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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Rick Ross Get Kicked Off Supafest?

Last week, Diddy went ballistic on Twitter after the organizers from Australia’s Supafest dropped him from the lineup. Well, we are hearing that Rick Ross may have also been dropped from the festival as well.

Apparently, the concert tickets were not selling as much as the organizers thought, and finances were the main reasoning behind dropping both artists from the lineup.

Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Lupe Fiasco, Ice Cube, Trey Songz, Naughty By Nature, and Big Sean are still on the roster, with T-Pain and Ludacris making special appearances. Supafest runs April 12-22.

  • zakkx420

    nobody likes diddy or ross, big suprise……..

    • nobody cares what you think! big dick in your mouth!

      • 412VC on Twitter


      • @Prescott_Racks

        u did u replied

  • illymac

    didnt AHH report last week that Rozay
    cancelled his performance 
    because the money wasnt right??

    EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Issues Statement Regarding Canceled Shows In Australia
    by Grandmaster Grouchy Greg April 14th, 2012 @ 10:19am

    “The promoters never sent the money for the show i love you guys! I’m MAD as F**k I’m very upset that the promoters that contracted me to come never fufilled [sic] the damn contract!…My 1st ever Australian tour is going to be cancelled because the promoters did not fufill [sic] the contract! CRAZY!!!”

    This is the reason everybody complains about ol’ Sydney..
    Grouchy Greg reported this shit almost a week ago..

    • @Prescott_Racks

      u believe the promoters of the tour couldnt secure a deposit for ross but they did for big sean, chris brown, and lupe then u believe rick ross is a good artist.

    • Trust it wasn’t no money issues. That was Ross trying to talk that BOSS talk like he always try to do the same with Birdman when he’s lying or get caught up he always start talking that street and boss talk. FOH get to the point, no one wanted him on that tour. Ross only $25, 000 in the states I know that for sure so you think they didn’t have money for him? Please they didn’t want his fake KingPin ass.

  • HMMM…. first Illseed announces his comeback on facebook and all of a sudden Sydney Lace is writing relevent articles.. and not ending them with a question directed at the readers……
    even the love talk and slow jams articles took a backseat

    hmmmmmmm….  (strokes beard)

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    Officer Ross cant go platinum even with guest features and now he cant meet a quota in ticket sales. smh

    • @Prescott_Racks

      tick,tick,tick,tick….anyone knows what that is?

      • @Prescott_Racks

        rick ross’s time in the spotlight the world is round and u can only put out so much bs and rob ppl of the work for so long before it catches up to u.

  • 412VC on Twitter

    It just wouldn’t make sense to bring U.S police to Australia. Every country has law enforcement. 

    Follow me @412News:twitter 

    • 4-12 tru that bro. US Police have no jurisdiction in Australia. lol lol lol Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyy *50 Cent’s voice* Ricky just destroyed himself with the lies of selling drugs so in Australia they actually think he will come and do drug business in Police uniform . hahahahhahahahahah

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  • I find that hard to believe that it was because of ticket sales.  You mean to tell me that Lupe Fiasco and Naughty By Nature is hotter than Ross right now?  Not buying that at all.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      well yes, old school artist are well known over there and constantly touring over seas because there is less money back on this side for them. Lupe isn’t hard streetz but pop which makes him popular, they know ross but they won’t complain if he’s not on the schedule…

      • Tony G.



    Okay okay kay kay kay

    Lets be honest……rl

    Ross has never been a what you would called a super star.
    His albums are average at best……

    His best albums sales wise, i believe was his first one in 06

    After the news drop he was faker then a 3 dollar bill.

    His sales also drop…………… Now fast foward to

    Def jam drop his label mmg after triple C’s flop.

    Also it was until teflon don, that def jam then decided to put the
    “machine” behind ross. Because to be honest def jam has no relevant star left.
    Besides kayne, who prolly has a lot more say over his career then ross.

    Once teflon flop barely going gold after damn near 6 months pass
    And off the strength of aston martin music with chrisette.

    Ded jam realize that ross is prolly done, & had his run….

    Enter warner bros, where lyor cohen is a shot caller.
    Who was also at def jam when ross signed back in 06.

    He throws ross a bone, tells him to drop triple C.
    Put together a new squad MC’s who can actually rap.
    And submit an album….

    Ross grips wale, who got drop. Signed meek mills.
    Together they make made men vol 1.
    Now that album ross prolly fianance himself, being that two singles off the album were meek
    Mill tracks. That meek got from jahil beats.

    Once ross puts a team together lyor make a phone call to his jew crew of colleagues
    And poof.

    Ross is all over radio doing shows, and is everywhere.
    But that album flops only doing 60,000 his first week.

    I sure lyor didnt like them numbers…. After he put the machine behind ross yet again.
    To make matter worst.

    Wale drop his solo and not only outshined the group albums,
    But sold more then ross last albums, in the first week….

    Its only so long fake thugs can pretend.
    The last year ross WAS only popping. Because warner bros
    Were pushing them. So of course thats all you heard and seen next to ymcmb.

    Ross is done as a artist. He will drop his last album for def jam,
    If he lucky. And slowly fade away.

    I doubt the promoter of this show didnt have the money….
    We not talking a local promoter in a club, backing out.

    I sure this concert is big business with many sponsors,
    Abd if they got or had everybody else bread.
    Including airfare & hotels for the ither artist.

    I am sure they had ross money, but decided he wasnt worth it.
    Its might be the opposite. The concert promoters prolly are selling alot of tickets,
    WITOUT ROSS, and because ross is prolly trying to get as much bread as possible cause his career is almost over prolly over charge….

    And his rider prolly got to many demands lol…
    Rider is an industry term fyi.

    Niggah prolly wanted 500 lemon & herb spice wingstop wings in his dressing room.
    Aint no Wingstop over there lol

    But this niggah career is done. This is just the begining.

  • D_Ably

    They obviously thought ‘Oh shit why are we payin stupid money for puffy and ricky when we already got Luda?’ then they made the calls.

  • Tony G.

    I’ll just say this..I doubt that had anything to do with money..and I doubt that them being dropped will effect sales one way or the other…at least diddy woulda entertained a little..but ross isn’t worth paying to see live…he’s basically a club performer..the only time he gets to do big venues is events like this or radio events like summer jam…i know i wouldnt wanna see his big fat ass and tits on stage for 30 min or however long he performs

  • i saw supafest advertised on tv yesterday. they still had puffy and ross advertised as attending. lame as

  • Of course he doesn’t sell much tickets, lol he not really worldwide like people think, I won’t be surprise they drop big sean next

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    officer ricky isn’t as big as he makes out to be everything with him is smoke n mirrors  

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i wouldn’t want to see puffy nor da bawse…i’ll pay to see cube or kelly rowland…..lupe too…..treach and vinny as well…maybe big sean

  • rep87

    Rick Ross want lose no sleep over this and Diddy damn show want they have over book themself and cant pay all these artist just keep it real how do you kick someone off a tour if they haven’t perform one show? Damn S Y that Meth got you !

  • Wow hating aint never gon stop.. y’all like pack of hungry hyenas after a few months of starvation..just attackin eythang Rozay n Diddy dnt need em Oz mofuggaz n ddnt ross tour UK succesfully….smh to ul stupidness

  • MrTroyMercy

    Lowkey, the show had a better lineup without them.