fourth release KING. I couldnt imagine what T.I. was dealing with the death of his best friend and personal assistant.

    Proof treated me as if I had grown up with him and after pulling his chain the second time we met, he signed another picture stating “I will never forget your name as long as I live.”
    Who knew that almost exactly two months after the passing of fellow Detroit native Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla, Proof would join his former Funky Cowboy partner in the afterlife.

    Im not fascinated with death, but I do respect it as I do music and the artists who manage to bring something different to it. I respect life and those who made a difference while they were here visiting, because were all just here visiting. A few years ago, I was determined to visit and pay may respects to the late Aaliyah Haughton, Christopher Wallace, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz a.k.a Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz as well as a host of other pioneers that have influenced my life with a trip to Ferncliff Cemetary in Hartsdale, NY. I never made it but I still plan to go. And on the way back, hopefully Ill be able to stop by Detroit and pay my respects to Proof, hit the A.T.L. and give Lisa Lopes a prayer, throw Big Phil a deuce, and say hello to Mrs. Coretta S. King.

    Nope, Im not fascinated with death, not in the least bit. But I do respect it so when it comes, I would like to say that I had an opportunity to share a moment of my life with that person. A lot of people passed away before I knew the significance they had on this life and in this world, but regardless of what the negative may have to say, the positive will always outweigh it in the eyes of those who loved them. We all have issues and everyday is a gift, thats why they call it the present. But well go on, and when we think about those whove departed, we may shed a tear, but well smile as we do.

    Rest In Peace Big Proof. I wont say that everything we do in life is right, but we all understand why we did it and the same should be extended to you.

    My condolences go out to T.I., the family of Philant and everyone at Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records as well as the family of J. Dilla and Barak Records. And like my boy Scarface and Tupac said in one of my favorite songs, Smile.

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