Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy and Cassie Are Addicted to Each Other

Even though Diddy was just spotted last week taking a family vacation with Kim Porter and their three children together, it seems he still has a soft spot for R&B singer Cassie.

Although, Diddy and Cassie have never publicly acknowledged their relationship, they are constantly subliminally tweeting little love messages to each other. This time around the two are confessing that they are “addicted” to each other. Check out their tweets below:

Will these two ever take their relationship public and stop living in the closet?

  • digitallife

    Diddy is a trick, she’s a young chick who had a naive upbringing…of course he’s gonna drop and spend..that’s some 20 year old a s s right there..I’ll put it like this..if you and her were in the same room you’d not be able to stop grilling her..trust me on that one. The pics do her no justice.

    • immackulate

      i thought DIDDY scooped her from Ryan Leslie – and tell me when you was young you didnt look up to the old heads that had a fine young tender (lol) on his arm

      and furthermore, you calling DIDDY a trick for pulling Cassie but you obviously see her as attractive … you aint JELLY are you? i mean cuz if you are im sure he (diddy) would love to shove a finger up yo azz too

      • BawwwwwhahahaaaaaaahahahahhaHHHhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • :: WIPES SNOT BUBBLE ::

      • digitallife

        I respect game, the career was more than enough of a gift…shit..yeah i respect the old heads that pulled it in just on rep tho..that’s the difference..but to each it’s own.

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  • Jahb1911

    That is pimpin at its highest!! Take dat

  • mrgibson

    Diddy did the right thing, never get married and be a player with an old faithful till you die lol.

  • $62783284

    My hero..

  • Diddy loves $$$ , Kim & his kids.

    J. Lo?

  • Illseed back yet?

  • Pierre Elliott

    Lets be honest here. This isnt about Hip-Hop. Cassie got a body like a boy, and Puffy is
    making money but he is laughable now. Now how is this relevant?

    • bigfoot2011

       Pierre, u gotta be a broke idiot.  How is Diddy laughable?

      • sakiru oresanwo

        LOL at broke idiot, what a terrible combination to be

      • lol

      • Pierre Elliott

        Wow I didnt even see this clown reply at first: How is Diddy a clown?
        First BROKE ASS NIGGA ( it aint about doe, but I know U aint got none cause thats how broke niggas talk) 

        Now with that outta the way: puffy is a clown for a couple of reasons:

        1. You give us BIG. Great. You manage careers or Mary and Faith. Whatever.
        After all that has gone on in Hip-Hop, and how NYC is the mecca.
        Puffy has the responsibility of broinging new styles or atleast helping NY
        get back on the map.

        What does this dude do? He does nothing but sign cookie cutter acts
        and throw away artists…

        2.When you start selling alcohol, and then you throw some brothas in there
        with some white girls and latinas, THEN have Frank Sinatra music playing…

        Youre a clown. I understand people evolve mature and grow up.
        But this niggas is a wanna be, as in wanna be white.

        3. WIthin the confines of #1. Puffy brought the commercial aspect to 
        Hip-Hop, and yes money was made and bellies were filled, but at what cost?

        At what cost?  Puffy introduced a whole group of people to Hip-Hop
        who never listened to it because the beats were too hard, rhymes too lyrical.
        ANd often at times, subject matter is of sucvh that most who are not black, live in shitty hoods; or understand the pain and joys of life.

        Puffy took that rawness, sugar coated it, and then forgot about the people
        and the things that got him where he is now.

        Too many people are willing to be whores for something much less as opposed
        to whores of something beautiful and fulfilling. 

        If I go into the studio one last time, id rather make something that touches
        all people, uplifts. Not discard and throw away///…..

        Thats what Puff, Nikki,Drake;wayne represent.=Unfeelingrappingniggardrones.

        And thats real.

      • bigfoot2011

        Music always needs a balance. When Hardcore Hiphop was around, sugar hill gang was doing the hip hop hippidie hop music. No one complained cuz the real MC’s were doing their Job and balancing it out. Don’t be mad at Puff cuz the rest of these so called lyricists ain’t pulling their weight. Diddy brought the black entrepreneural spirit to the game. From Bad Boy to Sean Jean, to Ciroc, and now Revolt tv. I’d rather watch someone do spectacular work, then hear someone rhyme in a spectacular way. Diddy is a rare gem to the game and u need to appreciate him while he is here

      • Pierre Elliott

        ANd I respect that Foots, and thats a real statement.
        I just feel that after BIG dided Puff has lost focus.

        BB was known for innovation. 
        Now BB is more known for the catalog than breaking new artists.
        ANd at a time when REAL NY hip-hop is missing he aint no where…None of these FOLLOWER dudes are bringing anything.

        Im working right now on my debut, to show fools it can be done.
        You can come with something NEW DIFFERENT and something
        that MEANS something….Im tired of this “party” mentality.

        I love to smoke drink and get twist… But at a point in which 
        ALL music for a “certain” group is focused more on negatives than positives….ANd I openly blame Puff as well as many others……We got alot of weak people who are slaves to materialism…….WHere does that get you in 2012???

  • LetsBeRealpeople


  • rep87

    Diddy time is up in hiphop and cassie is just a pretty face with no talent ,Im sure we have some real hiphop to report all this garbage is tabloid and nobody care who this bi sexual diddy is laying up with

  • Oknas

    she addcited to his money and he`s addicted to the head game, simple.

  • Why is this even a story?  Honestly.

  • Thoughtsareus

    I wish Diddy would spend time in making quality music again. He stays on twitter saying a bunch of bullshit and then saying niggas are hating because he’s rich. He got Kim who’s a fly chick who’s been with him even before and after the  J.Lo shit but he wants Cassie ? why ? she’s been a bird sending out here own topless pics lol

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  • honestly i believe Diddy see’s Cassie as another J-lo ; we all can agree to disagree that he hasn’t been right since she broke up with him , & in my opinion he’s going to try & keep Cassie .