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Hip-Hop Rumors: Prodigy and Havoc Spotted Together At The Knicks Game

It looks like Prodigy and Havoc have indeed buried the hatchet and are back to being the infamous Mobb Deep. The two were spotted putting on a brave face last night at the New York Knicks game. Prodigy tweeted the picture above to prove that all is well.

Good to see that they are still going to rock together and hopefully make music. You know something? IF this was a highly orchestrated publicity stunt to get people to notice them again…I think it worked!

  • rep87

    I felt this was away to create a buzz , what a waste of time it want work many who doubted it are looking silly now along with these two bozos , they had some music back in the day

  • These clowns ain’t ever been nice to me..They had 2 decent songs..I hate people holding them to regard like they are legends.

    • you’re buggin’.  Who do you think is better (this oughta be interesting)

    • $18592567

      Project wise I don’t like anything they’ve put out since Murder Music. They got 3 classics under their belt Infamous, Hell on Earth and Murder Music so I think those three plus the majority of their singles warrant legend status in hip hop.

      I might be wrong tho.

      • shieky24


      • shieky24

        they rap about that real gutta shit they noncommercial rappers 

      • immackulate

        erbody think they rap about that REAL GUTTER SHYT – thats nothing new under the sun fam

    • Already, they aint legends. They decent rappers but thats about it. They throw the word legend around too loosely. If they were legends why did he have to tweet his on pic lol seems like a fan at the game would have spot  them  and tweeted it or facebooked or whatever! IJS

      • shieky24


      • shieky24

        you must be new to hip hop young dude i assume

    • immackulate

      thank you my bruvah – but they do have at least 2 classics under their belt

      just think they never really reached their full potential – or what people expected them to

      do after Shook One’s – them niggahs got monotonous and mediocre real fast

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  • Yeah, i guess they needed some people talkin about them.  I don’t think it matters though because the name of the game is to make hot music and outside of New York, i don’t see them gettin no play anyway. 

  • I really think all the older rappers should really find artists rather than try to make comebacks.  It’s cool if you doin it for the love but when you been around for a certain period of time, I really think you should have your own situation with your own team of new MC’s to rep for you.  Am i wrong for thinkin like dat?

    • immackulate

      man them old rappers aint doing it for the love … they doing it to keep them bills paid and keep Uncle Sam off they azzez – this they livelyhood fam and unfortunately just cuz you in the game dont mean you gonna have that ear for talent or that your artists is gonna actually be able to make it from up under the UNDERGROUND lol

      some of’em thats still around prolly wasnt investing – saving for the future cuz niggahs grew up with that mentality that it aint gonna happen to them or they can make back what they spend … but life teaches us all RICH OR POOR – nothing planned really worx out exactly the way you plan it

  • slumlord_vinny

    Dont disrespect P like that! Dude had skills since he was 15 bro. He has put out classics my man. People really bought into that Hov thing too much

  • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter


  • Big Crimes

    thats a bad way to get some press. calling each other gay does nothing for your cred and nothing for hip hop. coulda had a verbal sparr or dissed another crew or whatever. get on a track with ASAP rocky haha anything would have been better than this…

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    yo cmon man…ya’ll want beef….me and my homie about 2 years ago had a fight over some clothes….we both bloodied each other….it was jus me and duke so we thugged it out until shit was handled…after the fair one nobody tought we we’re ever gonna link up again…matter of fact my gurl and his gurl started beefing…two days after me and homie was in the columbia(resturant in ybor city florida)chopping it up eating yellow rice and shrimp and chicken w/ vegetables(and plantinos) in whine sauce trying to get at these young debutantes that was sitting next to us…..morale of the story is niggaz gone always have a misunderstanding…and niggaz is always gone hold ur day 1 homie down…

    • immackulate

      nah homey dont tell me you GROWN sharing clothes with ya mans and nem

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        you see the 2 years ago that began the story….but yeah 2 years ago son would try to sport my avirex jacket.. or my yankee fitted…if it wentw ith his desired outfit…eneways so whut jay…dats my brother right there….u never let your brother wear an article of yours…would u let a family member borrow ur car or the dvd player or da infamous suger…..stop acting bran nue….u most be the only child huh

    • Yo Jamaican, I fucks wit Ybor City like dat. Used to be over on 50th & Columbus. Was just down there about a month ago. Love the Tampa vibe.