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Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Disses Pitbull and Producer David Guetta

Drake has made it clear in several interviews that he is not a fan of dance music. In fact, Drake has called out Pitbull and producer David Guetta’s music for not having “integrity.” Check out what he told NME Magazine below:

“For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn’t work,” he said. “I don’t really wanna go there. There’s other artists, that’s their sound. They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four to the floor, David Guetta, Pitbull music.”

Drake says that he is open to creating music for the genre but insisted his work has ”integrity and soul,” which would be watered down by working with an artist like Guetta.

“They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four on the flour, David Guetta, Pitbull music,” the 25-year-old Take Care rapper stated. ”For me, I’d rather go to somebody like [producer] ‘Jamie xx’ and tell him, ‘Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul.”’

David Guetta has previously worked with Young Money artist Nicki Minaj on two tracks – “Where Them Girls At” and “Turn Me On.” I wonder if Drake is saying that Nicki’s tracks don’t have any integrity either?

  • Pitbull will slam Drake on his face, he better be carefull…and I’m not a fan of Pitbull either lol

    • dominicancoke

      lol true pitt a hood dude and we all seen him scuffle and win

  • Carlos

    first of all, he did not dis pitbull, read the shit, he giving him credit for that music. he aint stupid, pitbulls music might be dance and all that but i bet he can still whip some ass.

  • Pierre Elliott

    PITBULL is cool. But still in the end, THEY ARE ALL COMMERCIAL artists.
    Drake you aint gully with it. Integrity is making music that touches ALL facets.
    From the heads on the street to the heads in the clubs, WITHOUT WATERING 

  • Drake betta watch what he say Pit didn’t start out a dance rapper, M.I.A.M.I. he can G it up if he wants to

    • dominicancoke

      drake aint directly diss him tho he talking bout the dance music he know better than to actually insult a hood dude from miami

  • Papi Peligro

    Man what about that Song him and Rianna got out.  Or that song he made for that British chick.  Or his whole last album.  He just got the blues but dude ain’t got no soul.  

  •  drake make RnB pop music whats he talking about? its like he got twenty hands by how much he feeling himself. lol

  • therealest1

    Jew Boy hater ass hypocrite shit!

  • ccwaterbound32

    who gives a shit..

  • immackulate

    i promise niggahs are applying BABY POWDER to they palms right now,  waiting to …


  • immackulate

    ON SITE!!!

  • $18592567

    I think Drake is a cornball, but he’s not dissing them dudes. He’s just saying that the type of music Pitbull and David Guetta produce isn’t for him as an artist. If Nas, Jay-Z or Gucci Mane made the same comment it wouldn’t be looked at as a diss.

     He’s 100% accurate in his assessments.

  • David Gutta is not a producer he buys those tracks from PRODUCERS gets rappers on it puts his name on it and spins em  thats all he does

  • shifty2283

    OH yeah cuz drake makes that authentic, down to earth music that EVERYONE can rock to right? f@ck outta here! I’m not a fan of pitbull by any means but drake need to stop acting like his music is soulful and heartfelt. 

  • RickyTracyDC

    No dissing here, he just stating his preference

  • Gaseous Clay

    hell he talking bout all he does is bite houston shit..HYFR = E.S.G….SWANGIN AND BANGIN….AND THE OTHER CORNY SONG BIT DJ SCREW

  • Pierre Elliott

    if you wanna be real.

    Pittbull be rocking them j lo beats.

    Drake be spitting them stupid dumb bars over some chill beats.

    they both commercial, and none of them are gonna fight..
    and none of them are gonna make a real HIP HOP record.

  • brotha_man

    pitbull prolly hate it too hes just following the money. Same with nikki she made it big and sold all the way out now she doesnt have the black vote so her feelings got hurt and wanna quit the game completely….so I guess Jimmy Brooks is right. 

    • johnblacksad

      You seeing right through Nicki too!

      Definitely lost the black vote… at least as far as i’m concerned… Pink Friday was downloaded but didn’t get no play… That Roman whatever… i swear i don’t even wanna find out what’s in there… that sh!t ain’t even getting DL’d!

  • brotha_man

    look at jimmy brooks being all outspoken….i guess Nickelodeon trained him well, school of hard knocks.

  • johnblacksad

    I already dissed Drake too much recently so i’ma let him catch a break this time… alright Drizzy, you gets a pass… now walk before i change my mind

    Besides, what he said wasn’t foul really

  • pitbull is real dude though,  Drake is a clown!

  •  Drake would probably lose the lyrical “beef” with Pitbull…lol   Taking shots at dance artists..

  • drake, you are an idiot!! have you heard the garbage music you’ve recently put out? you might as well have had a whole r&b album out! pitbull may not be the best MC but he definitely has more appeal than you..

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    whhhaaaattt….drake questioning another artists on soul AND INTEGRITY…..INTEGRITY MY NIGGA?…drake music has -5 percent soul and -50000 integrity….he jus jumps on wax and cries like dmx on vh1….wheelchair jimmy has no room to talk his music is as much pop as justin bieber..really i’m no fan of pittbull anymore..i rather his catalog bak when he first came out..but pitbull is a real ass nigga…and drake aint….plus drake would not say shit to pittbull face….hell get a elbow shot like his name was james harden…..BIG UPS METTA

    • Jadio

       You so hard

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        huh….yo son if u gonna write some shit like dat you have to follow such a statement with..and i qoute”no homo”

  • ulostatlife

    Later for that David Guetta/Pitbull,get the girls hype,loose and ready
    to smash on the dance floor BS..Drake drops that real..That emo,hug a
    wet kitten,cry yourself under the covers with a scented candle
    lit,watching the WE channel with Golden Girls in the background while
    you adjust your tampon music..Stop it Jimmy.You might end up rockin’ a wheelchair in real life Canada Dry

    • Numbuh Four

      Yo…that sounds like some Big Ghost type sh*t…got me weak over here.

    • Afastmcwithlyrics

      Man, I died reading this shit yo! This nigga Drake next album gonna b Yolovelli, watch.

  • Sho Tunez

    Are you kidding me? Is this foreal?

  • Sho Tunez

    and he hangs out in Miami??

  • Thoughtsareus

    These comments are coming from the most watered down,corny rapper in the game today. His music has soul and integrity ? Drake ? C’mon son your never gonna be considered an emcee which is fine but don’t act as your Chuck D or Krs-1 and your shit speaks for the people.Your wack nigga and your always gonna be wack and your the wack nigga who says niggas are hating when they don’t feel your shit or you say niggas are jealous,you sell more records blah,blah,blah. Pitbull would be Drake’s ass for talking shit but Drake will just have his people come at him like he did dude at the tattoo parlor. Wayne has done PLENTY of shit with NO integrity call him out instead of sucking him off in interviews. Charlamagne is right.Drake is just a corny guy that’s it lol

  • so wait !!! what would he call that track with rihanna ? huh
    again drake trying to be hard again smh you schooled by common know try beef wuth pit bull smh

    • That wasn’t a dance/house music track though it was just uptempo. He’s saying those other two artists don’t have SOUL. That Take Care track has a Gil-Scott Heron sample in it.. Thats SOUL.

      • Thoughtsareus

        I no doubt with never argue that Gil-Scott Heron is a Soul artist on many levels but just because an artist samples him doesn’t make it a SOUL record. It’s almost like being a rapper doesn’t make you an emcee. Just because you sample a sould record doesn’t mean you have a soul record. Kanye has done plenty of records that were pop based for himself or others that had classic R&B samples.

  • Bruce Sykes

    Drake on so far gone is classic. Drake today is garbage. Direct result of hanging around wack ass wayne and minaj. They ruined a guy who could have been great

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      putting the words “drake” and “classic” in the same sentence is BLASAPHEMY….wayne is a way better rapper than drake….not a fan of weezy or drake..but whut u just wrote was heights of b.s

    • Tony G.

      Dude…So far gone was far from a classic…albums like Ready to Die, Get Rich or Die Trying, Illmatic..etc…those are classics….SFG was just something that was different than what was out at the time…be careful when u use the C word…Rick Ross claims all his joints is classic…and u see what his albums amount to

  • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

    They always try to spin it (Drake vs Niki) NEXT!!

  • illymac

    OH Shit..
    Canada Dry
    talkin shit
    about Mr. 305

    talking about soul and integrity..
    thats a joke right??

  • dominicancoke

    is not really a diss. pitt definitely sold out his hood rap style for dance music but he still remains a real hood dude and a ex drug dealer he’s making a fortune now can’t judge’em.drake? hes not a wack rapper but he sure is a soft richie rich sade singing ass clown he should keep his mouth shut

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Come on, Sydney. Now you are looking at having to print a retraction.  Drake is not dissing them.  He is dissing the people who try and get down with them just so they can have an international appeal.   Other websites have reported this and reported it correctly.

  • David Sentongo

    i feel drake. i REALLY can’t picture him doing some any of that dance ish.

    • johnblacksad

      All Drake means is Dance Music too uptempo for him… He can’t picture hisself handling that… definitely prefers a nice azz sweet smelling slow mushy soft beat so he can sing his heart out in a nice pink booth! Prolly have a bag marshmallows in the booth with him when he spits too!

  • Ummmmmmmmm last time I checked “take Care” with Rihanna is a techno/David Guetta/Pitbull esque song. Drake STOP!

  • anemia716

    Pitbull ain’t no joke lyrically.  Just listen to his older stuff.  M.I.A.M.I was crazy.  Drake isn’t touching Pitbull’s REAL ability.  Pit is simply making music that will sell, same as Drake, but the difference is Pit is a real lyricist.  Come on…

    • timwest1000

      GTFOH! You had me till you said Pit is a real lyricist, come on dude…. Nah

      • anemia716

        He is. Listen to his old stuff. “Dammit Man” “Imagine That” which features Nas. Pit is a real storyteller.  Pit is a street dude.  I’m not saying he’s the best but he’s wayyyy more lyrical than Drake or anyone from YMCMB could ever hope to be

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    Drake ….Soul and Integrity….. Ummmm Ok

  • mrgibson

    He’s not dissing, but it’s funny that he’s acting like his sound is something new and original.  He took the Houston, TX sound and slapped it on some inner emotional type rap made for women and metrosexuals.  

  • johnblacksad

    Drake is the G.O.A.T. rapper for females!

    • immackulate

      phuck that … thats Cool J title

      • johnblacksad

        Damn, Drake really lost then…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i dnt knw jay…..big daddy kane had a major female following….remember he had four concerts in the apollo dat was sold out females only….did drake or cool james do dat

  • These YMCMB members need to take their Meds….Drake’s last album was very pop, it consists of everything that he is claiming, he is not…Make up your mind, if you diss David Guetta then you diss Nicki because she worked with him very recently.Rappers need to not talk and just do what they do because rappers obviously are uneducated, and stupid.

  • Tony G.

    This nucca is such a clown…U do songs like the one with Rihanna but then diss Dave Guetta..when ur label mate is working hard with him…and then wanna say ur music has soul and integrity?….wow

  • timwest1000

    Club music was invented in Chicago by blacks and watered down by white dudes, like rap is going…lacking soul

    • digitallife

      White folks been involved in rap since day one..white folks also lived in the south bronx when hip-hop was being birthed..I suggest you go and look at old school pics and videos..hip-hop only became a strictly black thing around the nwa era cause it went political..rock steady and company have all had white folks, ricans, dominicans, south americans, irish, etc since day one.

      • “White folks been involved in rap since day one..white folks also lived in the south bronx when hip-hop was being birthed..I suggest you go and look at old school pics and videos..hip-hop only became a strictly black thing around the nwa era”

        LMAO 10000xs! WHAT IN THE…??? homie…u aint THAT high man cmon…cmon stop it…

      • digitallife

        Hip-hop originally established in 1979..go look at pictures of rock steady circa 1980 and 1981….

      • ccwaterbound32

        77 actually but hey i could be wrong…

      • Hip-Hop’s official birthday is November 12th, 1974. And it isn’t DJ Kool Herc, it’s Kool DJ Herc. Yes, there were a few Whites around, but there wasn’t many. At around that same time, punk was being born. Herc was the first DJ, but it was Bam who took it world wide.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        look…i’m sorry for the rant…i proably misunderstood you…you said whites were around…not the building blocks of this culture…my fault..i took it to the extra going back to the playing dozens games and african drum chants….i see those as the preceders to this culture..nonetheless my fault brother…1

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        you  cant say hip-hop established without saying the name dj kool herc or da bronx…..you gotta be white….you just gotta be

      • digitallife

        Please point out where I said that kool herc isn’t the father of hip-hop or that it wasn’t birthed in the bronx? Seriously cuz you are really reaching right now…the only time I mentioned herc was to point out you mispelled his name…so again w.t.f you talking about?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        WHAT…MAN SHUT YOUR WHITE AZZ UP…..hip-hop was birthed in the south bronx dats true….my man cool herc who mixed street poetry with hard beats..it’s roots lie in dancehall music which is a form of reggae dat deals with two turntables and a micaphone(the foundation of any dancehall show)…insead of a band…which has been modified through time….there was ricans,dominicans and many of our brown brothers played a big part in this hip-hop culture…but you crackers was not there until you saw the market value and how much riches ya’ll could come up on….it was round the time blonde spit dat verse name dropping fab five freddy…but ya’ll was not part of the birth of hip-hop…ssshhhiiittt ya’ll wasn’t part of the birth of rock n’ roll either…..besides bluegrass i dnt knw what music you crackers created….i dnt even know if ya’ll created bluegrass….not even too sure whaut bluegrass is….you sound so stupid……before slavery when my ancestors would beat the ketta drum and chant to nature dat was a form of rap….back then africa was considered the dark continent by the europians because it was yet explored…hence you crackers wasn’t there…hence you have nothing to do with this thing of ours…not then and personally to you not now..hip-hop was born out of political struggle dumb azz…U NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE…DO A LITTLE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GET YOUR GHETTO PASS REVOKED….as a matter of fact run dat sh!t right now pale face

      • digitallife

        1. I’m not white..
        2. Ghetto pass revoked? Go to washington houses in harlem..knock down them projects then you can revoke my pass because my born place is gone..
        3. I was actually around to go to rent parties..I was actually around to know what union square was not the location but the club itself…
        4. You are a sideline fan talking about “My man kool herc) which you managed to mess up the legends name!!
        5. LMAO  banging drums when was the last time you took a trip to africa? My point exactly stfu you know less about your ancestry than you believe..
        6. Rick Rubin is what? White!!!
        7. You talk about educating yourself yet all you did was come in here and spew a bunch of nonsensical racist bullshit..gtfoh with that..Hip-Hop has always transcended skin color and where you come from..
        8. That black militant bullshit is dead brother..you need to wake your punk living in the past ass up and realize the only color that matters in this world today is “GREEN”!!

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        can u find any inaccurate descriptions….did dj kool herc not bring this culture to the bronx….i studied african literature and history in college….WE HAD TO TRAVEL TO GHANA TO COMPLETE THE COURSE…you wanna know why…its the land of departure for OUR ancestors….sorry to call you white..but your statement sounded like it came from a scarred white boy from the burbs…quick question how did i fuk up herc’s name…my family in jamaica has ties to the campbell family(herc real name is clive campbell)..u ask where i’m from well my name kinda gives dat away…and yes rubin is white he helped found def jam..which came after the birth of hip-hop so u need to shut da fuk up or do more research on your pc on dat one…i didnt say no black millitant shit…did i say kill da whitie no…i stated the truth…rap at his foundation was built on the backs of BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE…not crackers…u talk like you an old school black dude…but there are too many holes in your story…everything you say is b.s…….i know it must hurt to get schooled by a younger cat….but damn son i cant believe you are who you say you are…u gotta be a white dude like 20-24…i never said it dosent transcended color lines….i even dropped blondies name…and YOU dnt knw about african culture if u didnt know dat the drums was a tool to communicate through miles in africa…and you cant tell me my ancestors didnt sit around and beat drums and chant to nature..dumb bee-yatch they do it right now…i’m done wit this…you an old-head you should be dropping jewels…but your lieing about your own race….you need to wake-up and wash ur face…peace brotha(fu#$ing wigger)

      • digitallife

        Thanks for the encyclopedia, I wrote something a little longer and detailed I do hope the mods approve it for your greater education.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        look…i’m sorry for the rant…i proably misunderstood you…you said whites were around…not the building blocks of this culture…my fault..i took it to the extra going back to the playing dozens games and african drum chants….i see those as the preceders to this culture..nonetheless my fault brother…1

  • Big Crimes

    i don’t ever want to see pitbull’s name on this site again. i can’t consider him a rapper. i just can’t. i get what Drake is saying. 

    • anemia716

       Listen to his old stuff.  You must be a yougin because Pit as been puttin in work way longer that Drake.  Pit has some real storytelling abilities.  Today, yes he’s a pop artist but don’t let that fool you.  He’s just going where the money is.  He is still a beast with the words.

    • johnblacksad

       Real talk… Pitbull first verses went hard as fukk… listen to Born-n-Raised, with Rozay and Trick Dad… sh!t’s bangin… they locked the game down for a few weeks… right around the time Ross was comin up with Hustlin… Miami had it nice…  Cool&Dre… etc… it’s just that he realized ain’t no money in rap music no more, so he went club/pop/dance.. whatever you call it… can’t really blame him… it was a smart move.. latino/spanish appeal… sheeit latinos needs lovin too… plus it seems to work for him… Pitbull got my total respect… although i don’t listen to him… i wouldn’t think of questionning his integrity… seems like a real dude enough for me.

      And you know he would beat Drake azz in less time than Drake need to sing a hook… put him in a wheelchair for real for real this time

    • johnblacksad

       Sheiiit… Miami even managed to revive Bronx’ Fat Joe and make him hot again for a little while!

      “WE THE BESS!!!!!” *n my Khaled voice of course*

  • rmac138

    pitbull still a street nycca tho, juss switched his hussle, you should watch wit ya say, no need 4 tha comment, but rap itself  need some action, some beef, or sumthin, its nothin exciting going on, all this happy rap and wwe, make da shit interesting

  • Guillaume Pilon

    drake is right….pitbull got like 10000 tracks with the same lyrics

  • David Gonz


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  • Ronlg1

    There are a few phrases and words that Drake should NEVER use….They are “Watered Down”, “Integrity” and “Soul” 

    • Darkfather504

      LOL he most likely went to Ron, Baby and Lil tunchei  all emode out crying and ish!!!

  • digitallife

    This kids ego is out of control..I really hope Pitbull two pieces him he messing with the wrong dude..don’t got anywhere near florida anytime soon kiddo..David Guetta’s resume >Drake’s acting and music resume…only reason this dude can get away with singing is eventid harmonizer which he can take on the road that locks his voice into one note regardless of how off key he can be and he’s got the nerve to talk about integrity…it’s time someone puts this kid in his place.

  • SMH I swear I dont get the internet…one day you can have 80000 comments from people defending drake and whoever else over some obvious blatant bullshit…the next day its a 360 opposite! same niggas defending him are talkin shit about him now! awww what did he do he doesnt like who you like? whaaa! LLS drake didnt have integrity soul or any of that other shit when he makes tracks I DO like…and u know all hes gonna do is back track when hes asked about this… dude is a herb 365 days year round…why act surprised now? this is the same guy who made an excuse NOT to stand up for himself…LYRICALLY…not physically…and there was the same amount of comments defending his punk ass then…none of this dance music is intended for us….ALL OF IT is TERRIBLE for hip hop…that shit elevates NOBODY but these major labels…its a damn shame when you got chicks in the hood actin like their barbies from malibu talkin like valley girls actin like they ‘get it’…its brainless soul-less dance music with flat notes that any 3 yr old can sing…only a fuckin robot would be pleased where music is today…Its fitting thats its some crusty lookin white dude who makes all of pitbulls music and its so out of his character…that shit is built for slutty college white girls who get drunk and kidnapped in cancun every spring break…mimcking the oppressor is NOT a good look no matter how you try and spin it…

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      word my nigga

  • jay

    did we forget about kings of crunk?? born and raised??? pit use to go hard but now this dude making more guap than rap can give him. I respect him… wish he would drop a old pit album though or get on khaled track.

  • Pierre Elliott


    1. Puffy Whipcream— This house nigga made it OK for Hip-Hop to be sold to the highest
    bidder, reguardless of skill or integrity.

    2. The brotha who sold BET to Viacom. Who took elements of the Black Exp
    packaged it for consumption for all cultures, to say: Hey now I know what it is to be black.

    And the list goes on.  The whole world is on fire…Who do you wanna listen to in your 
    final seconds??  Drake and Rhinanna?  OR Earth Wind & Fire’s  “Thats the way of the World”

    Its about being to true to YOURSELF. Inside and out. All the clothes and hoes you
    could ever bang, still aint gonna save you…

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      wow mr. elliot…..whuts funny is in college i wrote a term paper entilited “da four horsemen of hip-hop” it was about 4 major events dat turned hip-hop in to this watered down pop cash cow….my 1st major event was the duel killing of bigg and pac…granted pac died before bigg but i intwined both tragedies..my 2nd event and the reason i replied was i blamed puffy for bringing in the shiny suits and rapping over quasi-techno beats and roc stadium music…when everybody saw him and mase cake up the game was never the same…my last two events are entitled as my 2nd chapter:da south rise again:in which i charge little jon for showing south dudes u didnt need crediable lyrics to sell..just a banging 808 beat and war-like chants…my last event was the houston takeover…swisha house made crazy cake bringing some of the most un-lyrical dudes ever:mike jones,paul wall,chamilonare,trae,slim thug..etc….these dudes futher prove lil jon’s theory….i got like an B because of some run-on sentences but he changed it to an A because it sparked some intense discussion dat lasted like a week in the class…my college was usf..so alot of south dudes was pissed…i had to repy once i saw the bold letters…1

      • deanharris

        I’d like to read your paper. deanfpv@yahoo.com

      • Pierre Elliott

        ANd thats what they wanted…They wanted to take the fight out of hip hop.
        The fight out of ALL MUSIC… Think about NIRVANA and teen spirit…
        Think about Smashing Pumpkins: 1979…It happened across genres.
        Because music inspires people do almost anything….
        Think about the 1960s and what they would have been WITHOUT the music
        of the people…..THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT OF US>…..

        They make music that divides. And creates an atmosphere of insecurity
        and hostility… All done under the guise of so called GOOD MUSIC.

      • The Legion
      • SDS_Overfiend

        Send that sdsoverfiend@yahoo.com.. i want to read that.

  • Pitbull doing this international club music because he making money! He KNOWS that and is just trying to make enough bread to secure his future. So What? I remember seeing him 8 years ago at Calle Ocho going HARD. He can jump off the pop music and eat Drake alive any day.

  • Pierre Elliott

    I dont give a damn….At one time, ALL THESE DUDES rocked that real shit…
    I also understand its about making money..But when you only see ONE style…
    And you KNOW there is other music out there that is good and yet you NEVER see it
    or hardly hear it anywhere..YOU KNOW THERE IS PROBLEM….

  • rep87

    Its time for AHH to stop wasting time on these fly by nite flash in the pan artist like Drake who doesnt have real talent who’s rolling with a fad this dude is stuck in the closet along with Nicki Nasty

  • he didnt diss pitbull’s producer, he dissed himself…..seriously??? integrity and soul???…. hahaha

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Integrity and soul should be the last of this Niggas concern in music.. He’s apart of the machine but he talking shit? I don’t give a fuk about techno but that is Pitbull’s lane..

  • how about he take the step and integrity to at least hit a high note to save his soul….. with his mono tone ass….his voice sounds like a nagging chick….

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  • fortydogg

    drake did every style of hip hop in america and wont even rap or talk like how niggaz in toronto do.  them dudes sound like white boys or have west indian accents.  rest in peace mac dre…wtf yo they dont even play bay music out there let alone midwest, maybe sum south but most them niggaz dick ride ny/ real talk been there alot of times they only 4 hours from my city flint,michigan 810

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I wonder. It could be possible for the AHH pundits to get the definition of Hip Hop back in order? If we could Keep writing a list of folks they keep posting, and ask them to not write them in AHH because the folks are on the “Not All Hip Hop List” we could make it right. It would take awhile, but it in our lifetime we can get Hip Hop back in order.

    First name on the the “Not All Hip Hop List” is? Ok, First 15…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator.

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  • First off Drake is pathetic and a horrible representation of hip-hop to be calling anyone out! Second, Pitbull and David Guetta are Worst, ultimate Mainstream/soldout, example of Dance music.. real electronic Dance music has just as much Integrity,soul and value musically as any other genre and is equally good, if not better, at filling clubs than hop-hop. All music is a form of Human expression, Passion and creativity! This Is like Idiots talking shit about idiots just for the media to eat up!  

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  • Pitt Bull, Drake Disses and David Guetta are such a nice and professional perosn and they love with their work.

  • Reeeeeeee

    pitbull will snap drake in half