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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Hologram Tupac Going On Tour?

We are hearing murmurs that due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the Hologram Tupac at Coachella over the weekend, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are considering taking the hologram on tour!

Insiders are saying that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are already planning a tour and are trying to decide between a stadium tour featuring Hologram Tupac and other rap superstars, or a smaller scale tour with just Dre. Snoop and Virtual Pac.

The makers of Hologram Tupac, Digital Domain, call the task one of their most difficult saying:

“To create a completely synthetic human being is the most complicated thing that can be done. This is not found footage. This is not archival footage. This is an illusion.”

This sounds like a revolutionary way to showcase artists, whether they are alive or departed.

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  • immackulate

    from the previous blog – Did Tupac Hologram Cost 10 Mill Tickets to make:

    Brian Andrew Smith said:
    it was the unvieling of it and they have already said that they are planning on taking the tupac out on tour.Bark replied: True……Although i am not a pac fan lolEddie Brock Jr said:Just heard on CNN that they are doing a Biggie and 2Pac duet with the holograms, that shit is going to be ill. wonder where you heard your “murmurs” from LLAMF ….

  • Romia Blue

    Again, although it was neat to see it be done, I don’t think this is a tour I’d be able to get through. Although I was only 17 when he passed (and a young woman vs. a young man taking his methods as a definition of a thug), his conscious shyt hit me on a deeper level to where there will never be another and hologram or not; it would be too hard for me to get through.

    ~Lesane Parish Crooks~

    He renamed himself for the man society created and the circumstances which allowed him to thrive until his untimely demise…forever loved TuPac Amaru Shakur

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  • dayleedumped

    why they trying to capitalize off the dead? i guess they dont think its wrong

  • disqus_zlfBgyn3RY

    My friend said something on the topic that was interesting and I
    wanted to elaborate. As a huge Tupac fan, the performance at Coachella was a
    dream come true at first. To be able to see one of my favourite rappers on
    stage again was unreal. I was a child when Tupac passed away and unfortunately
    was exposed to his genius later on in my life. Knowing that it was only a
    hologram, I still felt like the impossible had happened. The privilege to see
    him perform on stage was something I had never had, and all of a sudden,
    through technology it was possible again. I began fantasising about being able
    to see some of the greatest deceased entertainers again. However, a friend of
    mine made a comment about the performance that made me think a little. He said
    that apart from Tupac’s performance, they technicians were able to make him say
    new words like “Coachella”, which I’m guessing he has never said
    before. This brings to question who decides what exactly the hologram Tupac
    says? If at first it’s a word or two, it might be more later on during possible
    “tours”. I am fully aware that Dr. Dre obtained his mother’s consent
    for the show, but how can anyone say they knew what Tupac was thinking let
    alone what he would say if he were still alive? Was he even that close to Dre
    or Snoop at the time of his death? Everyone hides stuff from their loved ones
    also. This might be a little out there, but I think these questions need to be
    asked. Now in my opinion I think that since this technology is already here and
    isn’t going anywhere, some guidelines might be good. Such as, the deceased
    performer only performs old material that he/she was alive for and says nothing
    extra that he/she hasn’t said before. I personally would still pay to go see this.
    Just an idea. My ultimate dream would be a charity concert around the world
    with the greatest performers in music history that have passed away such as
    Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, Marley, Michael Jackson etc. It doesn’t even
    have to be limited to rap and hip-hop. I would definitely pay to see that if
    it’s possible with technology these days…



    A Passionate Fan

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      actually pac has performed at coachella before at least thats whut i was told…and if u ever been to a pac’s performance(which i knw u havent but i have)the hologram was based of series of performance that was modified and illustarted…it’s the same equivalent to seeing ur favorite athlete perform his signature move on madden,live or 2k…and fifa..as far as the vocal performance dat has to be based off an real event but the visual is splices of performance intwine to the beatiful spectacle we witnessed…love ur passion and ur input as well as ur query…1 love

      • insaneangelic

        coachella started 99

      • MadVillain

         pac died in 96, another thing to note is killuminati was removed from the start of hail mary which is something he DEF would of said..

      • insaneangelic

        I knew somethin was missing from the song at the beginning!!!!! i totally forget.

      • immackulate

        put his foot in his mouth …

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        hence the statement “thats whut i was told” right after i posted the false comment…..this is the third time you’ve wrote sum rhetorical shit regarding to whut i wrote i say that because with every statement u found a fault in right or wrong..i have explained with the comment..granted you arent insaneangelic however son dnt go forum to forum writing wild shit…..i figure your either a stan or u got something you wanna say to a nigga…so…whut da fuk u gotta say nucca

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        “actually pac has performed at coachella before at least thats whut i was told”…did u catching the statement at the ending..”whut i was told”….nonetheless thanks for the correction..good shit homey

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i kinda felt da same way….about capitaliaing of the deceased…but after i saw the perfomance..and i was so happy to see pac rocking da house again…most of all i was glad to see the man in his physical(transparently)…free of bullet wounds…the hologoraphic persummed blood runing through his veins as he rocked the party…and i’m no family member…just a fan..then i thought of how ms. shakur feels…the overwhelming joy or the sudden reality of seeing ur deceased son someone you craddled in ur arms before some animal removed him from ur loving embrace…the feeling afeni must of felt of seeing her baby boy again…in my teens i lost my sister and i have to tell u to have her grace me with her presence…i must say da there is no dollar amount dat can equivelant to seeing her again anywhere…could be on stage,could be on the street…so i imagine it must be a great feeling…granted i dnt knw how ms shakur  feels…and i knw ppl deal with the lost of loved ones differntly…i knw for the first 2 years after my sister toya’s death i couldn’t stare at her pictures….nonetheless i have an hard time seeing this would reflect bad on the shakur family or his mother ms afeni shakur….r.i.p tupac shakur…and r.i.p my oldest sister ms. latoya walker….both of u were and still are missed…1

  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    Please, please, please.. Don’t let that happen! It’ll feel like when Hollywood makes a part 2 of a good movie. It’s just not the same. That show sunday was epic, let’s just leave it at that and let him R.I.P or come out of hiding in 2014 like alot of people claim is gonna happen. PLEASE DRE AND SNOOP! Don’t do it.

  • Thoughtsareus

    Let’s be honest. Every rapper that mentions Tupac is making money off the dead. Everytime a rapper says something about him for some kind of cred or to make people think there real like he was etc…..there exploiting the man when 95% of rappers who mention him never met him,was mentioned by him or was even old enough to drive when he died.

  • Man come on. One time was cool.  Now it’s just gettin lame.  How you gonna do a damn hologram tour?  What they gonna do?  Play the hologram in different cities on the same night?  I’ll pass.

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  • Its cool and all but its a lil creepy and to be honest i feel like we should just let the man rest in peace 

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    can you send someone a personal instagram  with this pac hologram? may be with a hologram these artist can perform at these shows they canceling out over seas claiming they missed the flight or couldn’t find they pass port?

  • Jay

    that negga 2pac is alive he faked his death yo fck that thats kinda strange how they all of sudden ‘wanna do a hologram tour with pac’ they trying to raise money for that negga thats probably in jamaica or some shit

  • I highly doubt Dre or Snoop would do something like this. Bet you Wayne get one soon as he dies lol

    Don’t profane Tupac.

  • D_Ably

    thats all Pac is now, he’s just a ‘synthetic human being’. From rap legend to digital gimmickery. Somone tell Dre to stop playin with projectors and drop a album if he thinks he so hot still.

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    Why ‘perform’ with a cat when this cat was alive called you a trans lover. And called you a sucka because you were scared to ride on puffy and biggie..

    lames using a dead brother to help sell a tour.

    • insaneangelic

      can’t wait to hear what frank Alexander gon say about this.

    • You don’t know what you talking about and sound dumb. That was all hype cause of Suge and you saying someone need help to sell on a tour??? are you crazzzzy this is Dr. Dre you talking about!! This dude sat on his ass for pass few years and still was on top paid hip hop list for the year every year making $20 million sitting on his ass and lifting weights off all them damn catalog of songs and Em, 50, NWA, PAC hits. trust this dude don’t need gimmicks. he’s just showing respect and giving the crowd what they want.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I dunno about you guys but there’s something uninteresting about seeing a hologram concert. They can’t properly react to the crowd and everyone knows it’s not real. I might as well watch a music video.

  • oldskoolcat

    They ought to do a throw back tour or a old school tour… And throw in biggie, Easy-E,aliyah,and
    everyone that has passed in the game..they ones who started it all.. Face it,,hip hop is dead, this would be a nice change.  

  • Kandy G

    I don’t know about anybody else but I hate this idea. Let the man rest in peace stop trying to bring him back to life. Same with Michael Jackson let the man rest in peace. Sometimes ppl take things too far. You watching a hologram of a man that past away perform is just crazy and a waste of money. I have a feeling the hologram idea is gonna spread wildly whose next? Marilyn Monroe, Aaliyah, Whitney?! Its Crazy…to me 

  • Let n*gga ghost rest in peace