Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Working On Baby #2 Already?

According to Star Magazine, Jay-Z and Beyonce are eager to give Blue Ivy a sibling, and are already working on Baby #2. The couple allegedly wants their children to be close in age, and began working on creating another million dollar baby while on vacation last week in St. Barts. Check out a few excerpts from the magazine below:

“They see no reason to wait.”

“Beyonce has said giving birth and dropping the baby weight was far easier than she thought.”

“It took them a while to conceive Blue Ivy, so they don’t want to waste another second.”

“Beyonce and Jay-Z adore being parents, and they’re as hands-on as they possibly can be. Beyonce has found a passion other than music, and it’s being a mom.”

Well, they sure can afford to have another child, and Jay-Z isn’t getting any younger. Good luck to the Carters!

18 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Working On Baby #2 Already?”

  1. therealest1

     “Beyonce has said giving birth and dropping the baby weight was far easier than she thought.” – Yeah, perhaps she never really did have it physically since it seemed like a sham of a pregnancy like everyone suspects.

  2. MrTroyMercy

    well the bounty on sdyney Lace fingers has been lifted to 50 racks and more if you break his/her nose cause he’she most needs to go away. let me and i will give the scoop. peace. 

  3. MrTroyMercy

    we all know homegirl didn’t give birth at all…she too busy doing promo pics trying to undamage her credibility but you know all the gimmicks actually makes her less attractive. Just accept the fact that your reign is over … stop pulling weak azz publicity stunts and by the way why are thier babies or baby more important than anyone else. Blue aint no phucking first baby of hip hop smh. All these far more famous celebrities are having babies and are not going through this bullshet.. they make a buisness and mackery out of everything.

  4. DesignatedH8R

    Now that that thing is all busted open, mine as well keep popping out while Jay-Z still has a sperm count.

  5. jamaicanbornanbreed

    baby?…i didn’t knw beyonce had an baby…….i think its a great idea for her to be knocked up again…expecially if it keeps her out of the music field…b has lost dat sex appeal so she might as well be an housewife…if i hear another person say that baby is the anti-christ or the 1st baby of hip-hop…i’m gonna merc the 1st 5 skinny jeans niggas i see…..look as much as i dislike the carters….the baby did nothing and those not deserve unwanted pressure nor critisizim…it’s sad this baby is gonna suffer for the back lash for her parents….and jus cuz jay and b is her parents dnt mean this child will be a pop star….madame c.j. walker the 1st black millionaire had a daughter dat sure as hell didnt follow in her footsteps….as a matter of fact after ms walker died her daughter spent her familys wealth on heroin in harlem…..so lets keep our disgust to the parents and not the child……

  6. Gotdamnitit's Dc Robertson Jr.

    jay z can keep poppin em though i woulda been hittin it from da back a day after that 6 week check up

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