Wyclef “Justice (If Your 17)” [Trayvon Martin Tribute]

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Not only did Wyclef do a Trayvon Martin Tribute, chcek out his video video with Wyclef addressing the global profiling issue.

  • Hot Track!

    Glad Trayvon getting that $hyne!

  • brotha_man

    we all know where the proceeds are going….R.I.P Trayvone wearing my hoodie as we speak.

  • Great Tribute

  • Real talk, check out my spoken word piece “Watch Out For Your Neighborhood Zimmerman” on Soundcloud, let’s build, do real music, & give this movement the music it needs to push

  • Ravi Singh

    love this.  5* tribute.

  • this is all shit. Us black folk never do shit until a high profile case comes about. protest against all the companies portraying us as thugs and weed smokers with chains around our necks like idiots. BET, MTV, ETC  We’re our own worst enemy, man. not the white man. Pick up our pants and speak without slang like we’ve got sense. Hip hop is music. Not a life .lol… lets change the way we speak and walk. Enough with the tributes and such. Lets step up as a people and then we’d be more likely to be talken seriously.  Plies, and these jerks represent us? Really?

    • brotha_man

      I agree back in the day rappers make uplifting songs just cuz. KRS-One, Self destruction movement, queen latifiah, and public enemy to name a few…rappers now days only rap about being a drugking, maybachs, and black diamond chains.  

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