N.W.A. Biopic “Straight Outta Compton” Finds Its Director In F. Gary Gray

(AllHipHop News) After years in a developmental state of flux, it appears that New Line Cinema has officially brought director F. Gary Gray (Friday) on board as director for their N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Before the studio and producers decided on Gray for the directing gig, John Singleton (Boyz N The Hood), George Tillman (Notorious), and Elgin James (Little Birds) were in the running for the long-gestating project that is finally gaining traction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script, which was written by Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) “details the rise and fall of the Compton, California-based group, whose initials stood for ‘N*ggaz With Attitude.’ The members included drug-dealer-turned-label founder Eazy-E, a young DJ Dr. Dre, and the politically active Ice Cube, plus MC Ren and DJ Yella. Another member, Arabian Prince, left N.W.A. before the group released the groundbreaking debut album Straight Outta Compton in 1988.”

Rumors in the past have suggested that Eric Wright Jr., who is more famously known as Lil’ Eazy E, could be at the top of the list to portray his father in the biopic.

After being removed from the shortlist to direct next summer’s Marvel tentpole Captain America 2, Gray finalized talks with New Line to get the deal done and put the biopic on the fast-track.

Straight Outta Compton is being produced by former N.W.A. member Ice Cube and his Cube Vision partner, Matt Alvarez, along with Eazy-E’s widow, Tomica Woods.

There is currently no production-start or release date for Straight Outta Compton.

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  • whc83

    I got a feelin that this gon be weak. I wanna see that new Friday movie

    • jboat123

       HEll yeah the new friday gonna be fire cause chris tucker no otha reason.

  • Kenneth Wayne Hicks Jr

    Hate won’t get you anywhere this movie will be good look who’s behind F Gary Gray gonna do an outstanding job . Now the casting is going to the key but Gary Gray will have them in order and keep things in order .

  • Woke up quick at about noon just thought that I had to be in Compton soon!!!! CAnt wait for the movie. Thank god they didnt get the director of Notorious. That movie could have been a TV movie as cheaply as it looked. Cant wait for NWA

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

     why all black directors for this hood joint but none for directing of those comic book flicks. they stuck under the urban style titles no big box office films. they all gotta eat

  • Ooooh I loved me some NWA!!!! I will DEF be watching this!!! Those were the days!!!! Glad I was able to grow up listenin to the best!!

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