50 Cent To Accompany Floyd Mayweather To The Ring; 50 Compares Floyd To Ali

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 50 Cent will accompany Floyd Mayweather to the ring during his highly anticipated Pay-Per-View  “Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto,” a 12-round fight for scheduled for May 5th.

According to Floyd, 50 Cent will walk to the ring with Floyd and perform prior to his championship bout with Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“He’s a part of Mayweather Promotions. Come May 5th he will be performing and walk me to the ring,” Floyd said in a conference call with numerous media outlets today (April 25).

“He’s not just my best friend he’s also one my business partners. And one of the smartest guys I know.”

According to Floyd, he and 50 Cent have a bond that goes beyond music – the  pair are also planning a business venture together that could lead to 50 Cent promoting fights.

“We may even let him fight on Pay-Per-view one time, we don’t what the future holds, but he is getting involved with boxing.

During an interview with ESNewsReporting, Floyd’s close friend 50 Cent discussed the boxing champ’s impact on the sport of boxing.

“I think he’s the Muhammad Ali of our time,” 50 Cent said. “I think he’s the Muhammad Ali of our generation. The difference is the actual messaging points.

“In that period of time, Muhammad Ali was part of a huge movement that actually socially made him someone different,” 50 continued. “Without those issues going on, it’s tough for anyone to be near comparison to him. But Hip-Hop culture is now Pop culture. It’s so broad that there’s not anyone who’s not a part of the culture now. If you watch the artists and how many people he is relevant to and compare it to that, he [Floyd Mayweather] actually is boxing right now.”

Comparisons aside, Floyd said that he remained cool and calm prior to his bout with Miguel Cotto, the current WBA Super Welterweight World  Champion.

“I’m always the same. I’m very outspoken, sometimes since I’m outspoken they can say it’s overconfidence, I’m very animated, so they can say that it’s cocky, but that’s life,” Floyd Mayweather said. “When it’s all said and done, only god can judge me. While I am here in this sport I am going to continue to entertain and give the fans what they want to see.”

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  • adam pitterson

    He gon kick Cotto’s ass!

  • s0rethumb

    Proof read. Respectfully.

  • Can’t wait for this match. I do enjoy watching Floyd fight, but my loyalty is with Cotto, been on his team for over 10 years.

  • scullyson

    LMAO Fif a D*** Comedian…smh.. Mayweather vs Cotto and Fif vs Buck? lol Mayweather gone light Cotto up!!! smh

  • brotha_man

    flloyd is nothing like ali, ali was way too real. Ali was political and cared about his people at the end of the day

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    curtis needs to stick to destroying rappers carrers and ice-grilling in pics…because he knws nothing of boxing…ali fought the best fighters of not just his time but in boxing history…ali beat sonny liston,& george foreman who was the mike tyson of there time…plus he woop floyd patterson,ken norton,joe frazier..etc..etc…..those were all icons and men who have the seat in boxing history as the best in history….who has floyd fought….the only icon i can think of is manny pacqiou…and he scared to fight duke….can u honestly say any of floyds opponents are gonna go down in boxing history….granted we’re in a different era where boxing is overshodowed by the mma…but in ali’s era…floyd carreer would has lasted as long as his pops….plus you cant overlook the social issues….ali cared about people…and was loved by all…he was able to be even more cocky than floyd yet he balanced everything out…floyd is like these dumb ass rappers going around calling himself money mayweather..throwing cash in the air like a third rate az in harlem back in the 80’s…throwing as much punches at his wife dat he throws at his opponent in the ring…and ducking the only fighter that can produce a challenge…which ali never did…ali never ducked no man….not even uncle tom…..this comparison is blasphemy….its so stupid…different weight class…different era…two opposite people….just plain stupid

    • Jeride Beach

      I believe you don’t know nothing about boxing. Ali was alright with boxing skills…but he is far from the greatest. Do your research…Ken Norton BEAT Ali. They GAVE ALI that fight. Sonny Liston was paid off by the MOB to take a dive against ALI. Fraizer…beat ALI and if they had fought in this time frame, ALI would’ve been disqualified…bcuz his trainer Dundee gave him ammonia in the SIX ROUND because he was out on his feet. 

      And PLEASE, PLEASE stop it…you didn’t grow up in that era in boxing. All you have to go on is folklore and media spent documentaries. If you had spoke on Roy Jones Jr, Pernell Whitaker, Oscar De la hoya, Meldrick Taylor…then that would’ve been believable.

      I do believe  that FMJ is the best in this ERA…NO ONE possesses the ring generalship, precise punching and overall boxing skills he does. 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        just cuz one dosent come up in an era dosen’t mean one is ignorant to it….how else does other comprehend the past……to live a full future one should always search da past….therefore you dnt make the same mistakes twice…..now bak on my gutter shit….whut did you have a problem with?..whut i wrote or da fact this young jamaican male has a better grasp of a time that he wasnt in…i never saw ali fight live….but i’m a student of the sweet science…is there something wrong with dat….i knw you used too young black men my age not doing shit nor knowing shit….u choosed to ridicule one dat is about reading and learning…expecially about a time dat i was yet conceieved…..you couldn’t correct anything i wrote you just gave your biased opinion on it…so though you think i knw nothing about boxing you could not find anything inaccurate….oh and taylor was garbage….and the question was not if pretty boy is the best in this era(oh and even though i agree with the latter statement on floyd i must say there is a question mark fore he’s scarred to fight manny…but he is the illest in our era…but he has to fight manny to erase any doubts)it was the comparrision to ali which i stated why i disagree….now since ur such an expert i will argue dat walker smith is the greatest skill fighter of all time….u knw who dat is…suger ray robinson…although i believe ali is the greatest of all time simply because of the man’s character..but as far as boxing skills….no ones better than ray robinson….if u disagree i dare you to come with facts not personal assumptions…..and one last thing….WHUT U BELIEVE AND WHUT I KNW ARE TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS…and dnt u forget dat ole-head…because even though i’m young i will best you in any historical events and it’s importance….fuk with it

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        actually it’s i believe you dnt know anything about boxing not nothing….liston lossed to ali(then clay) because he failed to come out of the corner the 1st time..u are reffering to there 2nd fight where ali threw the famous phanthom jab which sonny rolled around the ring…..some say it was mob work….but ali said it was a punch he has worked on and perfected….and when you look at the tape in slow motion it looked like it connected….but not to knock someone out…and ali and frazier fought 3 times…ali got him 2-1….and yes if frazier would of continued in the thrilla in manilla maybe ali would not of gotten up but who knows

  • MildManneredReporter

    so does 50 make music anymore or does he just dick ride mayweather all day? im sure mayweather pays well for this service but jesus christ…

  • if he ant gonna fight u kno who then he will go down as just another boxer… #TruthHurts

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  • slumlord_vinny

    lol. A brothel!  that’s whats up.  Floyd is going to beat the hell out of Cotto! It won’t even be close. 

  • rep87

    Mayweather is a damn good fighter but he is not in the same class as a Muhammed Ali , Ali came thru a much differnt era and he took on real issues facing Black americans during the height of racial issues, he fought way tougher fighters than these guys we are left with today. Ali open doors for the Mayweathers and others who have benifited from the blood sweat and tears of what Ali did for the game of boxing !

  • When is Mayweather gonna fight somone that is actually a challenge for him? lol
    He been dodging Pac-man for years and fighting people that may be good fighters, but definately not on his level. He’s a good business man…he knows how to get fights that will attract attention (thus money) but wont be hard for him to win!

  • Tony G.

    boring interview…why does he say “actual” and “actually” so much in all of his interviews lol

  • That last fight was rigged so we’ll see how this turns out.  Boxing is just like WWE except WWE finally admitted it was fake.  

  • Guillaume Pilon


    fifty dint even what to answer when they asked him  do you still working on music 

  • Jackiemaccisback

    yes because they are lovers. They really will get married soon. I hope one day somebody nock flawed out.. like mike tyson you will soon be crazy and 50 cent looking for his next booty.

  • Pierre Elliott

    nigga shut up lol

  • Joseph Thomas

    anyone thinks the photo looks a bit suspect…

    50 and floyd…..what a couple….

  • dominicancoke

    50 and floyd suspect

    • RMfag

      I sucked them both off.
      Speaking of sucking, who is that tasty number in your pic?

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Every thing was cool and on point except the Ali comparison…He no way near Ali status being there are only a few known competitors now and Ali would just go to war to show who is the best and never would run circles around another fighter who some spectators see as the better fighter. 

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