G-Dep’s Own Confession Could Ruin His Defense; Details Of Murder Revealed

(AllHipHop News) Lawyers for G-Dep may have a hard time defending their client, due to his own videotaped admission to a 1993 shooting/murder.

G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, is currently on trial for shooting a man named John Henkel during a botched robbery in 1993.

In December of 2010, G-Dep walked into the 23rd Precinct in New York and admitted to the shooting, as part of a drug rehabilitation program.

What G-Dep did not know, is that John Henkel died from his injuries.

G-Dep, who is currently on trial for Henkel’s murder, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

His defense lawyers claim that G-Dep did shoot somebody that evening, just not John Henkel, the man who died.

G-Dep’s lawyers claim that years of PCP use has clouded his memory.

But G-Dep’s confession was played to jurors during his trial yesterday (April 11).

A full copy of the confession hit the New York Post this morning.

The rapper said that he was 18-years-old and living with his grandmother when the shooting took place.

“I had a gun in the house and I brought it out one night,” G-Dep told police. “I got on my bike. My intent was to get some money and rob somebody.”

G-Dep said he saw a man standing on Park Avenue in Harlem, smoking a cigarette.

He approached the man with a .40 caliber handgun and demanded money from Hencle, who put his hands up.

Henkel attempted to grab the gun from G-Dep, who jerked the weapon away and shot him at point-blank range in the torso.

When Henkel attempted to grab G-Dep, the rapper jumped on his bike and rode away empty-handed.

Two days afterwards, G-Dep said that detectives in the area questioned him in passing, about the shooting.

Over 17 years later, G -Dep said a guilty conscience led him to confess to the shooting.

But G-Dep, who has pleaded not guilty to shooting Henkel, claims that he admitted to shooting someone else.

Prosecutors claim that G-Dep’s confession is too detailed and matches detectives records about the case.

G-Dep is facing 35-years to life in prison if he is convicted.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    And the SMH of the century award goes to…..

    • donniebrasko

      montana fishburne is my nominee 

  • illymac

    is all I can say..

    • johnblacksad


  • nastinupe

    If he killed him, he deserves to go to prison.  

  • $18592567

    He gonna play around and when he catch that L Bow he gon wish he took that 15 they offered him. NY notorious for them 15 to life, 25 to life, life etc. 

    Good Luck 

  • immackulate

    apparently – he shot the wrong guy based on the fact that under G-DEP’s own admission that the man he shot was BLONDE haired, blue eyed, clean cut w/ no facial hair … where as John Henkel was a “brunette” with a mustache –

    regardless if he killed the man he deserves the time – but its on the Prosecutor’s to prove G-Dep shot JOHN HENKEL/ the person they are accusing him of shooting – and after 20yrs this murder had been placed in the COLD CASE FILES so the burden of proof will be even harder to match up with G-Dep’s given testimony

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      i’m taking shit to da grave….i’m not giving jake no reason to pin nothing on me….u knw how da cops in ny is… they dnt care if u guilty or not…they just trying to solve a case and put it in da books…now dis fool gave these crooked homo-cide detectives a reason to open up a case and work some of dat good ol’ cop magic(lie and create evidence)son should of kept his mouth shut…keep waking up in cold sweats because of ur conscience..well i think its better to wake up free in ur home…not in no jail cell…being in jail and getting raped constanly wont dismiss his guilt….now dats a “special delivery”

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  • Darkfather504

    He tried to mask it with PCP and that abuse made him loose his mind for what 20+ yrs – May god be with you G-Dep and hopefully you can clear your mind for once and for all

  • water_ur_seeds

    why would he think the dude didnt die? if you shoot someone from point blank range in the torso, the chances are they are going to die surely…


    I bet you he’s sober…. so the program did work.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    damn da hood is scary…niggaz is snitching on themslves nowadays…for no reason…..u mean son can’t live with a guilty conscience but he can live with big niggaz named bubba trying like hell to fuk him in the a$$ for the next 35 years to life….son must still be dusted

  • rep87

    A good lawyer can handle this case i saw his confession on another web site and only asharp legal mind and a connected lawyer can get him a deal they do it every day !

  • MercedNative209

    g dep is an idiot. i hope he gets butt raped

  • Sosa_Limone

    If you gonna run this story at least run it well homey.. ill seed would never write some shittty half assed article like this… I emailed yall the link to the NY POST article than ran this story on Monday… Jay Overstreet must have been the only other one to read the article… gdep admitted to shooting somebody, but the person he described does not fit the description of henkel AT ALL other than they are both caucasian.  Based on teh articles i read in both the post and the dailynews there seems a good chance that G=dep can get off or at least get a deal… the descriptions just dont match.. step ya game up greg

  • Anthony Mason

    Dude looks like he has a couple demons swimming around in him.