Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Tyga and Blac Chyna Having A Baby?

There is a “blind item” floating around the Internet that sounds an awful lot like it’s referring to YMCMB’s Tyga and King of Diamonds strip club star, Blac Chyna. Check out the blind item below:

Blind Item: Young Money Rapper Expecting Baby With Girlfriend
This Young Money rapper has kept his asset endowed exotic lady friend as a constant companion since they first linked up, but word on the street is her stomach will soon be bigger than that bubble butt and there’s no dancing around the situation any more. The moral of the story may be don’t get too fawked up while getting “Faded” cuz when it comes to keeping the kid “She Will.”

With the hints that this blind item is revealing, could it be anyone else other than “Faded” rapper Tyga?

  • @Prescott_Racks

    lemme be the first to say bitch we didnt care when a bitch he was with was shot so why would we care that the bitch is in his pockets for life…next u dum hoe

  • Mos High

    To each his own, but too many of us are carless in regards to who we end up impregnating. Some will make stupid comments but they or close friends probably breeded girls they should never have. There is no order just free for all, breed anyone any class of person. 

  • ccwaterbound32

    square….and to ole girl writing these so called hip hop rumors NIGGA PLEASE!!!!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    sydney…….i had hope for you….but after this rumor…..NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS TIGHT JEANS..NO LYRICS…COMMERCIAL ASS NIGGA…..if u gonna write this bullshit….the least you can do is have some pics of black chyna’s larger than life ass….who cares this slore has jus hit the poor man’s lottery and for the rest of her natural life will have her hands in his pocket….didnt son tour bus just gor shot up in idaho…or sum healivy white populated area

  • I hope he realizes that when gravity hits the boobs and ass on that girl she will not be a pretty sight…

  • David Sentongo

    “The moral of the story may be don’t get too fawked up while getting “Faded” cuz when it comes to keeping the kid “She Will.”

    Haha, creative. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Official done: this Criss Angel/Cary Hart look in Hip Hop. Can we get an original look?

  • johnblacksad

    Blac Chyna… Tyga… hmm… excuse-me but… who are they?

  • timwest1000

    Never heard of them  but I googled chyna and…I remember a time when a fake ass would have been a joke. Fake breast was only for skinny white chicks and blond hair was for valley girl airheads. These girls look like plastic dolls (in a bad way)
    I still like a womans soft natural body up against me. Cushiony and subtle. No implants could ever replace a real womans natural soft beauty. They both are generic. Old men with tattoos look nasty. When they go out of style you will look like the guys with the permanent gold teeth, out of date, looking to get them removed or covered with makeup. This new era is the blueprint for keeping up with trends gone wrong. SMH

  • And why is Blac Chyna relevant? And Tyga got your grandma on my scrawny dick? Man ya’ll need to stop TALKING bout these people and making them think they some-damn-body!!! What Blac Chyna DO for us?

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