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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Frank Ocean Bomb At Coachella?

Odd Future affiliate Frank Ocean performed last night at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California, and we are hearing very mixed reviews on his show. The crooner performed a few of his popular joints including ‘Novacane’, ‘”Voodoo”, “Whip Appeal”, “Swim Good”, and “Think About You”.

Later in the show, Odd Future bandmate, Tyler, The Creator, joined the singer on stage for a performance of “Analog 2,” off of The OF Tape: Vol. 2. Check out the full performance below and decide for yourself if Frankie did his thing or not.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Probably, once they get on stage..there ain;t enough of that production to cover what was never there. I learned that at a J.Cole concert. Still breaks my heart. I almost went country.

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  • MrTroyMercy

    what are the phuck you talking about “bomb” stupid bytch he did his thing … he sing R@B and if you listen to his lyrics, you will see the FEMALES , were feeling his shet and that’s all that matters.

  • nicolas jimenez

    Concert was crazy you just a hater trying to start shit 

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  • Don’t sound bad.  You really have to be a fan of these dudes to like them, unfortunately i’m not a fan of these cats.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    I heard it was really bad from other sites too, a few folks are live blogging Coachella and were tearing this dude apart, one guy said “The way the crowd is laughing at this kid you’d think a stand up comedian just took center stage”

  • wtf are you talking about.  did you even watch this performance.  you are a disgrace. 

  • rep87

    Everyone has off night they are only human hell S.Y. you off 85% of the time with wack articles !

  • digitallife

    Every single last member of odd future sucks..plain and simple..Don’t give a damn about your opinion. I’ve seen enough great emcees and singers in my time to know when folks just lack flat out talent..Tyler for example has made a name of being purely an a s s hole..I guess that’s all you need to be famous now or a good plastic surgeon.

    • Roberto Ciamora

      I tend to agree for the most part but this kid I kinda like a few of his tracks, he isnt gonna reinvent the wheel but I dig some of his stuff

      If he wasnt standing next to the rest of those oxygen thieves you might give him more of a chance

  • Tyler gets a bad rap, the track with Lil Wayne, Game & Tyler ( Martians vs Goblins ) was on point & I didn’t like none of them.

  • $11625525

    I guess the sound engineer wasn’t doing his job properly either… At points he sounded good at others he sounded lazy, but he did his thing… 

  • Bruce Sykes

    You all are stupid. You hate on what’s different. OFWGKTA LOITER SQUAD EARLS BACK NIGGAS! They are more talented as a collective then those chumps rick ross wack ass rolls with

  • I started watching this show and it didn’t look bad from what I saw yesterday.Frank Ocean has talent for sure.Dude has great RnB lyrics and is a cool vocal singer.I won’t say he’s a great singer, but he has more range than a lot of new singers.Thinking Bout You is my shit.he had sound issues an he was messing up some notes.he sounded better when he got rid of the feedback and went acapella.He was singing good then.Ocean and OF are cool w/ me and Tyler has talent along w/ some unknown members.Domo and Earl can spit.Ppl hate them, but their such a throwback to 90’s hip hop IDK why?

  • Not Relevant

    This rumor is a fact!!! I don’t understand whAT HAPPENED TO HIS PERFORMANCE, BUT I’LL TELL YOU THIS, MORE SINGING LESSONS!!!

  • i think OF can rhyme, and for that i like them. on the other hand lets be serious, they dont say shit at all. mike g and domo rap ur typical “drugs, bitches, swag, etc” Tyler and earl go on about nonsensical ideas and events, hodgy is the combination of both except he forces his lyrics sometimes. they are very entertaining but at the end of the day, they dont say much 

    • You call THAT “entertainement”, huh?  And here I thought that was stuff like the eminem/Jay home n home tour I went to in Detroit a year and a half ago

      • naw jay and eminem are an experience, i wouldnt give them a description as vague as “entertaining.”

  • fire the band and get som church niggaz 

  • and the sound man somthing is def wrong on some of the songs ?? i mean when he sing acapella its sounds as it should but somethings off when the band plays with 

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott

    when you are more focused on impressing people than making something real shit like this happens……

  • he actually wasn’t bad at all. his voice sounds the same as it does on record. His sound though was totally fucked up

  • David Gonz


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    son would of been garbage even if he had earth,wind & fire back-up singers and even if he was backed up by the roots…the problem with hip-hop young artists in this mulitimedia era of hip-hop because of the internet just about anyone can be a rap star….back in the golden era u did not have dat so dudes had to rock house and block party’s to be heard…so when they did go big time and they about to perform to a stadium of ppl…they knew how to rock da crowd….these extra medium jeans wearing niggas get fame before they ever perform for a crowd hence:these niggas dnt knw how to rock a party…and they have no stage presence…odd future is garbage