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EXCLUSIVE: Producer D.Rich Speaks On Upcoming Young Jeezy Compilaton “It’s The World”

(AllHipHop News) Producer D.Rich recently revealed some details about Young Jeezy’s new compilation album It’s The World, from his CTE (Corporate Thugs Entertainment) imprint.

D.Rich has produced tracks for artists like Yo Gotti, David Banner, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Young Jeezy. He came up under Shawty Redd, who discovered him on

“Shout out to my brother Shawty Redd. He found me on Myspace, put me in Atlanta and I did that ‘Who Dat’ song that’s on the Recession, so salute to him,” D. Rich told

According to D. Rich, Jeezy has lined up some heavyweights for It’s The World, which will feature Freddy Gibbs , Scrilla , J Dawg , Slick Pulla , while D. Rich, Justice League, DJ Toomp and Lody are confirmed producers attached to the project.

The first single from the It’s The World compilation album is titled “Ridin.”

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix last week, Young Jeezy discussed the project.

“We got the singles locked and loaded, we gonna shoot a couple of videos,” Young Jeezy said. “I’m on tour, so I’m in the middle of the tour, right before I get off I’m ready to go. Freddie Gibbs, the whole camp, we ready, we turned up.”

There is no official release date for It’s The World as of press time.

  • cant wait until this uncle tom, back wood ABC rapping goes out , this garbage of to many dope boy rappers is stupid and dumbing people down, to many dope rappers, a million things happen in this world in everyday life stop milking the same shit,  even a man that works a 9 to 5 doesnt talk about that shit all day,  its all a way to sell a gimmick by major labels, you can have a great rapper speak some sense into people they wont sign that person, just like r&b u have to have pop stupid lyrics as a black female they dont want a black female to sing with some heart and soul now they wont sign them, but they will let a white girl do it like amy wine house or adelle and have them win all kind of awards and show u how great skills and music they have while they sing black girls to show there ass and dance for 1 hour on stage singing about nothing,,,

    • mrgibson

       I feel the same way, shit is terrible now with the saturation of drug dealing and weed smoking going on.  I’m not against smoking weed, but when you have rappers saying that that’s all they do it gets stupid.  Music has just gone down the shitter ever since people found out that music can be a business and not just art. 

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  • rep87

    Keep doing your thang Young Jeezy cant knock what you doing ,the name of the game is get money and that you have done

  • WhoYouBe1

    Jeezy is that dude, but I really didn’t like TM103. I personally think The Recession was a way better album than TM103.

  • I got this feeling that this album i gonna be pretty dope.  Freddie Gibbs is a problem, That Cold Day In Hell mixtape was fire.

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  • jkirkoboi

    Jeezy fell off!!!       

    Come see some funny ratchet ish!!  RUNDATBAKK_COM

  • I am such a Jeezy fan!! oh yeah anh thanks for comin back to Dallas! I missed u at Beamers but hopefully i’l get to meetya @the Palladium!!  I loved TM103! it just shows that you can work with others and it’s telling us alil more about who u are!! keepit up!1luv  A*Mack…imout

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