Signs The World Is Coming To An End: 80-Year Old Nun Faces Charges In Baby Trafficking Ring!


This is a sure sign that you can’t trust anyone these days! A NUN is facing charges in a massive baby trafficking ring that stole newborn babies from desolate mothers and then sold them into adoption.

Sisters of Charity nun, Sister Maria Gomez Valbuena, is believed to be a part of a nationwide baby-snatching ring dating back 40 years! A group of more than 1,000 families said she was part the ring which also involved hundreds of doctors, nurses, priests, nuns and midwives who schemed to convince poor or unwed mothers their babies had died at birth. This was all done for financial gain.

The babies were then sold to families looking to adopt, and the child’s birth papers were doctored, the group said.
Lawyers say Catholic priests and nuns acted as middlemen, paying hospitals workers for babies and then selling them to desperate families. Just shameful!

Peep the rest of the story here

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  • 7yoyo7

    That’s some evil sh1t….

    You want to face reality when it comes to religion? Check the “George Carlin – Religion is bullsh1t” on Y0utube.

    You are welcome !

  • Roberto Ciamora

    I cant believe it took them over 40 years to break this group up and make an arrest

    Maybe if they were selling dope more people would have cared, smh, governments need to get there priorities in line

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, I think human trafficking will be the wave of the future…like how today priests touch young boys and football coaches and high school teachers fvck young boys…I think it will be a  “mainstream” thing.

  • Im ashamed to be a black catholic. *hangs head in disbelief*

  • immackulate

    catholicism at its finest … she deserve death!

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    ya’ll surprised….even nuns getting gwap now….all jokes aside being agnostic and coming from a house where my moms is a christian and my pops was a rastaman…i was able to learn alot about not those two religions but all…and in doing so i have learned dat mere mortals of da clout is not immune too da gwappums…u ever heard of rodrigo borgia aka pope alexander…son brought the vatican votes and ran dat bitch like he was da godfather..yes ya’ll this pope reign was filled with poisonous murder,assination, swindling of funds,disease filled naples,treachery,manipulations etc…there was even rumor son had bunch of mistress dat he was laying daily…they even said his son cesare was hitting his own sister lucrezia..dats right ya’ll under pope alexander vi  all this happend…therefore no one is immune or better yet there is no telling whut we’ll do while in the midst of the paper chase

    • immackulate

      “mere mortals of da clout is not immune to da gwappums” llamf

  • I saw “SIGNS” & thought for a second that ILLSEEd was back!

    Still, a good story by Sydney! Not the usual eye torture!

  • mrgibson

    Wonder who told and unraveled the whole thing.  Things like this just don’t “come out” because there’s too many people, too much money, and too many trails leading to powerful people.  Shit is just disgusting.  It also further reinforces my belief that religion was created to herd the sheep and pacify/control people on a grand scale.  



  • As if the title ‘nun’ automatically means the person it’s attached to will honor the implications of it.. We are not at war with the flesh people… We are at war with principalities. Thought processes. Generational “curses”. The lack of morals, values, and standards. How can people CONTINUE to JUDGE people by how we view them and how they should be is beyond me. Because I’m black, does that mean that I’m going to gather my crew together, kick down doors and rob you? Because someone is white, does that mean that they are absolved from doing any crime? Because someone claims the title priest/nun, does that mean that they will not to unspeakable things??? Titles, money, position does NOT change the heart. It only gives them as much power as WE allow them to use with those titles.

  • E McArthur

    they used to steal ndn babies in Canada back in the 60-70s and sell them to white Catholic families so that’s the only culture they knew…look it up…

  • the church has been corrupted since the beginning. why does this surprise ppl? even mother teresa said she never found Jesus on her death bed. smh dont be surprised, look to root out the evil. they are in high places as always

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