Bay Area Rapper Baygeen Surrenders Over Homicide Charge

(AllHipHop News) A local Bay Area rapper has surrendered for the Valentine’s Day murder of a 23-year-old man in San Francisco.

Rapper Baygeen was a member of Mac Dre’s Thizz Nation and he even appeared in DJ Vlad’s documentary “Ghost Ride the Whip.”

But, authorities claim Baygeen, born Derek Ray Pittman, was responsible for the February 14 murder of Danell Lashawn Stevens.

Stevens was shot and killed in North Vallejo and after an investigation in February, police issued a warrant for Baygreen’s arrest.

Baygeen, who was also part of the group The Crest Creepaz, turned himself in yesterday (April 17) and is being held without bond in the Solano County Jail.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Dam this is not the way to get yourself national acclaim if your a starvin artist IMO!  Its too bad people have to find out about you in this fashion. 

  • immackulate

    welcome to the CRESTSIDE … its the Triple C’s
    welcome to the CRESTSIDE … phuck all my enemies
    welcome to the CRESTSIDE … 3 C’d down, we gon’ shoot up the whole mf town!

  • What is it about rapping and jail that goes together?

  • ayo SMACK!!! who is this nigga?!

    • immackulate

      hitman holla or aye verb ???

  • rep87

    Never heard of this guy and if he is convicted over this crime its a done deal !



  • bossflossy

    dude he killed was e-40’s nephew, son of his brother d-shot

    • tbirdandkoolaid

      damn..that’s cold. hillside/crest funk?

      • immackulate

         … aint that hillside/crestside phonk the reason Mac Mall and the click didnt really phuck with each other like they was supposed to … and aint they family too

      • tbirdandkoolaid

        not sure about being them family…

        just like EVERY other black city. this side don’t mess with that  side etc.

        don’t think is was major funk. can’t really speak on it. not from the v.a.l.l.e.j.o

        h double ll side tho. ah ole school mobb sheet

        think its more like east O don’t mess with dirty west type of rivalry. call it rivalry not funk.

        funk to me is bodies dropped. rivalry busted lips, and getting stomped on site.

        grew up listening to the shot caller and to hear it son got killed it’s crazy

    • Mouthpiece317

      Damn I was wondering if the dude he shot was related to E-40 as soon as I seen his last name was Stevens..Thats fucked up mane..D-shot’s son? Thats crazy!

  • Next, on “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong,”…

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  • I used to want to be a rapper. Then I heard you to have to “KEEP IT REAL”, I decided to get a 9-5 instead. SMH

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