Gunplay “MMG Ain’t Nothin To F*ck Wit Freestyle”

[ahh_audio src=/4-15-12/Gunplay-MMGAintNothinToFuckWitFreestyle.mp3]

  • he should hope the Wu will never hear this crap . . .. 

  • brotha_man

     i dont here people touch WU music. he got no flow for this beat.

  • brotha_man

    now im bout to bump some old wu to make this right. gunplay garbage

  • originalcru

    oh my god this is wack who ever listens to this and doesn’t think of Wu should kill they selves

  • Apollo Showtime

    I think y’all are going a little to hard on Gunplay. He rode the beat…Not like Peedi Crakk might do it, but decent. The fact that he chose to pay homage to the Wu and ODB (at the end, lol) when he didn’t have to shows his respect for the culture at least, he’s just a wild, coke sniffin’ muthafucka!