Mac Miller

Mixtape Review: Mac Miller’s “Macadelic”

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Macadelic begins with the intro, “Love Me As I Have Loved You”– filled with lust-filled women speaking in all different directions and languages, shrouded in a hazy backdrop with the melody ‘Row-Row-Row Your Boat’ being whistled. The mixtape, featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Lil’ Wayne, bears a cover and title possibly influenced by Jimi Hendrix in his Ladyland years, contains several movie samples like Willy Wonka, and even has a “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” melody thrown in. This comes after mixed reviews for his debut album Blue Slide Park, and this melting pot of ideas and sounds may be the perfect remedy for the young spitter.

The best part of this project is the production. Almost every beat here places you in a trance that’s hard to escape, especially if you’re listening through headphones. “Thoughts From A Balcony” is the first track that really grabs you, with synth lines that circle around your eardrum and synths that keep it at a steady rhythm. “Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes)” relies on dramatic instrumentation provided by Clams Casino. “The Mourning After” and “Fight The Feeling” also do a good job of this, with the latter keeping an uncanny optimistic tone. It features Kendrick Lamar, whose flow is also uncanny: “Hours out my day/ Just to find power/ Shit to say/But, you won’t hear it/Even if your ears were pierced with/ Beats by Dre.”

Features are welcomed here, as he sometimes seems uncomfortable carrying the workload in his own. Though there are signs of improvement on his flow and lyricism (“Desperado”, “1 Threw 8”), Mac still seems to bounce and feed off of the guest rappers that accompany him.  “America”, produced by beat-tape alum Hannibal King, features Casey Veggies and Joey BadA$$ who both provide memorable contributions over the war, villain-esque sounds, as does Mac. “Aliens Fighting Robots” has futuristic sounds that make it sound like it was recorded in a Halo video game studio, and guest Sir Michael Rocks has his phasers set to kill rather than stun. Speaking of extraterrestrial weapons, the self-proclaimed Martian Lil’ Wayne makes an appearance on “The Question”, a groove heavy jam where Weezy brings some needed life.

The pros outweigh the cons on Macadelic. Miller also has a few braggadocio tracks that are hit (“Lucky Ass Bitch” featuring Juicy J) and miss (“Ignorant” featuring Cam’Ron), but Mac is smarter here than he was on Blue Slide Park. He’s better when he sits back and lets the beats and catchy hooks do most of the work. Even fans of hating on Mac Miller won’t be able to deny most of these grooves.

  • timwest1000

    LMAO-look at that audience. Im white and even I know if all of your fans are only white, yu aint doing shit. These “fans” are the same people who was digging Hanson and Justin Bieber at one time. The production on his shit is old school and I did not know he tried to sound so much like Drake, this is bullshit.

  • KingChandler

    I can’t stand Mac Miller, this dudes fanbase is the same people that keep the trash that is currently on the radio in rotation, suburban teenagers, well good for them, I’m 26 years old and what I consider good hip hop is nothing similar to Mac Miller. Not to say it’s wrong for someone else to enjoy his music but I’m a grown ass man and kiddie raps about smokin trees everyday and fuckin ho’s just doesn’t move me. I’d rather bump Cormega- The Realness, which in my opinion is one of the best hip hop albums ever, and the sad thing is that most the people that read this probably have never heard of… I’m so glad I came up in the Golden Era a.k.a. The Grimey 90’s of hip hop when songs like Ruff Ryders Anthem were on heavy rotation on the radio, this shit now a days is a disgrace, I don’t mean to rant too much but all this “Swag” rap and rappers talkin bout smokin all the time is played. I blaze as much as the next dude but when I do smoke and listen to my music I don’t wanna hear the artist i’m listening to talk about how much he smokes, I don’t give a f*ck is you blaze ten zips a week, make some thought provoking shit that the average dude isn’t capable of making. Now instead of real spitters, the most played artists on the radio are a black chick that wants to be a white chick (Nicki Minaj), a wannabe blood that turned into a skateboarder and wears leopard jeggings (Wayne), and Drake who can actually spit but tries way too hard to be a thug when he’s on tracks with other so called gangstas. N e way, this turned into a rant afterall…lol f*ck it though,  nothin wrong with venting. And save the comments talkin bout how I went off topic…I know that…this is strictly an opinion, you can still continue to love your pop tart rap.

    • mrgibson

       Mac makes a few songs that i can dig, mostly with other heavy hitters when he steps his game up.  I don’t see myself buying an album or anything because I can do anything with most of his music.  Nas to me is the perfect rapper/artist because he hits all the avenues and still makes true real music. 

    • im 21, i know mega from listening to hella nas/the firm. ima check out the realness good looks.

    • dbrett4

      then listen to childish gambinos new album or acid rap by chance the rapper

  • PowerBorn

    yeah yeah yeah
    Im nineteen ninety grimey forever too
    but the young fella Mac is dope!!!!!!!!!
    get a rueben from Gullifty’s
    grab some 40s from Original’s
    smoke some $hady ave and let it
    do what it do..

  • ladynamor


  • ladynamor

    @Powerborn -Bull shit-who drinks 40’s anymore? who says dope? young fella? You gotta be a white dude yo. No wonder you cosigning this bullshit. Then you sayin nigga, probly jewish and shit. YOU MF”S ARE RUINING RAP!

  • joneslife4

    “He’s better when he sits back and lets the beats and catchy hooks do most of the work”

    Thats basically saying, “Hang the mic up”. You’re saying theres nothing about Mac Miller that we should continue to look for. As a HIP HOP artist you should be saying something…apparently he isnt, right?

  • pretty good mixtape, he can rap and i like him but nobody is touchin mickey facts’ mixtape until ab-soul or kendrick drop somethin. also jon connor and los are killin it more than mac but we know how some rappers get that massive fan base but those fans know nothing about real artists