Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj’s Dad Says She Is A Liar

In several interviews dating back to her early days, Nicki Minaj has always insisted that she had a tough upbringing having to deal with a drug-addicted father who was abusive. During Nicki’s recent promo run for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, she stopped by Nightline and during that interview, she revealed that she wanted to “kill” her father when she was a child.

Nicki said, “I wanted to kill [my dad]. I used to wish he was dead … ‘We were afraid for my mother’s life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst he would threaten to kill her.”

Nicki also told a story about her father almost burning down their house.

Well, according to TMZ, Nicki’s father Omar is very upset by the accusations and says that she is grossly exaggerating. Omar admits he had anger issues when she was a child … but insists it NEVER reached the point Nicki described in her interview. Omar never knew Nicki felt this way about him — and he’s absolutely crushed she decided to air her grievances in the media.

Sounds to me like Nicki’s dad still can’t admit to some of the things he did while he was on drugs and alcohol.

  • illymac

    yo I know this is off topic but….
    Nikki need to just go ahead
    and make a porno already..

    I wonder if she’ll make all them
    dumb ass faces and stupid voices 
    while I hit from the back..

  • Roberto Ciamora

    She probably did blow it out of proportion tho, people love the “Woe is me, my life was so hard” pity party over dramatic nonsense, look what it did for Eminem, he wrote a bunch of songs and whined for years about his mother because she essentially just yelled at him too much, the way he went on and on about it you’d think she beat him with a switch or summin, lol

    • illymac

      me and my brothers use to get beat with extention cords,
      switches, or telephone cords..

      we was bad as hell though..

  • new4kjw

    She’s just showing her allegiance to the illuminati and their agenda to demonize the black man.

  • wickedjones

    Family business is family business. She need to get it together.

  • brotha_man

    she shouldn’t put him on blast the family stuff should stay in the family. i want to know why she disguises her self as a white blonde haired barbie doll…she doesn’t have daddy issues she has issues with her identity.

  • scullyson

    Puttin all her Buz out there….smmfh

  • scullyson


  • BulldogCG

    why cant he admit? why you just believe her? she a fame whore.  If youve never addressed it with the man adn you do it this way; super wack.

  • David Sentongo

    yea, whatever went down, i have to side with dad. she should have at least reached out to resolve the problems before putting the man on blast like that. 

  • AlbertoRipRon

     When I read that last line “Sounds to me…” I scrolled up because I knew it had to be a woman making that statement.  Lo and behold.  Here’s the truth, she probably over exaggerated like women always do.  And her dad probably downplayed it like men always do.  If you haven’t been in the situation, you don’t know jack.

    And on the real?  This rumor section is turning into the View…

  • A real adult would have gone to the source regarding matters of alleged child abuse. SMH.

  • Sounds to me like u need to quit passing judgment on things you know nothing about. She sounds like she wants “a story” for sympathy and it’s cooked up by a media PR team…smh

    •  Exactly, she wants to be like other rappers who did have a tough up bringing. So she lies about it

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  • sounds to me like Nicki is trying to exaggerate some shit to gain some credibility. Sounds like Akon and his notorious car theft ring. 

  • Album promotion possibly?  He’ll prolly sue her rich ass for defamation.  Soap opera shit.

  • He isn’t denying shit. HE knows he did all that sht. So thefck is he mad about?

  • Carlos

    he admitted to having anger issues which tells me he did all that plus more, ppl with anger issues do not realize how crazy they get plus drugs make ppl forget shit theyve done

  • @treyofive    But not in the media Nicki!

  • D_Ably

    Middle class tarts fakin poverty, COs fakin kingpins, rap game been fucked up for a while now

  • rep87

    Like my man stated under me how Fake the bizness has gotten  .Believe part of what you read and half of what you see this entertainment

  • SoCrispy


  • Pierre Elliott

    Like I said before: niggas was talkin * Real Jamaica Qns Heads* And the word is out on that dust bird……Niggi dont get caught on Hillside, or 165. Bitches got a $1.50 for you….

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    look if he did dat shit…then he’ll get whut he deserves…dat shit ain’t cool and even though i’m no fan of nicki i’m not gonna say she’s lying about something like dat…u have to be a real piece of monkey shit to do sumthing like dat and i have an hard time seeing nicki stoop dat low..even though i think da bitch is a narccisus…however something like this is in-house…meaning it’s no one’s business..not ours,not anyone…da fact she leaked this tells me it’s sorely from a revenge standpoint…but whut this talentless slore fails to understand is dat not only will this reflect negative on pops..but the family as a whole…da same family see vehemently defends and take care off…i dnt see whut good this does…this is sad all da way around