BREAKING HEAT: Shawnna “The Money Dirty”

[ahh_audio src=/4-23-12/Shawnna-TheMoney.mp3]

  • Dam all these girls are popping back up out of now where…..I am glad that they are back, the question is why wait so long for Nicki Minaj to come out and be successful, for you all to wanna rap again, when the lane for female rappers been open for over 5 years?

  • illymac

    May be off topic but,
    Shawna got a phat ass..

    • Negro Peligro

      Nope.  You spot on. 

    • jay

      nope you on topic playa. too chainz flow!!!!

  • brotha_man

    tru-fully Nikki force’n alot of females to come out of “retirement” because her gimmick is ruining the rap game for the “real” female rappers.

  • brotha_man

    La chat, Gangsta boo, and Marvaless wereya at

  • mrgibson

    Yawn, Shawnna is much better than this.  I wanted her to come out spitting some heat, this sounds like the same old “i get money, i hustle” that all these rappers open up with these days.  Hopefully she got the business side of her music shit together and can come out with music.  She’s my favorite behind Lauryn Hill.  

  • Daniel Davis

    Wack…and she rapping like two chains, be different people…please

  • Romia Blue

    *sigh*…I gotta go back to Block Music behind this. Very disappointed.
    ~puts her headphones in…skips to Candy Coated

  • Negro Peligro

    Yeah I ain’t feeling this. Like you dropped this and really thought this is it. 

  • youngsoldier973

    stop hatin on the girl nd give her a chance.. clowns

  • kingArafat_


  • Henry Bryant

    Hot!!!!!! Track

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