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AHH Stray News: Lil Wayne Announces Album Of ‘Love Songs’ Titled “Devol”; Rocawear Partners With Yankees; A$AP Rocky Debut Dropping In July

(AllHipHop News) Despite having two new albums already in the cards for 2012, Lil Wayne recently revealed to Amanda Diva of MTV’s new show “Hip-Hop POV” that he had recorded a full album of “love songs” while he served time for a prison sentence in 2010 at Rikers Island. “I was recording an album at the same time called ‘Devol,’ spelled D-E-V-O-L, ’cause that’s ‘love’ spelled backwards. “It’s my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying I love you.” The full interview with Wayne aired last night during the premier of “Hip-Hop POV” which will be a new weekly news and talk show on MTV. There is currently no release date for Devol however I Am Not A Human Being 2 will be out sometime this summer.

Earlier today (April 12) it was announced that Jay-Z’s clothing company, Rocawear, would be partnering up with the 27-time World Series Champion New York Yankees for a new sponsorship deal that will allow the brand to be promoted within the stadium for the 2012 season. Jameel Spencer, Executive V.P. of Marketing for Iconix Brand Group Inc. had the following to say about the new partnership: “Jay-Z has been a long-time fan of the Yankees, regularly attends games and has even included his favorite team in song lyrics, so this was a natural partnership. Rocawear, along with Jay-Z are very excited to be working with the Yankees for the 2012 season. We feel another championship in ’12!”

The people seem to just not be able to get enough of A$AP Rocky, so it’s only fitting that the Harlem native with the Houston swagger can’t wait to get his debut album as well as his crew’s compilation into fans hands sooner rather than later. Well it appears that Rocky’s debut, LongLiveA$AP, will be hitting store shelves in early July with the A$AP Mob project dropping two months earlier in May. The compilation will feature production from Clams Casino, Hit-Boy, Spaceghostpurrp and many more so be on the lookout for both projects in the coming months.

  • I think the last thing I need is another Lil Wayne album right now.  Jay stay hustlin.  True businessman.  I’m not feeling this ASAP kid but can’t knock him for trying to get money.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    the world needs wayne making a love song album like we need a sequl to brokeback mountain…jay has always rocked dat yankee fitted(with da brim real low)..and i think asap rocky with his south swag can go jump out an airplane with no parachute…sons garbage…his white broad iggy is nice though

  • GuestwithacapG

    Me and my fam recorded a song named evoL about no good women. Too much coincidence with Weezy. I recorded a song a while back and dude took part of my ish and twisted it a bit on one of those old squad mixtapes.  I’m not somebody who ever pursued a rap career. I only did it for the hood and because I’m nice. No BS. We have the song on disc and it pre dates this. It is on the disc just how it is spelled in this post. The last letter is capitalized.

    • GTFOH with that BS. 

      • GuestwithacapG

        Got no reason to lie.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      ain’t da 1st time son stole lyrics….wnt be da last either……must say since i dnt knw u i’m proably gon say bs until u show some paperwork but knowing young money and there lack of originalty u mite be correct…but i know he stole gillie rhymes and swagger….and gillie ghostwrited for him early in the carter years

  • rep87

    Broke back jail house loving by lil wayne sounds nasty i pass

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  • brotha_man

    this brotha….no comment wont cop still mad about that lollipop bs

  • PorchBoySlim

    sooooo he wrote love song when he was in jail….hmmmmmmm

  • Brick Soulja

    Most of the so called “straight” men who hate Lil Wayne, be crying like Keith Sweat behind closed doors. Fellas, please stop with the fake thuggery, when y’all really just some undercover queens.

  • Mr. Coco Loso™

    if dudes actually payed for albums the man wouldnt have to make a love song album. sellin CD to niggas is like throiwing money away bc most men dont buy em now a days 

  • Wayne and his agenda has gotten to be too much. It’s one thing to not to believe.  It’s another to be blatant and nonchalant about the disseminating of his philosophies and lifestyle down to the lap dogs hanging on the the lyrics like a stray bone tossed… Paying for backwards ass messages and thought processes. Loved backwards, and pronounced as devil?  I can’t wait until Ice-T’s documentary airs.. A reality check is what the music world NEEDS

  • Guest

    Some BLACK WOMEN may have never went to college but that don’t mean their NOT seeing these BLACK MEN/CONS for who they are “USERS & BIG SELLOUTS”. I hear black women from ALL kinds of backgrounds say ((IF)) a BLACK MAN/CON makes it to a certain level he will reveal his TRUE LOVE was for the NON BLACK WOMAN. You will see MORE BLACK WOMEN discovering this TRUTH and the BLACK WOMEN will wait until a BLACK MAN is establish and see if it’s REAL LOVE or a BLACK MAN/CON using her for his own agenda. There will NEVER have to be a DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN 2 because NOW BLACK WOMEN are on to YOU (BLACK MAN/CON) TRUE agenda and will focus her time and money on building her future instead of investing ALL HER LOVE & TIME to a USER AND SELLOUT Called A BLACK MAN/CON. BLACK MEN are so MISLEAD/DECIEVED and don’t even realize their losing their BIGGEST SUPPORTS. BLACK RACE is on it’s way down if we keep moving in this direction.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      i get alot of flak from my freinds and others dat even though i’m a black men that was married to a black women(for just 6 months)i now mostly date white,spanish,asian,indian,mixed, or like my mother says i’ll date anything dats not black…now being from da islands i didn’t grow up with no barriers as far as 1st ever girlfreind was white…now i’m no con/sellout….i will date and have sex with as much black women as i can but i can’t see myself settling down with one….now i have a career….two jobs…i maintain my household as well as my fathers in jamaica as well as aunties and uncles..i dnt have children all over the place…most anyone can say about me as dubious is that i smoke alot of weed..i drink alot of vodka….and i’m not immune to the female form and my lust is for any color…now my issue with sistas is basically whut u wrote…VERY FEW OF YOU GOT UR OWN OR GO TOWARDS A GOAL MEANING BEING FINACIALLY CAPABALE INDEPENDENTLY…most of u walk around no jobs but looking ur best so u can land the next lebron or vick or lil wayne or even candace parker..very few of u seem to lack the drive of gaing wealth through hard work u rather marry a millionaire then divorceing him and talking half of his the basketballk wives(all are black on the show)…i noticed dat just like some of us black men u walk around like something is owed to you…expecially when it comes to us black men although all signs would say u dnt need us…so when we make it aware we are of ur notion you become even more enraged…most of u date black women who poses as men or you stay home to your sexual devices…u act like u dnt want us nor our attention but when we dnt show you attention or better yet overshadow ur attention by bringing a snow bunny to the fold u wanna act a fool…ya’ll make it toooo hard…ya’ll want dudes to jump through hoops and scale moutains for you….but u dnt ask dat of the dykes or any other men of race ya’ll do date….so da way i feel is i can be freinds with a black women,i can chill with a black women,i can take care of a black women,i can fuk a black women,i love black women….but i can’t be in a serious relationship with one(i hope my moms or sisters dnt read this post)….with these new era sistahs love starts ist in the bank accoount and if anything else is compatiable..then it’s an extra factor to da relationship….not saying there aren’t gold diggers of all race because there are in the masses…but i see it’s a bigger issue with us…and we dnt get dat with women of other races…think i’m fronting let kanye or jay-z come perform in a venue near you….i bet 80% of the groupies there would be black…..shit i dnt knw u but u mite be in the groupie line if it comes to dat situation(assuming..i dnt knw you)… after reading whut i wrote i need to knw…would u consider me an sellout…and why

      • Guest

        I say do what you think is BEST for you but make sure you are NOT being program (mind condition) by mainstream. WHITE MEN are 10 steps ahead of BLACK MEN (maybe 100 steps –NO offense ) WHITE MEN who control what you see (program YOU) condition you to think a certain way (especially NON BLACK is what is BETTER). WHITE MEN know if BLACK MAN EVER CONNECTS WITH A STRONG BLACK WOMAN they can change the world. BLACK PEOPLE make up about ONLY 13%. WHITE MEN have now put on applications to select if you are 2 or more races for a reason. That 13% BLACK People will be much less than you can ever imagine as time goes on. Which means BLACKS are LOSING NOT WINNING like the imagine (illusion they are showing you as BETTER). WHITE MEN will ONLY give a lot of promotion to BLACK MEN (mind condition) they can use for the ILLUSION.

        I know I am probably TO DEEP/DIFFERENT LEVEL for SOME Black People but when you go to college and take what WHITE MEN will show you (little as possible) you can see ALL this promotion and creating a certain perception is for a REASON. BLACK MEN NEED TO UNDERSTAND and look at what their doing to us because BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT WINNING. PLEASE SEE BELOW

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  • Gotdamnitit’s Dc Robertson Jr.

    im grabbin dat asap shit dats da next movement