Mystikal Violates Probation, Returning To Prison For Three Months On May 14

(AllHipHop News) After being a free man since 2010, Cash Money rapper and Louisana native Mystikal will be returning to jail for three months on May 14 due to a violation of his probation.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, was released in 2010 after serving a six-year prison term for sexual battery and extortion.

As reported by The Advocate, “State District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a condition of the 41-year-old Tyler’s five-year probation in the extortion case because he was arrested in February on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery in Ascension Parish. Prosecutor Sue Bernie said Tyler stipulated to being in violation of his probation, which called for him to remain arrest- and conviction-free.

“Tyler’s attorney, Roy Maughan Jr., said Marabella ordered Tyler to spend another 90 days in jail but is giving him credit for the nine days he was detained after his Feb. 22 arrest.

“Tyler pleaded guilty in 2003 to forcing his hairstylist to perform what a judge called “continuous sex acts.’’ The victim in that case accused Tyler and two bodyguards of making her perform oral sex after accusing her of stealing $80,000 worth of his checks. The woman denied stealing any money.”

Mystikal, who is currently still set to headline an upcoming concert at S.O.B.’s in New York City on May 1 and perform at this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, will be returning to jail on May 14 to begin serving his three-month sentence.

  • therealest1

    Stupid ass shit! Convicted sex offender shit.

    • mike malarkey

       thats one expensive blowjob!! 80,000 for some head? lol

  • therealest1

    Why am I not shocked this idiot is going back to prison? He obviously wasn’t a genius since he forced his hairstylist into sexual acts with his bodyguards and him and put it on tape like an idiot. If he was stupid enough to incriminate himself before, its not surprising he violated his probation.

    • Actually, she agreed to it. She just didn’t agree to the number of homies Mystikal had with him.

    • suge380

      If it was ever a case of someone thinking they was above the law, it was this one. The cold part was, when he had money, they lawyers made the deal, then the prosecutor showed the tape to the judge anyway and it was a wrap. Stupid for doing the sh!t one, but stupider to tape it and think you was gonna still get off.

  • wow this is news to me i never knew why dude went to jail. Crazy ish

  • Brick Soulja

    It’s a shame that she was able to get away with stealing his money. She should be in jail for theft. Now he a so called “sex offender”, because she was a great liar. I hope he gets a gold album and sold out tour when he get out.

  • Good job Mystikal you havent been anything since No Limit and without Master P on your side your carrer is gonna go further down. Wayne isnt gonna help you at all. Ask Mack 10 What CM did for his carrer. Nothing!!!

  • immackulate

    who knows if he put hands on her or not … he might of just grabbed her up
    and them bruises on her arm were enough probable cause for arrest – guess we’ll find out sooner or later

    we all been there before unfortunately the ones you love the most know the best way to push your button – but after 10yrs of L.O.D. – sounded like he had humbled himself and learn to excercise more restraint – guess not – still wish the best for that man doe

  • Am i the only one wondering how your hairstylist gets access to your money like that?

    • Apollo Showtime

      Going through your shit when you’re not looking

  • “Violations happen… You will be good. 3 Months with half? 45 days and you’ll be shining again, brotha. 3 years to go on that paperwork, though. But you’ll make it.”

  • johnblacksad

    Of all the dumb sh!t that could have sent him back, he’s going to fall for… domestic abuse battery??! And you a convicted sex-offender? He’ll be aight…

  • suge380

    Dumb Azz, Come on dogg, Really. Keep messing around and they gonna do ya azz in. Nicca, you a star trying to make a come back. Don’t let a Prosecutor make a career off locking you down again.

  • FREE C-MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damn in thouse interviews Mystikal always comes across ass a funny, humble down to earth person and had me sayin “Naw he did not do that shit. it was a set up” . ..  Guess he had us all fooled lol

  • therealest1

    You know Mystikal couldn’t deny it was him in that rape tape when he incriminated himself like an idiot. I’m sure the prosecutor and judge could tell it was him in the tape, he must have been yelling and singing his hit songs in it like “SHAKE YOUR ASS! WATCH YOURSELF! SHOW ME WHAT YOU’RE WORKING WITH!, OH, IT AIN’T MY FAULT! DID I DO THAT?, DANGER!”

  • rep87

    Mystikal has been away from the game so long that fire he once had is missing and now 3mos want change anything he need to get in the studio and dont come out till you bring that heat back

  • Jail must be in the recording contracts these days because these rappers are in there more than the people who work there.  Just dumb.  He just put out that dope song “Original” with Wayne.  Just confuses me why they love jail so much.  Oh well. Right when I was just tellin my homeboy he was about to catch fire. Thanks alot Michael Tyler!

  • jkirkoboi

    nukkas don’t learn!!!

    Come see some funny ratchet ish!!!  RUNDATBAKK_COM