Sneakas and Bishop Lamont

Exclusive: Sneakas and Bishop Lamont Release “Neighborhood Watch” Trayvon Martin Tribute Video

(AllHipHop News) On the day that George Zimmerman was charged with the 2nd Degree murder of Trayvon Martin, Sneakas and Bishop Lamont have released the video to their benefit song, “Neighborhood Watch.”

As reported on earlier this week, MC Serch’s Serchlight MultiMedia company will be donating 5 cents to the official Trayvon Martin Fund established by his parents for every download of this song.

Click HERE for the official “Neighborhood Watch” download link.

  • What an awesome song.  Sneakas and Bishop Lamont hit it on the mark with this song.  So great.

  • Guest

    Good joint…but on the real i havent hearda Bishop lamont since Dre dropped him and the very next time he pops up hes on some Trayvon tribute shit…thats suspect to me and thats what they mean when they say ppl try to exploit this case.

    • Tim Sanchez

      It’s sad that’s your perception. Bishop has been quiet because he’s been busy working. He’s also been working with the youth at the Boyle Heights Tech Center, helping under privileged kids. I have a story coming up on that soon. This song is coming from a good place in his heart. 

  • This is a hot track!
    One of the hottest , next to Jasiri X’s ” Trayvon “!

    Good Look!
    Thanx for Posting!

    911 Zimmerman call = Chilling