Flo Rida

Hip-Hop Rumors: Flo Rida Throws a “Hissy Fit” And Bails On A Concert

Flo Rida has been ordered to pay $80,000 to a concert promoter in Australia for blowing off a concert at the last minute. The promoter says that Flo Rida threw a “hissy fit” moments before he was set to hit the stage and refused to perform.

According to TMZ, the promoter forked over more than $50k up front to guarantee Flo would appear at the Fat as Butter Music Festival in Newscastle back in October 2011.

After the event, Flo went on Twitter and explained, “I was looking forward to performing for you, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to do so last night.”

The promoter took his case to an Australian court – which ruled in his favor … and ordered Flo to shell out $80k in performance fees and damages.

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  • therealest1

    Delinquent flake shit.

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  • shifty2283

    Somebody should pay this nigga not to perform that happy club-techno bullshit

  • Stop stealing news..It’s called being a PLAGIARIZER heaux.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    not a fan of cock-rider

  • It’s amazing how he made one hit and thinks he’s still jammin.  Hilarious!  I guess someone still likes him.

    • Jay

      one hit? dumbass  him and pitbull been making hit singles,club songs for a few years now..its call a radio listen to it okay?

  • Have you noticed YOU’RE the only dumbass saying he makes hit singles.  Name calling ain’t necessary dude, I’m a man.  He ain’t had a hit since dat bullshit with T-Pain.  Just because you listen to pop radio doesn’t mean we do.  Ain’t nobody ridin around bumpin this clown in the South and the stations I listen to damn sure don’t play his shit.  How is he only gettin 80 racks for a show when I know for a fact the average rapper makes a minimum of 150 racks a show?  Shit, I know C list actors who get 80,000 for just walking through the club!  I guess that someone that likes him is you.  He may be jammin overseas, but in the U.S., thats a negative.  Check yourself dude.

    • immackulate

      average rapper gets 150k for a show … i think yo figures are way off fam
      Flo-Ridah is definitely POP and aint my cup of tea – truth be told he selling more than MOST of the hot hip hop artists and you cant take that away from him regardless of the audience or type of crowd he brings in so i can see him doing 80k for a show.  Hell FAB only getting a good 50k, Jeezy around 60k plus travel expenses, and TI at 110k.

      • hernandez26

        ikr…plus didnt he do the allstar game….. just cuz hes not ur cup of tea dont mean other peeps wont drink that shit right up!!!! plus im sure theres stuff that does play in the south….that only plays in the south….doesnt make it good hell that doesnt make it bad either…its all bout demographics & who wants to sell out!!!

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i live in tampa…u play his shit in the projects and ur gettin chased out

      • @Prescott_Racks

        fab is charging 15k a show u can contact him via email and see. jeezy just did a show at the showbox for 30k but ur figures arent far off as say gettin 150k a show. u need to fill arenas on a reg not many do that, most venues youll be lucky to push 1500 -2000 at an average of 40$ a head your only at 80k the bar is split wit the promoter so that leaves average rapper short about ummm 60 thousand dollars. 150k fail

      • You right homie, numbers was off.  Only the upper echelon type artists get 150k.  I wouldn’t pay this dude 80k though.  Hell, he be lucky if he got free drinks!

    • @Prescott_Racks

      ur crazy and i hate flo rida but when ur track is leading commercials for movies and high end products those are hits. his song spins in every major continent now if u mean a hit as far as what u or i would like he hasnt had that since 07 but the “got a feelin” crap gets more spins and downloads and the song that got him to cross over was that “round” crap. and did u say the average rapper makes 150k per show wheres ur facts because i work for a catering co that works wit tours and events and 90-150k are usually the artist that even qualify for those type perks. juicy j is doin shows for 10k jeezy for 30k, two chains for 20k when u reach over 90k a show ur not booked u sign a contract to tour and it averages out.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        u knw most ppl dont know that “got a feelin track” is his….all they hear is that girls voice and dat techno beat….can anyone dat likes dat song spits his verse or are u like me and  jus can sing that feelin part:”aaaaahhhhhhhhhh sometimes i get a feelin yeah”…..bet u cant spit none of his bars…not even a fan of his can…plus jus cuz ur song gets picked up by commercials dosen’t mean it’s a hit…u knw these shows have ppl dat pick out music right…just means u got a pop or techno or alternative sound dats fits ur product or show..shit u think them lmfao dudes are talented artists..by ur definition it does…there all over commercials with every last one of dem songs….and them dudes are garbage….as far as the numbers these dudes get a show..i care not for such things….except how much u2 makes..i heard dem dudes cake up real nice

      • I stand corrected man…..just looked it up and my numbers was off.  Doesn’t change the fact that I would rather listen to a car drag a garbage can down the street than his music.

      • @Prescott_Racks

        somebody is paid for said music. if a marketing department chooses ur hook as a tool to attract consumers, then ur being noticed from making “hits.” and yes those idiots lfmao or whatever make hits, i just hate the music. u should know about this if youve researched consumer behavior if not u should. its enlightening

  • D_Ably

    talentless bitch gimp