Sean "Diddy" Combs

Man Breaks Into Diddy’s Mansion; Eats, Drinks; Wears Mogul’s Clothes

A man by the name of Quamine Taylor was arrested on April 1 at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ home in the Hamptons, after breaking into the mansion to enjoy the luxuries of Diddy’s lifestyle.

According to the New York Post Taylor accessed Diddy’s home by sneaking through an unlocked basement door and secretly enjoyed the mansion for nearly 24 hours.

He ate Diddy’s food, drank his liquor and even wore the rap mogul’s clothes.

Cops said that this is the second time Taylor has broken into the Bad Boy CEO’s house and Taylor admitted to his affinity for going to the house regularly.

“I’ve actually been going to the house from time to time since 2001,” Taylor told The Post yesterday at the Suffolk County Jail.

“I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there,” Taylor said.

In his first attempt at living Diddy’s lifestyle, Taylor tried to pass himself off as Combs’ cousin, after cops found him intoxicated during a dip in Combs’ pool.

In the second attempt Taylor told security that Diddy was a close personal friend, after he accidentally set off an alarm in the mansion.

His weekend getaway came to abrupt halt when one of Diddy’s caretaker’s found him at 4 p.m. on April Fools’ Day and called the authorities.

“I got a good night’s sleep, but it’s not anything too special,” Taylor said nonchalantly of Diddy’s Hamptons crib. “It’s just like a three bedroom.”

Taylor’s mom said he has a history of being mentally ill.

“He grew up listening to [Diddy’s] music,” Taylor’s mom told the New York Post. “He has a long history of mental illness, and he has been off his meds for a while. We have been trying to get him some help.”

Taylor was arraigned on trespassing and petit-larceny and was being held with a $2,000 bail.

  • The homie just wanted a taste of the good life.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    We only live once $%&@ it. 

  • brotha_man

    nobody got hurt. the dude got a good meal, wore fresh linen took a swim got his drank on and slept good. whats crazy is that he is “mentally ill” and found cleaver ways to enter p diddy’s house on multiple occasions. 

  • illymac

    dude was in the mirror with Diddys’ clothes on
    and a bottle of champagne dancing
    talking bout “take that, take that”

    • scullyson

      ((((LMAO))) Thats wild….smh

  • hoeyuno

    HA HA HA HA! Thats some funny shit. U Know puffys booshy ass is gonna burn everything and have his toilet replaced.

  • I think he will do it again. Can’t stop..won’t stop. 

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  • Brick Soulja

    It’s funny until someone gets hurt. Diddy has armed security, that will murder on sight if needed. 


    This niggah was walking around in his boxers with diddy robe on,
    Playing life After death, drinking ciroc……
    Eating caviar & crackers.

    Actually diddy fuk around give this niggah a job,
    For his determination & persistence. plus he aint take shet.

    I say give him a pass, diddy prolly is flatter a niggah would do so much just to be him for a day.

  • This has to be the funniest SYHT I heard in awhile. He really said, 
    “I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there.” God is bugged the hell out. 

  • Kenneth Wayne Hicks Jr

    He has mental issues that’s a shame 

  • immackulate

    this shyt seems similar to when police caught ahh stalker “JUSTCATGOWITHIT” in my spot … eating Hot Pockets, schmoking Grand Daddy Kush, drinking my Hennessey BUT he was dressed down in my girl’s slippers and bathrobes … damn queer!

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    He didn’t find Puffy’s Secrect Magic Garden/Dungeon…I want pics..wait..that’s gossiping..wrong site.

  • immackulate

    puff phaggot ass prolly waiting for dude to REALLY make that “ILLEGAL ENTRY”

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    err, maybe the dude was a leftover from a party. How can you get in house…a Puffy house at that?

  • Pierre Elliott

    Karma. Next time Puff may not be so lucky….Demons from the past have a way of finding you in the future Mr. Combs. We all have OUR DAY.

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    alot of computer geeks with comments.. gossip like lil girls

  • Mr.Rude

    Diddy aint fooling nobody … He called that retarded dude ova to get some dick.. Faggot ass

  • I think ya’ll gay.  On some undercover shit.  Quick to call someone gay.  I think ya’ll wanna sleep with diddy.  Just like some bitches, hate anybody doin better than you.  TAKE DAT TAKE DAT beeeotches!

  • Pierre Elliott

    Only broke dudes respond like you John. I take it both of Puffs balls are in your mouth….
    Dude Puff is a clown. When B.I.G. left it was ova. But this is the “commercialism” 
    “whitening” of Hip-Hop and all its confines. I could care less about this HAS BEEN SAMBO.

  • Mongo Slade

    OMG!!!! This shit is hilarious!!!!!

  • Uh Oh! We got more Rupauls fallin out the closet!  Only the undercovers would respond.  Checkmate! 

  • Let me explain sumthin to ya’ll.  The only reason anyone comes on this site is to to read these stupid articles and have a little funny debate back and forth.  But then you get these bitches on here who take shit personal.  I’m only back and forthing with Overstreet because I think he is hilarious.  But then the ugly chick always gotta come mess up the party as usual.  Do me a favor,  go to the bottom of the closest swimming pool and take a deep breath.  Yeah you Pierre.  Bitch azz.

    • LetsBeRealpeople


    • Pierre Elliott

      Yo John couple words for a weak house nigga like you who is slave to money and media

              mad heads outta work, and you talking that money shit…..

      Go to sleep little boy, you still live with mommy…..

      • Dude you so lame!  What have you done to help anyone in the economy?  You talkin about the struggle and have no clue what you talkin about.  I own a catering company and have employed many folks in my neighborhood.  I volunteer for Meals on Wheels Foundation 2 weekends out the month and donate food to them.  See, while you talk about the struggle, I’m doin my part to help someone less fortunate.  I’m not even responding to you anymore dude.  You are right, I do need to go to bed because I have a JOB to get up for in the morning.  You like a fly at a BBQ, annoying as hell. GTFOH lame. Lookin like a old ass Lil Boosie. Bet you haven’t even voted a day in your life. Talkin bout the struggle…….psssshh.

      • Pierre Elliott


        Thats low and classless…
        John boy were not even in the same tax bracket…..
        I wouldnt even hire your company for craft services…..

        No john I was smart and have talent and skill….
        I dont need to use my hands to collect money…..

        And besides John your company gets a write off with MOW
        plus a check…. Classlesss…No wonder puffys got parasites like
        this bigging him up…..

        Ha I made a joke, lol Bigging him upp…

      • Pierre Elliott

        Oh John Im on Hiatus….thats when your show is done shooting for the season until later…I make double what you  make in a year. In 4 months …If you wanna talk money fatboy..

      • Ain’t you the same idiot who just said “mad heads outta work” and “you a slave to the money” then turn around and say you make all this imaginary money in 4 months?  Stop suckin the glass dick pookie.  I’m done wit u.

      • Pierre Elliott

        Dude your a clown. The initial conversation was about you saying everyone mad at puff cause he getting money…Its about character, in which you dont have much of…You wanna talk about struggle? How bout being raised by a single mom in an all white town, and somehow managing to  make it out of school no felonies to move to NYC where I could spread my wings and make bigger moves…Bigger than a guy who sits in a kitchen all day making finger sandwiches.. Yeah I give you props for MOW, but you lose that as soon as you mention it. If its real it comes from the heart
        and it something that you wouldnt mention in such a conversation as this….But you do, therefore showing you dont give a damn about those people just the money……Your the worst type. Your  a snake….And you want props?? REALLY??

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Son, if you “make it” and Puffy invite you to anywhere, bring ya mama  and don’t sit on none of them couches. Be like thanks for the invite Mr. Puff and be on your way. Gay is one thing. Straight is another thing. Freak is yet another thing. But the math on Puffy is something you don’t want, and can’t nobody get you out of. This some Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill mess. That you can stay out of for real.

    • Real shit.  Couldn’t have said it better.

  • sosofresh123

    Tyrone Biggums 2.0 minus the crack, up in Diddy’s mansion.

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    puffy can buy us all a new wardrobe…u tell me why this is even an issue

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