Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Ma$e Back?!

It looks like former Bad Boy rapper Ma$e has gotten back into the studio and is gearing up to release some new music! The last we heard from the rapper was back in 2004 when he released his comeback album, Welcome Back. His single, “Breath, Stretch, Shake”, was well received but Diddy put a damper on his comeback when he would not allow him to sign with G-Unit.

Yesterday, singer Omarion, who is allegedly signed to Maybach Music Group, posted the image to his Instagram account with the caption, “Ma$e &….. he’ll yeaaaa you already know.” Glad to see Ma$e back in the studio!

  • In no way am I excited to see this dude come back.

  • brotha_man

    church funds must be running low

  • thisnigga

    Even IF Mase Came back….he’d neva be back….

    Illuminati wants my mind soul and mah body


    • sakiru oresanwo

      what do you mean “FREE G DEP”, didn’t he admit to killing somebody?You seem disillusioned my brotha.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    please keep son out da game…..mase raps as fast as old people fuk

    • u like it when they rap so fast lyrics become meaningless???

      • BoldSpice

        No I think he likes fukkin old people.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        well i did fuk ur mother sooooooo…guilty as charged….actually bitchspice will was talking to me…..will the primary application of whut i wrote was not dat i love or hate fast rap…but dat mase rap style based of an medical condition is vehmently slow…much more than normal….as for bold or bitch spice…tell ur moms before she comes to my crib to have all dat hair shaved off next time…gracias……..(by the way you spelled fukkin wrong)

      • BoldSpice

        Only fagz still kickin momma jokes are the ones who jerk off and lick up the mess. But hey be all you can be cum sucka. Jamaican? more like Ja faking.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i understand its a joke to u…but not me an ur moms…mama spice takes whut we doin real serious…and dnt be mad that u WHISH u were jamaican..back in st mary where i’m from battybwoy’s like uno get chased and hit with big rocks…then get one of dem long steal thangs in ur mouth…now suck on dat stan…..but u proably wnt dare set foot on my island….its cool though….keep telling urself dat when u hear the bed rocking in ur moms room and her screaming out in pleasure…dat its not me in the room hitting dat…even when u catch me cooking eggs butt naked in ur moms kitchen alla melvin in the movie baby boy…keep telling urself the jamaican kidd aint up in dat….if it makes u sleep better at night…when u gonna move out of moms house anyways….jodi ass nigga…..oh and you spelled fags and sucker wrong…….dumbass

      • BoldSpice

        Mommy jokes again boy you got some real issues at home don’t you? A true sign of a molested child you are. You be listening at the door when your mom give those amtrak weekends. Choo Choooooo! If your moms wasn’t so butt fukkin ugly i would say i fucked her but with a face like that bitch got i wouldn’t be able to get it up anyway. But this fagg down the street did tell me yo daddy loves it up the butt and that batch niggah swallows. Like father like son huh pole smoker? I know your moms was the island hizzo and you probably don’t know who your real daddy is. Jamaican wanna be you aint no more jamaican than a taco. Kill ya self sucka. (You spelled steel and that wrong.)

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    The collection plate ain’t feeding him like it used too?

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  • Thoughtsareus

    Mase is not one of the best rappers but still a better rapper than most out today.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      as much as i hate these skinny jeans new niggas….mase flow is wayyyyyy too slow…you ever heard one of his songs slowed down…shit took an hour to finish….these new niggas is whack but mason takes cake….proably one of the worst rappers i ever heard

      • BoldSpice

        Damn son you just hate everything don’t you?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i dnt hate underground hip-hop…i dnt hate fried chicken…i dnt hate pu$$y…i dnt hate plantain chips….i dnt hate weed….i dnt hate ur mother….i dnt hate the vandals…i kinda hate the pope…and the police…i dnt hate you…..but something tells me if i did i would proably have to modify that emotion…i dnt hate big booty bitches….i dnt hate hate big tits…etc

  • rep87

    The guy who talked his 16 bars can not make it back ,Lighting never strike in the same place twice . Get a 9 to 5 Mase you used the church to get away from Diddy Devil now you want to return and bore us with your slow talking and mumbling over beats .

    • BoldSpice

      I don’t know about lighting but lightning does strike in the same place twice. That was just a myth.

      • rep87

        not for Mase  it want strike for him he has no real talent

  • He was hot a long time ago, but now he’s just a wet firecracker.  Anything is possible I guess.

  • mrgibson

    He hasn’t been dope since he was down with Children of the Corn with Cam’ron and them.  At least i think that’s what they were called. 

    • Apollo Showtime

      You buggin’ MA$E always been nice, even his last mixtape in 2010 was fire…lyrically/swag wise. The beats were meh tho. MA$E is nice tho, I like hearing MA$E songs, there cool and carefree, not too serious, but definitely not a pushover!

  • ccwaterbound32

    like pimp c said “you know who got caught in the range rover with the boy!” ol butt pirate…

  • i just don’t….smfh…give it up aint nobody checking for mase he was whacking the 90’s and he whack now shiny suit wave yo rolley in the sky side to side nigga 

  • I hope not!

    I’d rather read & comment on every Sydney lace post from now till Dec . 21 , 2012 than listen to Ma$e rap…..unless he talking about how he exploited the ministry as a quick hustle to make ends meet! 

    Sydney Lace >> RapperMa$e

  • illymac

    I remember Mase dancing
    and rapping
    Harlem on the rise
    and U dont want no problem wit us guys..

    I thought ol’ boy was suspect/gay back then..

  • Honestly some rappers need to continue to stay unseen and unheard…Only when these rappers go low on cash then they want to return to the rap scene…….When they have all the money in the world and they are on top of their game, they totally shit on fans leaving them high and dry without music for YEARS….Fuck these fake rappers who are only in it for some quick cash.

    • Thank you for your concise , well thought out opinion!


    You cats never wanted a problem
    When we want it
    When harlem world double up
    I’m putting G’s on it
    I push a new 700
    amg on it
    And if you cant see my ICE
    That means my sleeve on it……………

    Mase had crazy flow, i take an album from
    Him, then here these news school off brand niggaz…..

    Mase from the lox
    Be taking blocks
    From the out of state spots
    Any niggah make it hot
    Get found in a vacant lot……….

    I got more beef then islamic farm
    So i pack enuff sonic guns
    To neutralize atomic bombs.

    Yo i got enuff guns to wreck a nation
    Any niggah wave a tec at mason
    Have an explanation.

    • THAKIDD23

      You bring your crewing I’m doing them, then I’m beating them down with the aluminum then I’m putting two in them.

      Yea that was one of his hottest verses 

    • $18592567

      U already…

  • water_ur_seeds

    ‘Harlem World’ was super dope

    But ‘Double Up’ of other GOAT rap albums! Fck Haters… 

    But if Hes coming back with that ‘Welcome Back’ shit He can keep it! That tune with 50 and them ‘I Dont Know Officer’ was dope though

  • immackulate

    *only MASE i ever rocked with was that Funk Flex Vol. 2 freestyle … summa them singles useta pump in the club but i could never bring myself to reach in my pocket far enough to support his movement maybe cuz i was on that JAY-Z shyt hard back in the gap – MASE never really did it for me*

  • immackulate

    on the cool, he shouldnt be allowed entrance in the game cuz he fairy and he phony

    “er’body welcoming this, welcoming that … he wasnt welcome in the 1st place how we welcome him back”

  • morAL

    sorry ma$e got flow and FYI Kanye credits him as his favorite rapper…he took the thera flu hook from betha

  • SDS_Overfiend

    “Grab You by the face and lay hands on you like Ma$e/ Cause when the Saints come marching in/ He’ll flossing in clothes that he brought with the money from the offering/Then its Jim baker all over again/Till he back in the studio………. recording again!!!”

  • RichFromBX

    I could take it or leave it…I’d be lying if I said he didn’t have some songs that I use to rock back in the day…the shit that bothers me is the flip-flopping…one minute you gangsta, then you Rev. Mason Betha then you back gangsta with 50…

    but I suppose all he really is is just a song writer…getting mad at him would be like getting mad at an actor for something their character did in a movie..

    • immackulate

      nah i feel you B – they gv Al Green (and mase is no comparison to AL GREEN) the same sideye er’time he went from 70’s soul r&b to Rev. Al Sharpton

      the equivalent would be Chuck D rapping about selling cracks and weed sax – then
      going back to Africa on the very next song

  • alreadyknow

    you got problems trying to listen to every song in screw. especially a mase album ..  have you ever heard mase in screw?   what you smoking?

  • digitallife

    Guess Kanye and the rest of these soft dudes are gonna have to cut mase a check cause like it or not in this era of hip-hop mase has been the most bitten artist…period.

  • don’t nobody wanna hear no fuckin mase.

  • Ma$e need to make up his mind…

  • m(ass)e is a fag! he’s gonna burn in hell

  • $18592567

    Ma$e DOPE

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