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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West, The Woman Abuser?

Looks like it never ends for Kanye West these days. As he gets more and more into this Kim Kardashian thing, he’s got to realize that everything comes out in the wash. And that’s not just Kim’s undies. Amber Rose has already stated that Ye was physically abusive to her and now his ex-fiancee Alexis Phifer is apparently spilling the beans too. Well, her friend is spilling the beans. They were engaged for 18-months and then something happened. According to a source with the magazine, Alexis found naked pics of Kim Kardashian on his phone, before he met the slore. And, she confronted him about it. After some arguing, they got into it.

“He said he couldn’t control who sent him the photos. But then he started getting dramatic – huffing and puffing and making a bid deal. They went outside and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with all his force. She was wearing a t-shirt and she got cuts and scratches everywhere and was bleeding. She was crying.”

Check this though: Alexis was friends with Kim before Kanye even knew her! Anyway, they say Kanye left Alexis right there in the bushes, hopped in his car and left – allegedly! Well, he’s hitting Kim a lot from the back.

  • rep87

    What do you expect from a rich closet punk he really hate women because he want to be one AHH just cant get over this dude is gay

    • immackulate

      you aint never pushed a bytch down … beat a bytch thigh up or nothing ????


      man it get like that sometimes – and i aint condoning abuse but sometimes even the best relationships end up in a little physical altercation

      it makes the “make up” better

      • that may be one of the dumbest things i have read in a long time.

      • Papi Peligro

        Females put they hands on people.  I would never hit a female unless she abusing my child at the moment.  Females gone get in your face get out of hand do all of that.  She gone push you til you snap. But if you with a female that get down like that you ain’t with a female that’s really on yo team. She bout self. So she ain’t worth hitting or the bush you pushed her in.

      • immackulate

        now see thats a logical man that understand that life aint BLACK AND WHITE or CUT AND DRY

      • immackulate

        man shut yo HOLIER THAN THOU azz up – you just read me type I AINT CONDONING ABUSE – but you really gonna sit there and act like this aint normal – like yo mama and daddy never got into it before – like yo; old lady never pushed you to the brink where you felt like PILEDRIVING her azz into the carpet  –   i cant go thru life fronting like my shyt dont stink i leave that for you – i literally beat a FROG in my baby mama leg for taking it too far when i asked her to stfu – calm the phuck down


      • oh man i am holier than thou because i think beating on a woman is disgusting.  typing “I ain’t condoning abuse but” is no different than saying “i’m not racist but” and then making a blatantly racist remark, or saying “i’m not homophobic but” then making a blatantly homophobic remark.  and yes I have been pushed to that point and you know what i do.  i act like a REAL F*CKING MAN, and walk the F*CK away from the situation.  thats what it means to be a MAN.

      • immackulate

        kick rox chump – i aint turning the other cheek for NOBODY – she punch and slap me in my face than im’ma beat the shyt outta her leg until she calm the phuck down or learn her lesson

        like i said i dont condone abuse but i do condone PROTECTING MYSELF

        i just watched a video the other day and it was like 5-6 females beating the shyt outta one dude … was he supposed to walk away like a man when they had his azz pent up in the corner lol

        phuck outta here with that sucker shyt man …

      • you are completely confusing self defense with abuse. abusing women is sucker shyt.  self defense is defending yourself from someone that is acting you but that doesnt always mean beating the shyt out of someone.

      • CaliTransplant

        If your lady is vexing you, take a walk or dump her ass; get counseling, but don’t you know they’ll lock you and her ass up for that shit? Be smarter and calm down. If your girl is putting her hands on you, get a new girl…period.

      • exactly.

      • ladynamor

        seriously, you need psychiatric counseling for your issues. Were you butt fucked as a child?

      • immackulate

        what … nah baby not at all LOL i dont know where you came up with that one from – its some shyt that happened damn near 10 yrs ago out of retaliation AND now that its over i can sit back and laugh about it

        just like she can!

      • immackulate

        lol baby said i need psychiatric counseling … thats funny cuz my old lady just spoke on going to relationship counseling – not for ME – MYSELF but to better our communication AND she put her hands on me once and snatched me out the club … would you say she needs psychiatric counseling too? lol

      • Casor_Greener

        What type of clown brags on hitting women on the net. this dude is a gump…

      • immackulate

        RGN – lol niggah i wasnt bragging i was showing empathy for the situation – maybe i should have expressed my regret before i posted my response LOL so you nigghs wouldnt feel some kindah way about what i typed – long story short –

        if she would hv kept her hands to herself OR stfu like i asked her than i wouldnt have lost my cool LOL

  • Every famous black person either cheats on, abuses or rapes women. Mike Tyson, 2Pac, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and now Kanye West.

    “Hoes make the world harder than it has to be” – Dr. Dre

    • David Gonz


    • johnblacksad

      Tiger Woods >>>>>>> David Carradine

      Listen w!gga, I choose Mike’s, Pac’s, Kobe’s, Wodd’s and West’s lives over David Carradine’s… hang dead by the balls because he was on some crazy white boy shet.

      …and what about this new trend of rednecks that want black bulls to breed their slutty white wives?

      F a Dietrich Von Bakkkon

      • whoa whoa who, wtf are you talking about with the rednecks and black bulls?  you are kidding right?

      • wtf, i just looked this shyt up.  what a weird f*cking world we live in.

    • Papi Peligro

      BLACK PERSON. You out of yo mine if you think its only black people.  At least we us get relationships. These dudes is out her banging strippers and pornstars.  Going home to they wife. Why you think the republican convention is in Tampa.  

    • johnblacksad

      I hope i don’t need to tell you how stupid you are because you should already know… unless you even too stupid to realize it

      Here’s what you should have said : “Every famous black person either cheats on, abuses or rapes women… like Blacknold Scwharzenigger and Blackliot Spitzer!”


    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      So those are the only famous black people? Those 5?  OK

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      yo go choke on a piece of bacon & Die trick. well you wanted responses and here they go…

  • johnblacksad

    How could he be so Heartless?

    • immackulate

      YO that shyt was phunny as hell … i read that shyt in AUTO-TUNE llamf

      • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • Thought this was pretty obvious, go listen to All of the Lights, Blame Game etc

  • jkirkoboi

    people in here frontin..he ain’t the only 1


  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Funny thing is, this beautiful queen looks better than ALL of those other slores. 

    • immackulate

      baby is cute

  • Slaughtr

    Apparent camouflaged peach nectar nigga.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    for all yall know Kim probably hitting Kanye from the back, from the way Amber had this dude wide open while she was living in luxury.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Yep..it’s all coming undone according to the illuminati handbook…Maybe the throne is getting out of the game. tick tick tick. I wonder who the new elite is?

  • “getting dramatic – huffing and puffing and making a bid deal” no not fagboy!! i mean kangay.. wait what his name

  • Sosa_Limone

    yooo his ex shorty look ten times better than kim kardashian or amber rose… and she probably is alot more wholesome and respectable (pretty much every girl besides supa head is more respectable than kim kardashian though)… basically what i am saying she looks like the type of girl u can wife.. no guy is gonna wife kim k after ray j and that whole thing with chris humphries… i willl never forget how she tried hogging the spot light from reggie bush when he won the super bowl… she tried makin it look like it was for her smh

  • Gotdamnitit’s Dc Robertson Jr.

    kanye a chi town nigga he’ll whoop a bitch inna minute

  • Amber *Industry girl* moved on 1st and hers was a choice of desperation

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