Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’Ron Throws Shots At Kanye West and Kim Kardashian!

Cam’Ron took to Twitter over the weekend to take a few shots at Kanye West and his new boo, Kim Kardashian. Kim K. instagrammed a photo of her and Yeezy wearing matching Jordan Cement 3’s in NYC, and Cam re-tweeted the photo and called Kim a h*e, among other insults. Check out the photo and tweets below:

At this point, everyone knows that Kanye is dating Kim Kardashian, so is Cam’ron trying to start a lyrical beef with Yeezy by calling out his girl? What do you think?

  • therealest1

    Talking shit on Twitter! Big earring wearing shit. Pink wearing shit.

    • 1SOFLO1

      Tell him why you mad son!! @therealest1:disqus 

    • therealz

      im  therealz bitch

  • H. U. S.

    Wow, is this not the most childish shyt ever? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Kanye actually respect Cam?

    Come on Cam, you really wanna be heard that bad that you’d shyt on those who idolized you? So what Kanye hotter than you are now…..either stand up and be heard through your music, or shut up and disappear!

  • Cam need to concentrate on doing numbers like kanye before he talk trash…..and I dont even like Kanye but you gotta respect his production skills and his ability to crank out hits.

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  • What Cam’ron said is politically incorrect, but there’s clearly reason behind it. First, he’s trying to pump up his media game, and he’s doing it correctly. Second, why is Kanye with Kim, aside from the sex? He can literally have any woman in the world, yet he grabs the one that seems to be nearest to him. Kanye’s a great producer, but I haven’t been listening to his recent music as much, mainly because he’s not the same artist that I liked in past years. 

  • can ron is one of the wackest rappers ever,in his music he aint sayn shyt,but he wanna talk about kanye one of the best.

    • mike malarkey

       shut up bitch

      • scullyson


    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      vince u have any idea how many of your favorite rappers he ghost write for….u know how many dudes style he fathered…..i aint saying cam is in my top 10….but son aint whack and he’s up in my top 20 of best spitters of all time….dudes like you dnt even got big daddy kane on your list but i bet you got jigga though….typical

      • Killa is blowing up, Gunz and butta, Have you heard that album ? it’s super street so if you listen to Kanya you might not of heard it. Killa cam is coming back with that fire.  Nikki showing mad love all on the web, Wiz says cam is one of his fav, he is on TI album and many other projects.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        still waiting on the gunz and butta joint…in da mean time i’m on my u.n. shit……crack on steriods which is nore’s joint….and the latest bronson….whut up with writer and rell….where they at?

      • Casor_Greener

        Cam don’t ghost write for anyone worth a damn. Shut up with that nonsense

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i bet cam has ghostwrite for ur favorite rapper…how your name is amen ra but you have a white dude fishing with a frontier hat as your image….you know amen-ra…or amun is and egyptian diety..dont you

      • EL_BARK

        *********Grabs popcorn************

        In my north Dollas voice

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        dnt worry bark…i’m not gonna go in on dude…..i’ve had wayyyy to much e-beef…..everybody got an issue with da kid..i dnt knw if it’s cuz i’m jamaican or whut….i’ll gladly response to mr. ra…then i’ll plea the 5th

    • kanye even said, I use to spit my verses at Baseline (Studios), and just to be able to spit a verse in front of Cam was such a big deal to me and just for him to appreciate any of my lines coming from where I came from.” (Funkmaster Flex) . Cam would make Kanye sound stupid if he came at his with a diss record and one of the best like really ?  

  • who kanye screwn aint none of his bizznes

  • Everything isn’t always industry… damn! He’s just calling a spade a spade… SMFH! Why everybody always has to reach for more then what there is?…

  • immackulate

    dayum CAM aint say shyt about KANYE’s production – his gay azz fashion sense, or none of that shyt – he just said the same thang we’ve all been saying since Thera-Flu/Way Too Cold dropped – he’s wifing up an attention craved 1NITER  instead of being the next niggah in a long line of nobodies … now before anybody get to mentioning that every girls been with someone before they got with you, me or w/e the phuck … remember my chick and your chick aint famous so regardless of her history before You/Me – i still dont know of, will never know of the last or the list of niggahs she was with before ME … and my chick didnt walk down the aisle with 1 dude, while phucking REGGIE BUSH and KANYE WEST at the same damn time IN MY FUTURE VOICE

    • Casor_Greener

      REAL TALK!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    i think people need to stop using ‘da’ and other played out internet typing slang

  • allhiphop trynna start the beef yall always the media

  • timwest1000

    Cam is looking out for Kanye. REAL dudes see that.

    • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

      TimWest1000…..I Agree!!   Without confirming or denying anybody being real

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    didnt see an issue with his comment….dat bitch is a slore….whuts da big deal

  • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

    I always thought she was overated but I would def smash……..

  • therealest1

    That’s some immature shit, 2 grown people wearing matching sneaks.

  • cam, not lying  everyone knows kim is  hoe and hoes be winning 

  • Guillaume Pilon

    kim = scum bag

    everybody know that

    cam is cool and hes right

  • Get em’ Cam.

  • Thoughtsareus

    Cam does this shit whenever he’s bored he says something about Kanye because he knows Kanye will never say anything back to him. Cam just needs attention.

  • rep87

    Well hell he didnt lie plus Kanye is trapped in the closet and pals around with that gold digging whore this news has gotton old

  • I think yall are trying to start something.  Just seems like jokes to me, but hey whatever to get a story right?

  • Sosa_Limone

    kanye aint dumb… he knows kim is a jump

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    Cats just need to learn to focus on they self, how many dudes did yo moms go out with

  • World Wide

    smh at myself for clickin on this bull shit!

  • dominicancoke

    alot of dudes date jump off’s  kanye happens to be one of them dudes he date’s celebrity jump off’s and catches feelings for them. what do you expect from a sissy who wears skinny jeans and colorful jackets

  • dominicancoke

    cam’ron now i gotta talk to you.kanye has something you ain’t had in years a career i’m sorry but you jimmy juelz ya’ll niccas officially finished i hate kanye’s gay music and braggadosious im richer than you rhyme’s  but you’re cookies and some apple juice rhymes never made it no where you’re so 2002 oh boy

  • CamsPurpleFluffyDraws

    in my cam’ron voice…”boop boop dee woop woop, sugar lips gimme kiss, dip set!” funny cuz this cat walk, talk and dress like a “hoe”. again in my cam voice ” a whop bop a lu whop bam boo!”

  • thats not even cam’s real twitter smfh now i kno these rumors be real FALSE! 

  • Man I don’t know what ya’ll talking but I’ve heard some mean rhymes from Cam….Fuck all this extra shit though. Music from these guys is the ONLY thing I COULD care about really.

  • illymac

    Killa stating the obvious..
    these sucker for love ass clownz
    is turning hoes into house wives..
    After Ray J(Brandys brother),
    had the bitch all on video
    swallowing his cum..

  • johnblacksad

    I’m the tweeterer that tweets with the tweetest,
    I don’t sneak diss, i kicks the hoe
    You sneak to match your kicks with the hoe
    The sh!t’s disgustin… Dipset!

    • water_ur_seeds

      lmao, you ghost write for killa? just realised they both got such tight jeans i cant tell which ones ye and which ones kim

  • Kim K is not the type of chick I’d be parading around and wearing matching sneakers with. If you gonna smash..then smash and leave it at that. but then again…. he did date Amber Rose for a while so…whatever!

    • D_Ably

      hos attract hos

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  • digitallife

    Gotta take the attention off your sexuality by keeping a bitch that takes the attention off ya..Kanye’s learned well lol. The Luther Vandross plan for appearing straight lol.

  • digitallife

    Sneakers, sneaking, computers putin’/
    heaux winning, while kanye’s with his man tootin’/

  • brollya

    ya rumors gettin more ass and mor ass… is it a rumor wen he said it….. ya might as well kill this section cuz ya be dumb late wit the rumors and they be tru……so how is it a rumor….

  • Darkfather504

    who dates her might as well kiss Ray J. IMHO she’s not all that attractive in
    the face!

  • $21384666

    ALL i know is Cam is a orginal OG ….. only dude in the  game to never kiss any ass to noone….he always dun his thing …..8020 is his gig ….others are like 1585…… if anyone is makin skrill…..its cam…GETEM CAM

  • Raheem Classick

    A real person minds his own business, they don’t speak on other peoples passions or worry about anything that doesn’t concern them, But A lonely nosy ass mofo will gossip spread rumors etc”, Y’all get the point.   

  • Thomas Morris

    lol cam wrooong

  • wickedjones

    stop hating.

  • CamsPurpleFluffyDraws

    In my Cam voice …” I got a purple jet, purple lex / Fuckin wit Prince I call that purple sex” boop boop de boop boop, i’m ghost!

  • gmac11111

    he should be asking his dipset brothers Capo and Santana if hoes be winning…

  • The real question should be,Why is Cam following them anyway????

    • johnblacksad

      Because he’s the fella that follow the followers
      Quick to tweet-diss any twat with his fellow brothers
      Same b!tches that be like Cam, you one helluva brother
      Same b!tches that fukk on cam and kiss brandy’s brother,
      Yes, they kissing celebs, worst than that…
      They go home and kiss Kanye… that sh!t’s disgustin

  • Frank

    Nothing new. he been dissin kanye since jay n dame split. or right after that shit.

  • Paul Hansborough

    Kim  is a slut and Kanye just kissed every nigga in tha party!

  • Killa Cam can say whatever he want. Just like I’ma say dipset, bitch!!!

  • Dwayne Mason

    This nigga can’t spell though.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      nigga he  went 2 college smart nigas dont type full compllete correctly speled sentences or words online thats stupid n take 2 long sucka thug life

  • pimpthoughts

    this shit is hilarous! kanye west is a trick for likin on that slut. if i was Ray J’ i wudda had that slut hoin up about sum money. most them rappers are tricks and suckas for a bitch


    Get at that nigga “Cam”!!! How is anybody going to get mad at him when told the truth!!!

  • James Willingham


  • rp89

    Cam ‘ron just throwing shade because he wants some shine.
    Juju still just his girlfriend

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West .They are still richer and more famous and well liked .

    I don’t see his girlfriend Juju on Vogue or Cosmopolitan …not even acting on BET ..
    She’s on instagram FOR FREE .

    While Kim Kardashian gets paid for every like and tweet Instagram video’s
    And all her appearances …

    So who’s really losing Cam Ron ?