EXCLUSIVE: Solar Resurfaces; Announces Jazzmatazz Touring Band

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Solar has resurfaced after lying low for almost two years, following the death of Hip-Hop star Guru, of Gangstarr.

Guru, who launched the Jazzmatazz series of Jazz-influenced Hip-Hop albums in 1993, died from complications of cancer on April 19, 2010.

According to Solar, he has resurrected the Jazzmatazz brand, by forming a new touring band named after the legendary albums.

“Nothing like a pro-filled jazz-ed band live. Add in a horn section, percussion, rappers, guest artists and you got a killer concert,” Solar told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “It’s a music and culture mix – a concert like no other. I also get to honor Guru – just by getting Jazzmatazz back on tour.”

Solar, born John B. Mosher, began working with Guru almost 11 years ago, helping to produce the later versions of Jazzmatazz via their label, 7 Grand Records.

The new incarnation of Jazzmatazz as a band features Solar alongside former members of the critically acclaimed group, Living Colour.

Living Colour members Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbush are part of the Jazzmatazz band, which also features Solar and musician David Scott.

According to Solar, he spent the past two years reorganizing his life.

In March of 2010, Solar was accused of releasing phony press statements on behalf of Guru, who was allegedly in a coma at the time the information in question was disseminated.

Then, Solar’s email and Twitter accounts were hacked, revealing a number of personal conversations, images and damaging information.

At the time, a blog named FuckSolar.com even popped up, dedicated to exposing Solar, who was accused of barring family members access to Guru during his illness.

“It took me a long time to pick up the pieces – make decisions,” Solar told AllHipHop.com. “Losing Guru was a lot to deal with but now I know I can move on.

“With Jazzmatazz’ 20th anniversary next year, Guru just might be smiling over the fact we will be playing out live again.”

According to Solar, the Jazzmatazz band is still looking for new members.

The unfilled band currently has four members, but aims to have a total of nine musicians in the group.

Jazzmatazz was Guru’s at first but when I joined, Jazzmatazz became our pride and joy,” Solar told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “I hope to rekindle that pride, that joy and by doing touring, I’m carrying on Guru’s legacy. I think it is a fitting tribute to my brother from another mother and to the fans who have been wondering about Jazzmatazz since his passing.”

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35 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Solar Resurfaces; Announces Jazzmatazz Touring Band”

  1. johnblacksad

    Only reason i could be goin to one of these concerts is to throw sharp objects at this n!gga’s face on  the stage!

  2. Black Exodus

    Solar Killed his career…and Hip Hop has lost respect for this brother…greed and lies kills. Get off Guru’s back and do something yourself and solidify yourself…earn respect on your own not with the ghost of Guru. Repent and apologize to Guru’s family and fans publicly…then and only then will you have a chance of acceptance.

    Black Exodus “Problems” new song youtube it.    

  3. JOEL

    i hope he makes it to houston,  im going to make sure we run his ass out of the show,, will be a big mistake for this clown to try and profit off that name,,   

  4. Kevin Park

    I get so angry when I see this dude. If Guru’s family wasn’t able to see him pass, then Solar should never, ever get to see the profits of Guru’s success. Solar can take a long walk off a short cliff.

  5. mecca earth

    All this hate is stupid and mindless. Solar is innocent. He’s a very talented producer, and Jazzmatazz will be outstanding. He’ s looking after Guru’s legacy just like a brother and partner should.

  6. James Marshall

    According to Solar, he spent the past two years reorganizing his life.”

    If “reorganizing his life” means creating 5 zillion accounts on YouTube, Facebook and blogs posing as fans to proclaim that Solar is awesome, and to spread rumors about DJ Premier.  

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