Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique, Romeo Draw Thousands During Charity Event In Jackson, MI

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop mogul Master P. and his children inspired thousands of teens last weekend during a free event in Jackson, Mississippi.

Master P.’s kids, Cymphonique Miller and Romeo, appeared at the “Always Dream Big Event” with Mayor Harvey Johnson.

“So many excited kids with big dreams to go to college made this event a success,” Master P. said of the turnout.

Lucky teens received bicycles, toys, clothing, and even book scholarships for college at the “Always Dream Big Event,” which was sponsored by College League Apparel and WJMI/WKXI radio stations.

Cymphonique, who stars in Nickelodeon’s hit show “How to Rock”, and his son, actor/rapper Romeo, said that education has always been stressed in the Miller household.

“In our family, education is extremely important,” Master P. said. “The Always Dream Big campaign inspires kids to dream big by making college a reality,” said teen TV star Cymphonique Miller.

Check out some video below:

  • j t

    One minute he slangin dope on records and getting head and the next minute he’s trying to inspire kids ,P is cool but too many mix messages bro. You cant represent good and evil. Please dont say our music is the reflection of our community becase thats BS 5% of our people have hood/gangsta menatality. What about the other 95% of reg black folk whos repping for them. ijs

    • brotha_man

      You dont know what he feels sometimes you feel trapped in a situation and turn to the one thing you know… raps about have rappers that glorify it and other rappers that rap cautionary tales. That doesn’t mean he is not remorseful, the one thing you can big up to is the fact that he is making sure his kids don’t fall in that trap. P always talks to kids in the schools and community about drug and violence awareness. He cares about his community alot and I believe he regrets the decisions he made.
      I dont understand your statistics 5% hood/gangsta? are you referring to lifestyle?menality?drug dealers? 95% of reg black folks? what does this even mean?

    • You shouldn’t just “ijs” anything never. You don’t even make sense and must be a youngin’ and if not then you just don’t know hip hop or even Master P. P always been giving back and teaching his artist from the beginning to own and give back. He made all his artist millionaires and made all them by a house and real estate before they got a car or jewels. That’s what hip hop is, it’s the evolution of our community. Thing is he started cursing and all and now he don’t curse in raps nor talk crazy.

    • Brick Soulja

      You can’t bring up that man’s past every time he tries to change for the better.


    its beautiful to see P giving back to the community alot of rappers dont even care about the kids but P is always giving back to the kids and families in need. He is a true inspiration of makin it out the hood and not forgettin where u came from

  • Lonzo Silas

    As a person that was born and raised in Mississippi, I was surrounded by Southern Hip-Hop music.  Artists like Master P and the No Limit Family, Eightball and MJG, David Banner, etc., have all consistently done work like this in Mississippi for years.  I am proud that this website has been one of the few that showcases the good as well as the bad in Hip-Hop.

    With that being said, whenever, I come to this website, I usually can count on the editor to ensure that certain errors are corrected before they are posted.  The main thing that stands out to  me in this particular article is that in the video, they correctly abbreviate Mississippi as “MS” while this website leads one to believe that Master P and two of his children were in Jackson, Michigan.  

    As a person with a degree in Mass Communications, I understand that from time to time, errors will be made when things go to print/posted.  However, this is one of the things that should have been caught by someone!  Outside of that, I think that this was a well written article.

  • greenvision

    I was there and my kids had a blast, I’m really glad Master P, Romeo, & Cymphonique came out to encourage the kids to go to college and take their education seriously. my kids haven’t had that much fun in a long time. best Easter ever

  • P been doing charity events for the hood.  I will always respect him for that.  I don’t know who this person is saying he sending mixed messages because this don’thave nothing to do with music, it’s about giving back which he consistently has done.  When Katrina hit, he was one of the first to jump up and give money and donations.  Hell, you can tell he has a good heart and teaches good values, look at his kids! Romeo went to USC on a basketball scholarship and his daughter is on a hit Nick show. Keep up the good work Miller fam.

  • Jackson, MS

  • Brick Soulja

    I saw Big Boz and Lil Boz there, which was a good thing. It’s amazing that Big Boz and Master P are still best friends after all these years and millions. That’s loyalty at it’s best.

  • P’s new TMZ mixtape is the truth. His New label NO Limit Forever has a bunch of new mixtapes coming out. Cant wait. Keep it up P