Hip-Hop Rumors: Wacka Flocka Still Thinks Wiz Khalifa Has “No Swag”

Back in December of last year, Wacka Flocka went on DJ Kay Slay’s radio show and said that he thought that Wiz Khalifa “hyped” his way to the top and had no swag. Well, Flocka was recently interviewed on the Angie Martinez Show on HOT 97 in New York, and while he did say the beef with Wiz was “dead,” it seems like his view on Wiz being swagger-less hasn’t changed. Check out a clip of Wacka’s interview below:

“That’s dead, I ain’t bothering nobody. I voiced my opinion because it’s true,” said Wacka Flocka.

Since when is an opinion the truth?

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  • Pingback: Hip-Hop Rumors: Wacka Flacka Still Thinks Wiz Khalifa Has “No Swag”()

  • Raphop71

    Two young brothers that were blessed to get this far in life should be thankful, no matter how it comes. We need to continue to understand our differences and work together, successful black men don’t grow on trees.

  • TruthSerum

    A retard & A Simp arguing about which grown man has a better fashion sense

    This cant be real life, use to be these questionably gay stunts went on behind closed doors, these fruits got enough confidence to do it in public now

    Gay Waka  Voice- “OH MY GOD Gucci Mane, have you seen Wiz’s Outfit, No Swag at all “

  • atle fjeldstad

    I don`t care much for wiz but waka is an idiot.

  • Gotdamnitit’s Dc Robertson Jr.

    i see tats from the neck down has replaced the white tee

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Both of them Niggas is Coons with more tats than lyrical content. A Dumb Rapper and a Smoked out Rapper.. What ever happen to a Real Rapper?

    • They kill them!

      • SDS_Overfiend



  • johnblacksad

    *takes a deep breath*…. sigh…. look at these two branded negroes catfightin on the runway… Corny and Cornier… man, how did it come to this?

    This ninja Wacka… his name too explicit already for me to add anything.
    I’m still waiting for someone to prove this n!gga literate!

  • Paul Hansborough

    Doesn  t matter how much swag Wiz has Wacker Flacker u or him can t rap!!! I wouldn t buy neither one of your albums bootleg!

  • scullyson

    He got wiz on his mind? Thats Wack Wacka…Handle your handle and keep it moving. smh

  • Can’t wait for Illsed’s Big announcement , not sure what it is…but I’m pretty sure we won’t be reading this eye torture Syndley Lace is putting out!

    Her blog should be in the next movie ” HOSTEL ” , like when they burned the chicks eye out with a torch….next part , it will be them forcing the victim to read Sydney Lace’s Rumors!

    • water_ur_seeds

      gwarnin edogz!

      what big announcement? where you hear of this announcement you speak of? lol

      people dissed, moaned, complained about illy when he was supposedly hear, now people saying it was only dope when he was here lol

      hope you well anyways bruvah 

  • Tony G.

    Wacka has no room to talk about anybody…this is exactly whats wrong with the game and exactly whats wrong with our people as a whole…smmfh

  • timwest1000

    Wacka should know what wack is, he looks at it everyday. Wiz is corny and shallow as it gets. Lucky guy

  • immackulate

    when the whole entire east coast was on this niggahs top – his response was I AINT LYRICAL
    now you trying to go at another niggah becuz he has no SWAGGER about himself

    it aint even about his music to me … its about the principle – like niggah you barely made it in passed that ROSCOE DASH assisted song/hook and now he feeling himself to the point you can diss another rapper on SWAG – NOT LYRICS – but SWAG – YEAH OK LIL NIGGAH.

  • Raphop71

    I wouldnt say Waka barely made it @Jay Overstreet…I mean Waka had 4 top singles, and his album was supposed to be a mixtape the label wanted to put out as an album that still sold 200k. Wiz is a huge success too and both still get mad love everywhere. My emphasis to them is realize no matter how much they don’t want to see it,they are role models-young, black male role models at that. Stick together, overlook differences of style or opinion..life is bigger than that pettiness.

    • immackulate

      he barely made it cuz he aint in the game off GOOD MERIT
      he in the game cuz the game full of FLUFF, bullshyt, swag or
      whatever you wanna call it – he still get no respect from real hip hop
      heads other than the fact that he keeping himself HOT – and aint
      shyt he dropping gonna be remember in the archives 5-10 yrs from now
      unless you wear JEGGINGS  

  • WillVetterGoodin

    …there is no such thing as “swag” dudes are confused

  • ccwaterbound32

    when will swag die? and when will these fake ass marketing ploys become obsolete? i just think we need to realize this game is not going to change anytime soon… i wonder where underground hip hop artist can gain a voice and exposure to their craft/talents, where can we offer business advice and artist development to develop their talents and stage performances? i wonder where we   can distribute some type of media outlet to follow these locals with talent and give them some kind of award show to acknowledge their talent as well as their grind and motivation. something must be done to change the current atmosphere of hip hop to spark the change needed.

  • HA!

  • CamsPurpleFluffyDraws

    wacka the flocka, parappa the rappa, harlem world, dirty dreads, pot head, we all actors…boop boop de boop boop, dip set dip set!

  • The term swag, or my favorite “swagger” has been chopped to pieces. This word used to represent a dapper debonair rogue dude hundreds of years ago and now every scrawny bird chest skinny jean wearing ignoramous boy use the word.Wacka Flocka is wack anyway, get him the hell out of here. Wiz too.

  • brotha_man

    can we DOA the term “swag” its just as annoying as the term “Bling”

  • brotha_man

    i wanna hear a diss track “Hit’em up” tyoe twitter is making Hiphop Boring take it to the booth

  • he talking about god from queens that was in boston gettin that guap

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    in a lyrical rap battle i would say wiz wins by default…..not a fan of either these whack ass niggas…although since i’m a ganja baby i guess wiz is ok….wouldn’t buy his lp nor pay concert prices to see him…but i would spark some purple wit dude(which aint saying too much cuz i would burn with almost anybody)however whacka…or waca…whatever his name is…could possibly be the whackest rapper alive….i’ve heard alot of whack dudes but flocka takes the cake…nonetheless the word swagger should be buried…and 100 slashes from da cat-o-nine-tails anytime dat vile word is uttered…for 2nd offenders impalement….mite sound harsh but i bet you these skinny jeans faggots would stop abusing the word

    • Casor_Greener

      Waka aint winning nothing

  • shifty2283

    Swag is for trend follwing lames. Next week some skinny jeans nigga is gonna come up with a word thats even more lame and geek niggas is gonna run that into the ground. Wiz IS overated as hell but compared to waka flocka he’s nas and biggie rolled into one artist.

  • Thats like the Bad Girls club calling the Basketball Wives Dumb!!!

  • MildManneredReporter

    i think they both wack but waka is growing on me tho.

  • kingjoe08

    waka cant rap to save his life!!!, well there is alota ppl who think so so…wizgota a lil flow, but they’re both wack to me….

  • Waka ain’t seeing Wiz money..

  • I agree….waka just salty wiz made 11 mill last year and got more to come……swag or not……..Niggas dont get mad at broke niggas…..They hate on niggas wit more than them…That’s why wiz is the only nigga Kanye has respect for….u cant get mad at a nigga wit less than u….a homeless nigga can take my bitch lol

    • illymac

      @facebook-1431402698:disqus Bruh U posted some real shit..

  • PeoplesDrugs

    waka even gotta jealous face if you really look at em.. 
    we all know a nigga like that like be real..
    without rap waka would be that dumb disgusted nigga
    on parole or in a halfway house with an ankle monitor
    and a curfew workin up in walgreens lookin stupid smh

  • insaneangelic

    Royce said it best on Bar Exam 3 “Using the word Swag, You probably garbage”

  • Joseph Thomas

    does anyone care about either one of these dudes? they both are garbage

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  • Ronny Dæili

    He  is a sucker… Waka Flocka too…

  • rep87

    This article belong in the garbage these two are weak artist to me and lack real talent and both promote bullshit to the youth ,AHH is looking high & low for a rap beef and there arent any ,Nobody is buying these manufactor beefs if you stop trying to fuel this ignorance just maybe we can help return positive rap to the youth


    kill that word swag only wack niggas say that wack sh!@#&*%$#^&*t 

  • And Waka still has no bizness in the rap game.

  • kstaxx

    Wiz Khalifa on some white boy shit now thats why Waka dont mess with him no more, the two jus dont mix Waka a hood nigga Wiz Khalifa wanna hang and act like the white boys.