Azealia Banks Signs With Lady Gaga’s Manager

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks has signed with Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, after a headline-making performance at the Coachella Music Festival recently.

The rapper, signed to Universal Records, has been steadily building a buzz and now has the powerful exec to support her already popular music. Banks received a huge co-sign by Kanye West earlier this year, and has been on a sharper incline ever since.

The 20-year old was once signed to XL Records.

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    Dope…… I hope she don’t go the Lady Gaga route

  • Power move.

  • Wht song does she have?  I’ve heard the name but not the music.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    If you haven’t seen the Coachella performance you must. The dancers are okie doke, but She, Banks, delivers. She got fitness, clarity, and sense of crowd. She has edge too. Hopefully she will stick to her word and not go gimmick… to top she has vocal skill. If she stick to non-radio friendly, she may have staying power amongst the present day follie. Anybody tryin’ to reach radio gets c*ck blocked by the Dweezebats/Carter Cartel/ and some other crust punk turned rap star…But this chic got the gold, and not worried. That’s impressive.


    Yo shout out to the niggah troy…..

    Alot of yall might not know. But troy is a philly niggah.
    And he done CAME the fuk UP…………..

    He actually was part of the “black friday fam”
    Way back when sigel & eve first got out on.

    “i know they like how they collide
    He roll with ROC
    Beanie sigel
    philly philly lol

    That was before the roc vs ruff ryders beef. Lol
    Our while the tension was brewing. Lol
    A lots of cats dont know, that them bars was sigel
    Letting cats know, shet was going to end up getting real.

    Or atleast philly niggas felt the vibes & heard rumors. Lol
    But fuk it we still alive and we still in jummahh. Lmao

    But on the real when black friday split.
    Sadiq took sigel and roll with the roc.

    Troy took eve and roll with ruff ryders.
    But troy took it further, and expanded out.
    He was tge one that took eve mainstream
    Hollywood. Movies, tv shows, thats why eve fell back on rap.

    Althoufh troy & diq older then me,
    I was a youngin, when i first started hanging Round them.
    Shet they werent old themselves.
    It was @ black friday i first came in contact with the camel,= jay-z
    Niggah had a 250,000 dollar bentley sitting outside with nj tags.
    Sitting on a duckey block in the middle of north philly.

    Now that i think back. The split of black friday prolly had a lot to do with jay-z
    And the ruff ryders beef that was brewing.
    Remember in 98 they went on tour, together.
    Thats the real reason why the hard knock tour was put together
    Beans was wit the roc,
    eve was wit ruff ryders,
    But it was philly niggas that, was the tie that binds them all.

    & as that beef grew in house, it leak out into mainstream

    Lol thats why X said. ” i only gave you the crown to shoot it off your fuking head”.

    But when sigel said .

    “I’ll leave it up to hov to X out tommy bunz.”
    Niggaz had no idea want he really meant, or the history behind it.

    But sitting back reflecting… That nigga troy, was the smart one.
    And he prolly knew jay wasnt no good back then.
    And after looking how jay shetted on everybody.

    Troy still the only niggah that major in the game on the low.
    Cause he seperated himself way back then…..
    And once he discover lady gaga, and took her to akon,
    Or who ever. The niggah aint never look back. Lol

    Much respect to the homie,
    I am kind of mad, i aint make the niggah take me with him.
    But i was still doing my thing.

  • Lady Gaga’s Manager is Vincent Herbert.  

  • timwest1000

    Seriously, this chick is not all that. Nor is the girl who stole her name. Nor is any of te females that come out these days. This chick is as corny as Nikki. And I am so tired of EVERY rap chick being gay. Go gay and sell a million to all gay people because they relate to you. The gays are the new predjudiced society that supports each other with a fury! LMAO Hip Hop is tight shorts small shirts and flip flops. Aint that right Ye?