Nas “Another Black Girl Lost”

[ahh_audio src=/4-17-12/Nas-AnotherBlackGirlLost.mp3]

  • Frank Brashears

    nas that nigga

  • illymac

    Its a wrap..
    Nasty Nas Escobar 
    gon’ have the summer on lock..


  • YoungGizzle

    Nas is always on point…To bad his beat selection isn’t smh…

  • Apollo Showtime

    WTF Nas? This shit is garbage

  • Nas has the skill to rap over any beat and you will still listen no matter how ass the beat is.  His lyrics and storytelling is still top notch.  Nas if you’re reading this, please do a album with 9th Wonder!

  • $18916246

    THIS IS FIRE!!!!!!!!and what we all need. Nas, “THANK YOU” for bringing back our conscious in verse. Love of ones true self. Let us all know shame again, so that we may know and respect discipline and balance.